Thursday, July 21, 2011

Europe: Part 4.

after annecy, my family spent a few days in nice, france. we spent the most time here because it was where my mom got to do her ironman. we rented this little town house from this cute, german lady named heidi.
nice was beautiful! the house was actually in cannes, which is about 15-20min away from nice, but we spent the majority of our time in nice.
watching my mom compete in an ironman all the way across the world was definitely a huge we soaked it up. whenever we could find a way to see her, we would. i even ran part of the marathon with her. she did awesome on her marathon! seriously, she has no idea how badly i envy her for that.
post ironman.
watching my mom.
parasailing over the mediterranean sea.
swim to bike transition.
start of the swim.
walking to dinner in nice.
just a lambo we rented.
out balcony from out townhouse.
our washing machine.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Europe: Part 3.

at this rate, i won't get through blogging about my europe trip
till the end of summer. so i promise, on my honor, i am going to be a lot better blogger when it comes to discussing my european adventures.

after we went to versailles, we took a super long drive to annecy. it's in southern france. easily, and by far, my most favorite place of the whole entire trip. first of all, we died over how big our little hotel we got to stay in was. which is a joke, because it wasn't big at all. it was just nice not having to bump into each other when we got into bed. {that's a huge deal in european hotels}. but i mostly just loved it because of how beautiful it was. i'd much rather be outside hiking around than staring at art in museums, personally. so i soaked up annecy as much as i could. we were only there for one night, but i loved it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Europe: Part 2.

when we were heading out of paris, we stopped in versailles at versailles palace. king louis was sort of a party animal, however..he made for great architecture and gardening. even though we didn't get to walk through the more than two-mile long gardens, we got to see a glimpse. it seriously looked stunning. i was so sad it was like $10 a person just to walk around in them.
but learning our new game outside the palace made up for it. my little brother, scott, learned or made up this game at scout camp {i can't remember which} called chicken taco. learning how to play it was seriously the greatest thing to happen to my family in europe. we played it everywhere all the time! so that's where the laughing pictures are coming from..waiting in line outside the palace, playing chicken taco.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Europe: Part 1

the easiest way for me to share with all of my faithful readers about my europe trip is to break it up in sections. this trip was definitely one of my most favorite trips i've ever been on! i am seriously so fortunate to be able to do things like this with my family. i missed my friends, my own bed, technology, and some other things, but this was easily worth it.
ps-my spelling might not be entirely accurate, so don't hold me to it.

first up: PARIS.
outside our hostel. yes, my family 'roughed it.'

outside notre dame {above}
inside {below}
lunch in the park outside the louvre.
sainte chappelle. {above and below} stunning. need i say more?
ate our macaroons outside the madeline.
la duree. where macaroons originated.
the louvre.
on top of the eiffel tower.
we seriously walked everywhere in paris.
on top of the arc de triumph.
le orangerie. {above and below}
on our way to the fat tire bike tour. highly recommended if you're in paris!
finished off the tour with a boat ride on the seine.