Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photoshoot for Amateurs

Yesterday, my mom took me & a few of my girlfriends down to Main Street. She dropped us off around 5 & we stayed till about 7 just taking cute pictures! It was seriously so much fun. We all decided we're doing it again earlier in the day, so its not dark. It got dark SO fast! We had flash & stuff but the pictures became real grainy, so we just decided to save it for another day. We all had white v-necks & jeans on! SO PRESH! Loved it.
We were really supposed to take pictures with the statues all up & down Main, but before we could even get half way down Main, we ran into the Mesa Arts Center & decided to just take them all there. It was definitely a good move. All the pictures I posted are from Mesa Arts Center, well outside it, & they for sure took the cutest award.
Ally Taylor, Paige Crandell, Lexi Poulson, Rylie Adcox, Sam Oslund, Paige Tingey, & Elle Snedigar. Thank you so much for doing this with me girlies. I had so much fun & I cannot wait to do it next weekend! LOVE YOU!


Ally said...

have to do that again. so much fun! good job for changin your backround :)
p.s love the playlist!!
haha love ya tuck

Julie Huish said...

Love these super cute pics! And there's definitely no question which set of legs are Lorie Tucker's daughter! I hope we see you next time you're in Utah. I was so sad that it didn't happen over Christmas.