Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have awesome friends. like seriously. Emily Ruth Clifford has been my life long friend & i have never really told her how awesome she is. i hung out with her last night & had an awesome time. she is so cutie. always on my side...there for me...laughs with me...everything. I love her.
Yes, this is Emily & mindy. being cutie little darlings.

Then i have this new friend, mindy marsh! Now i love this chicka too. i just met her this year & have basically fallen in love. she's like an emily. everything she does for me is awesome! I love her. she loves joking around & being way sarcastic like we're pretty good for each other.

Even though i make tons of mistakes, these girls love me for me. im pretty sure neither of them have ever even gotten mad at me! I never had faught with either of them & i plan on keeping it that way.
thank you girls for being such great examples to me. you make it easy to make good choices. seriously, you are amazing in every way. I wish i could make up to you for all the wonderful things you have done for me & taught me. you're basically the best 'sisters' i could ever ask for in a million years. love you with all my heart.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just one of those days...

today was just a good day. i dont know why! maybe because it was my friend tyler duffin's birthday? or the fact that i made absolutely awesome cookies--without burning them. YES! or maybe its because a really cute boy on my cross country team kissed me on the cheek just because "I looked cute today." or just maybe, just maybe, it was how my dad came & picked me up from school early. OR maybe it was because my team won our region meet! well, basically...the boys got 1st & the girls 3rd. seriously, awesome. buuuuuut it might be how i got my halloween costume absolutely perfect. i made it by myself-thank you very much! i did have to cut up my dad's extremley old (no exaggeration, they're probably 20 years old...) pair of gonna be one cute indian. All thanks to you Dad ;) wait, wait, wait. i remember now! its probably because i am totally looking forward to getting my hair done tomorrow! ohhhhhhhh yeah, my life rocks. I can't believe i forget that some times. My family is cool & funny. my mom has posts about her dancing around the kitchen. seriously, i have the coolest mom eva. I am happy, really. I miss my sister. And i think she is truly starting to miss me too, that makes me smile. Love you b-tuck<33
I @M L!V!N' TH3 G00D LYF3!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Temple Week

Yes indeed, its temple week in seminary & i am lovvvvvvvvvvvving it. I went to the temple last night with a bunch of kids from my school. Then i went to the dairy queen with everyone afterwards & got shakes. It was basically family night with friends. I loved it. So much. We went through the visitor's center & filled out our little quiz. I felt the was awesome. 'nuff said.

Here's a picture of our temple in October. It was chilly & everyone wore jackets. YES! Its about time to wear little-light jackets in az. i am soaking it up.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


since i did such a depressing post on things i hate, (well im assuming most people thought it was depressing) im going to post on some things I absolutley LOVE. most of them are girly things, but Im sure they work for alot of people...

1: I absoutely, times a million, love it when people play with my hair. I honestly dont care who it is, as long as their hands are clean. Every time im with my friend Emily Clifford, she plays with my hair till i fall asleep. Awh, heaven.

2: Although my older sister Brooklyn think she started the techno trend in our family, she most definitely didn't. i've listened to techno forever & have been constantly shut down by brooklyn for it...untill she moved to byu & now everyone listens to it. Yes--I love techno music. Half of the time, i dont even know the words. I love all the weird beats they put in there. And the best part about it is, its just like crazy music. Just fun to jump around too & all that good stuff. probably my most favorite techno song of all time is "san fransisco dreaming" by the global deejays ft. benassi. It is my favorite. my good friend, Monson Cowley introduced me to it & i solute him.

3: The world has changed & technology has advanced. I love picture messages. Most of the time, its funny pictures of my friends doing something weird that just makes me laugh out loud. Other times its of me & my friends capturing cute moments together & they just are sending that to tell me they love me. I love my friends & their awesome picture messages<3

4: i love to dance. I dont care if im not technically up there with how good people are these days...but every time i hear music, i cannot sit still. Even if its the most calm song in the whole entire world, I gotta get up and dance. you could definitely say its my passion.

5: people have different ways to express themselves, one of mine is photography. Its the way that i look at life differently. When i look through a lense, i see the small things & stop focussing on the big things. Photography is my go-to. It gets me. When im frusterated, i just snap photos & it honestly gives me such a relief. Just know that if you're making me in charge of the photos that night, or for that event, or whatever, except hundreds of pictures. Seriously. me & an a lense go insane together...

6: along with the picture messaging, i love when i get random texts from people telling them they love me. especially when im having a bad day or i really miss that person, it makes you feel so good. like i got one from my mom & dad the other day after my meet (which i did horrible at btw) and it just made me feel so good! Im so glad i have parents who care.

7: I love writing in my journal. No one has read my journal, nor will ever read my journal. I write in it everyday. i write all my thoughts and secrets about everything in there. along with photo, its like my go-to. So girls gossip, its part of who we are. And instead of sprending gossip, i just write it in my journal so then I feel like i've told someone when i really havent. That way if i need to talk about it, i just tell my journal & he doesn't tell anyone! wow, i just realized, it sounds like i act like he's alive...i dont. i think?


Monday, October 19, 2009


ok, so everyone has their pet peeves but I just put mine on a list today while I was at school. I must admit, I am guily of alot of these...but for some odd reason they bug me when other people do that? hmmm. hypocrite. anyways, here we go.

1: i hate my school's bell. it scares me every time it goes off! i literally jump out of my seat everytime i hear it. today, my pencil flew 2 seats in front of me & hit some poor girl in the back of the head!

2: i hate it when people read over my shoulder. no matter what they're reading. its selfish, but can't you just get your own?

3: i hate it when people don't believe you when you're telling the truth! it sucks. because the one time you lie, they think you lie all the time. but hey, lying is some times necessary. like if your friend asks about a surprise birthday for them? yeah. you gotta lie or you totally ruin the fun for everyone!

4: i hate getting out of the shower without a matt their to dry me feet off. i mean, we already don't have a shower door as is it. so outside of our shower, we ALWAYS have a puddle. i mean always! then when i get out & i step in it, all cold...not cool. so totally not cool.

5: i hate it when you're writing & your lead is so thin it just keeps breaking over & over. like seriously...this shouldn't happen. its a freakin' pencil!

6: i know im not the only one who hates this (especially teenagers) but i absolutely hate one word text messages. or when they don't abbreviate their text messages. oh man! drives me up the wall!

7: no one likes everyone. its part of life. you're going to meet people you don't like & its fine. we all know that. but you don't need to give them dirty looks. no matter how much they may deserve them. i mean, just don't look at all. you already don't like them...isn't that enough?

8: i cannot stand it when people poke me. taps on the shoulder are fine. but the annoying, usually tickelish poke is not cool. key word: annoying.

9: girls, this ones for you. when you shave your legs for a super important occasion, like a meet, & then realize you missed a spot. after you're already out of the house is the worst! then you forget about it & then realize 3days later there is an extra long patch. i always feel like a freak when that happens...

10: worst of the worst. i cannot stand it when people use you for other people or other things. i get that i have the most gorgeous best friends ever. i get that. like do you think im blind? but boys dont have to be my friend to get my friends. its so stupid. they're nice. they might be a little shy, but they won't bite. talk to them if you want them. dont use me to get to them. ticks me off!

wow, sorry. i just rambled. whew. this post wasn't meant to be angry if anyone thought that! haha, im really a happy person. i swear!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

October Break

I am so embarrassed & its official. My post 1oh5, was really 103. That's cool. I just can't count or anythign?!

So i've been out of school this whole week. am i soaking it up?! answer: yes. totally. i love not having school. i slept in till 1:45 today. <---that is ridiculous. We came back from California on thursday. I LOVE CALI! i am moving there. if i don't get into byu, im def going to a college there. My whole family went...minus brooky of course. she's too busy with school so she had to stay. sorry brooklyn, but the carrides were great! we had plenty of room & i had the whole freakin' back seat to myself. Of course I took advantage of that. sprend my legs out the whole way home. Its was nice.

My bff Brittlyn came up with us. her whole family was up there. her whole mom side of the family that is. i love the barneys<33>I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!?

seriously, nothing tops that place. it probably is the happiest place on earth...other than the Hotel Del. Oh man i miss it there...but seriously. Its amazing. the whole barney clan went the same day as our family. they're hilarious! like seriously. denny & nicole took a stroller with them. i know what you're thinking (if you know the Barney's that is...) they don't have any kids who need to be in strollers? Yeah. That's correct. The genius part of the whole thing was so they could put all their crap in it. they joked with us & said we'd wanna borrow it by the end of the day. they're honestly one of the most funny families i've met! they pushed around a stroller. like how could you not laugh? Another thing that was so funny about Denny has this name he likes to call Disneyland: Disneyline.

I never understood why everyone loved going shopping in california when the beach was RIGHT THERE. i am a beach girl. i love not wearing make up & letting my hair go wild. seriously--my hair was out of control this trip. its nbd though. i got some gnarly compliments.

If i lived in Califorina, I'd definitely learn how to surf. my mom, brittlyn, & i went and watched my cousin Nick surf in hunnington. a few things. one: i love love love love hunnington. two: i didnt know surfers were totally naked under their wetsuits! what the heck. i wanna join that club! haha, jk. three: surfer boys are totally gorgeous. i didnt see one ugly face or body there. wow, stunning.

I love love love photography. I love it so much. Like i think that's what i want to major in. I snapped so many crazy pictures in cali. my mom lets me use her nice camera & i just go to town. like at my cross country meet? yeah...i took 415 pictures. i am insane when you give me a camera.

ok ok ok ok, enough. my posts just keep getting longer & longer these days. i talk way too much. most of the time i mean. some times im kinda shy is what people say now. weird huh? abby tucker-shy. those cannot be used in the same sentence.

well, i am off for now. im going to get my nails done with my gorgeous friend Kami Johnson. She's stunning. seriously. probably the prettiest girl at our school. and she's my friend. jealous! byyyye.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Post 1oh5 Comin' At Chya

sooooooooo, pretty much i had the longest day of my life on friday. i went to school & went straight from school to my meet. i didn't get home from my meet till 12:30 at night. it was ridonkulous.

i PR'd this weekend at my meet. i am so happy! i dropped 4 minutes from last saturday. honestly, so awesome.

who ever thought cross country meets could be so fun? they had a dance party after you raced. although i was awfully tired, i danced. what am i kidding...i danced my furickin' face off! it was so good to meet up with my pal Ramsey. we do duet dance solos at parties all the time. they are exquisite. seriously.

after my meet, you'd think all the girls would fall asleep on the bus ride home right? answer: false. we jammed out the whole way home! we can run off zero energy & i think that's pretty self explanitory.

sara mich (that's what i call her) turned 17 on saturday! so all the toro girls drove to qt after we arrived home from our meet and got gatorades in honor of her. the managers kicked us out though, because it was waaaaay past curfew...

my good friend, jerod, got left at mountain view at midnight. so we had to go back & retrieve him. poor guy.

saturday morning, i had practice with my team. who knew you could have an asthmatic hang over. seriously--i died at practice the next morning. but boy do i absolutely LOVE partner stretches...

so my parents used to wake my sister and i up when we slept in too late. now that im on cross, they let me sleep all i want. i think its because i get up before the sun they feel kinda obligated to let me sleep. its so nice.

another thing that makes me so happy is waking up to a phone call from my bff. she came over & we made a home made meal. all on our own. yeah, it was totally carbs & that's it, but who cares. it was delicious. mashed potatoes & spaghetti. g00d lyfe<3

i wish i was 16. did i not metion how 4 different people wanted to ask me to homecoming? yeah well...if i was 16, i would've been able to go. but imma little munchkin & have to wait till febraury. ps-homecoming was last night. all my friends looked gorg.

my life rox. 'nuff said.