Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Deceased Person I Wish I Could Talk To,

grandpa funk, i think you went too soon. everyone thinks so. but everyone also agrees you lived a long, and prosperous life. you were and are such a great guy. i wish i could've gotten to know you better than i did; i think i fell short as a granddaughter and i'm sorry for that.
i hope you know that everyone who knew you misses you. you will, and always will be in people's hearts. i wish i could talk to you, because i want to be just like you. you did so much good all the time and you have no idea how much i admire that. i wish i would've watched you, and listened to you more. you set such an amazing example. far better than anyone i've ever met.
i love you grandpa funk, and i miss you a whole lot. i know you're watching over me, which is why i think i've gone through such a dramatic change within these last few months. all i want to do is make you proud..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sad Face.

remember when i said my world was about to be rocked on friday? well it was more like thursday night. my boy left.
i went to tanner's piano recital that night. it was absolutely amazing. i cried at the songs he dedicated to me. isn't that so cute of him? dedicating songs to me..that dishy boy.
anyways, we went to tia rosa's afterwards. then hung out for a little bit. then i drove him home..and we cried. together. we do that kind of often. i'm not exactly sure how i'm going to make it through this next year without him being just few miles away, but i'm going to do it. he left to college..to nau..just a few hours away. it seriously feels like he's in another country, though. i'm dying.
we've already skyped. it was great! he makes me so happy! seeing his face and his dorm was just a great experience. plus+ i already got to meet his roommate, via skype. interesting slash kind of awkward time, but oh well.
i miss that boy, and i will until he comes home. but that's ok..i'll be ok..
i love you, tan!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Someone I Don't Talk To As Much As I'd Like,

my friend alyssa taught me something, if someone isn't in your life anymore, there's probably a reason. that doesn't mean you shouldn't miss people, or give up on them when times get hard, it just means that if they've faded out of your life for one reason or another, it's probably supposed to be that way..that's why you need to keep the special ones close.
so to answer this letter, i'm not sure i miss talking to really anyone..because the people who i need and need me, talk to me. it's that simple. i miss tons of people, and i haven't given up on the ones who've given up on me, i just don't really think this letter applies to me..that's all.

ps-my life is about to be rocked, on friday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


my mom taught me a very valuable lesson a week or two ago,
"you need to know that every single person in your life will disappoint you at one time or another. so make your life a little easier, and don't get so upset when that happens."
i'm sorry if i've disappointed anyone lately. but could the world just cut me a little slack right now & stop disappointing me? i'm sort of distraught.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer 2010.

BEWARE: lengthy post.
i know some of you are waiting for me to write another letter, but i'm going to be honest..i can't think of any single person i can have applied for day 10. i've learned that if someone isn't in
your life anymore, for one reason or another, it's probably meant to be that way. is that kind of sassy of me? oh well.
so i haven't done a summer post..but i think i'll do that now.
so, summer started off happily & merrily, for me at least. i got to stay up late & sleep in longer. that is nice, lemme tell ya. track was over, we had a little break from cross, it was fantastic. i got to watch my favorite boy in the whole entire world graduate..basically, just a great start. by the way, i hate this picture of me. ugh, my flippin' eye.
i got my job at pita jungle the 2nd week of summer, which i absolutely loved. it was the best job ever. i really miss it so much! i just want to go back & work there every weekend, but no one is willing to give up their shifts, ha.
since i had to stay in arizona all summer, basically, i hung out with a lot of the girlies. getting tan, swimming, the dressing up & going out to dinner, the usual.
then cross started! i love cross. it makes me so happy. the people on there are unlike any other. none of them bother me, unless they get me in trouble, joking..but really, they are fantastic. they really are part of my family. even though i'm going to be injured all season long & probably won't do any serious racing, i still run with the team every day.
i did a lot of traveling to awatukee this summer to visit my desert vista friends, which i love dearly. they are so funny! i literally am laughing non-stop every time i'm with them. speaking of which, i miss them.
i went on a few dates..which is always fun. tried to branch out. i soon discovered that i don't want that all that much. i think it's better if i stay out of the dating scene.
then i finally got to take ONE vacation from work & go to the beloved, coronado. hotel del. oh how i love you, california. i love not having to look cute there..no need to impress literally anyone. it's the nicest thing alive. and the best part? my hair is just an enormous afro everyday & I DON'T EVEN CARE. ah, it's just so happy & beautiful there..never gets old.
guess what i learned how to do this summer? WAKEBOARD. heck freakin' yes. i'm such a pro now, it's unbelievable. thank you, tod thornton.
after coming home from coronado, i went back to work..then at the end of july, i quit. it was such a huge relief, but at the same time, i was totally devastated. like i said, i miss it. a lot. after i quit, i got to head up to utah for the last vaca of summer. can i just tell you something about summer time in park city? IT'S BREATHTAKING. it seriously is one of the best ways to spend your summer & everything up there is so..different. i feel like i'm so far away from everything & everyone, and i kind of like it? yes, i do. a whole lot.
while i was up there, i got to experience a little taste of the college life. got to spend an evening with one of the greatest boys alive, ramsey alan carroll. thanks for being you!
but my last adventure of summer? going to fossil creek. all in one day, is was the worst & best. at one point in the day, i wanted to crawl into a small hole & never come out. but as soon as i turned off my phone & ignored the rest of the world, i was happy, for the most part. i'm obsessed with places so remote they don't have cell service. i really am just dying to go back! it was so pretty. so refreshing. so fun. ah, fantastic.
ps-please tell me that i'm not the only one who thinks jake jarvis & i were twins separated at birth?
summer 2010 was a hit & miss. i sure learned from it..which i'm trying to look at as a positive. but overall, i think i'm happy about being back in school..i think.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Someone I Wish I Could Meet,

dear blake mycoskie, you are absolutely fantastic. i don't think you realize it, but you are doing something so many others can't, or choose to ignore. you are such a huge role model to me. i aspire to be someone like you when i grow up. right now, i'm just doing my best to get the message of TOMS shoes & falling whistles out. just so you know, i really have a huge crush on you because of what you do. i read your blog, and the TOMS blog all the time. you guys are such an inspiration. even though i've already applied to work at toms & got turned down because i wasn't 21, please allow me to come there when i'm older. i'll still be your number one fan, honest. ask anyone in arizona, i am obsessed with you guys! but can i ask you one more favor? make me a personalized pair of TOMS. pretty please with sugar on top? i'll pay double the amount. or triple, i don't care..but i want some that no body else has but me SO badly! it'd seriously be a dream if you guys did that for me.

ps-for those of you who don't know who blake mycoskie is, he is the creator & chief of staff at the TOMS shoes company. if you are a true toms fan, you'd know that by now.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Favorite Internet Friend,

ramsey alan carroll, it's good to finally get to write you. how are you, friend? how's college? how's kelly? i hope you're taking good care of her. well, ramsey, i think it's obvious i'm writing about you..i mean, i skype you often..& other than that, i don't really communicate with that many other people via internet. i guess facebook counts? but skyping is more personal in my opinion. anyways, school's great. i kind of really wish i was at byu with you & kelly, but we can't always get what we want. by the way, when do you guys come home? feel free to text me all of the information as soon as you can. oh, guess what? i've gotten so many people to buy falling whistles. you should be so proud..i mean, you turned them on to me & i applaud you for that. after we have our night out on the town, can we play a game of checkers in the pool? i'll buy some that float.
yours truly,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear Ex,

hey tan. how are you? i hope you're doing better today, i know yesterday was hard. believe me, i know. on another note, i just wanted to tell you thank you. thank you for being such an amazing boyfriend. you took such good care of me & you loved me so unconditionally every single day. i know you still do, but we aren't together anymore & that's that. you are such an amazing guy, really. being your girlfriend was such an awesome thing to be a part of. i know your family loves you, just like i do. always remember what we had, because i won't ever forget it. you will continue to be a huge part of my life forever, don't forget that either. there really isn't words to express how amazing of a guy you are. you are simply fantastic, really. i mean it. again, thank you for everything you give me. i'm so happy we could stay in each other's lives even after we broke up. i will always love you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dear Dreams,

stop changing. you are never the same; always changing. i think about how different my life could be if even just one of my dreams came true. currently, my dream is to keep spreading the words of toms shoes, obey clothing, & falling whistles. i think i'm conquering it. props to me! i want to start and organization like that when i'm older & at least help the world out a little.
when i worked at pita jungle, one of my coworkers said that i'd be the perfect toms employee. it seriously made me the happiest girl in the whole entire world. it's settled, i'm moving to california after college, working at the toms headquarters, & help change the world.
but seriously, dreams, stay consistent. it'd be super helpful if you stopped changing,
so i could just dominate you like i did this mountain. oh yes, i hiked up 10, 398ft in elevation. boo-to the-yah.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Stranger,

i love toms shoes. i think what they're doing is absolutely fabulous. but my friend's went to california for their senior trip & ran into a tom's party. a reunion type event. the event had two other foundations there, falling whistles & obey. i had heard of obey. it's just a clothing brand that donates part of their proceeds to children in need. but i'd never heard of falling whistles. i saw this link on my friend's facebook page..it directed me to this website:
i watched this video & immediately went to buy a whistle. not having a credit card, or willing to ask my mom for hers, i came by them in a store up here, prospect, on main street in park city. i'm super happy i purchased, not one, but two whistles. one for me & one for tanner.
i invite you all to watch the video on their website & purchase a whistle. it's for such a great cause. show your protest against what they're doing in the congo. be a whistle blower for peace. i love mine. it may be slightly expensive, but it's totally worth every penny. i've worn it every single day since i've gotten it. i hope this video effects you as much as it's effected me.
love you long time.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


so i'm assuming a lot of you are wondering what in the world i did on monday. well, i'll tell you. i spent the day with our family friends, the greers. we love the greers. they are so fun & laid back. they're super outgoing & totally crazy. even the adults are fun to hang around! they're like kids. it's great. sooooooo we drove up to eden, utah. hour & a half drive. then we went to powder mountain ski resort. when we got there, they showed us THIS. behold, the powzilla.
it's an old suburban some of the resorts mechanics took apart. they put 42s on. and some rail bars. it's legit. it's so rad. basically, a beast. the greers manage powder mountain, so we went through the whole ski resort on this thing. yes, i'm talking down steep, steep ski slopes. it was SO cool! we were defying gravity, basically.
after we got a whole tour of the resort, zilla style, we headed off to the lake. the lake they go to is seriously 5 minutes away from their house. annnnd it's 82 degrees! it was a dream. we got to expeirence the atom, we got to watch the parents wake surf, & we got to wakeboard. overall, an amazingly fun day! loved every second of it.

but today, we went to cowabunga bay. some relatives of mine own it, so we got the hook ups. it wasn't the most sunny day to begin with, it ended in a pouring rain storm
of a drive home. not to mention, it was hailing A LOT. love when it hails. wow, i'm just loving utah, seriously. why does school start so soon? poo.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Sibling(s)

hmm. where can i begin? well..alright, i'm going to be blunt if that's ok. here we go. i love you guys, a lot. a lot more than you think. you kind of bug me, a lot. or make me angry a lot. and you guys definitely know how to push my buttons which drives me crazy, but i still love you guys. you guys are some of those people who are going to be there for me for the rest of my life & i really cannot thank you enough. you guys are simply the best siblings could ever ask for! we've done some pretty crazy stuff together. and our inside jokes are far more funny than any others i have. even though we fight, a lot, i think in the end, we always are closer afterwards. you guys can literally make me pee my pants, which could be good & bad. regaurdless, you guys are some of my best friends & always will be. i can't wait till we're older & just laugh at all the old funny times we have, like mom & dad & their siblings. it's going to be a good life ahead, hopefully.
love you lots,

PS-i am so mad that summer is basically over. i don't want to go back to school, let alone mountain view. my 2 very, very, very best friends won't be there & it's killing me. i don't know how i made it without brittlyn last year, but i have to do it all over again. and without tanner? seriously. i'm dying. BUT on another note, i am having so much fun in utah! i got to see brittlyn the 2nd day i was here & i get to see tan on thursday. tomorrow, i'm heading down to cowabunga bay with part of my family. i'm going to dedicate a whole post tomorrow on my day YESTERDAY. talk about pure insanity! fun insanity that is ;)