Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cross Country Update

I know what you're thinking...another (maybe boring to you) post about cross country. Im sorry. I can't help it. Its taken over my life.
Today we had our first dual meet. Basically, this means our meet was with 4 schools. Like a regular junior high meet is. Mountain View goes to invitationals on the weekends, usually there is between 30 to 50 schools at each of these meets. Its insane!
Our coach told us to treat this meet as a 'hard workout' because we have an invitational on Friday. In Queen Creek! I am so dang stoked! We getta run at night.
It. Will. Be. LEGIT!
The top 20, or somethin' like that, get GLOW IN THE DARK SHIRTS! Like seriously? No way. Annnnnd-we getta run with glow sticks. I am pumped. I WILL race good Friday. No doubt.
Sorry, Sorry. Back to the point...we took this meet easy so we wouldn't be dead for the important meet on Friday. Well, it was probably one of the most fun, relaxed meets I've ever witnessed. We stook together the whole entire race! Our boys didn't break apart till the last 200 meters. It was so cool to see--shoulda been there. Our girls did awesome. We put our injured girls in & they ran along with us. Our junior varsity (that's where I am) gotta keep up with the varsity. It honestly gave me a huge self confidence boost! Although those girls were going alot slower than they usually do, I felt fast & good. I am so prepared for Friday...those girls don't even understand how much they did for me. I love my team. 'Nuff said...

For those of you who aren't on a team, I just want to tell you how much you are missing out on. Whether your family is your team, or your friends, or your coaches, make sure you tell them how awesome they are everyday. Im sure that once you're off the course or the plate, they'll still cheer for you. I know my team does. They got my back & are willing to help me with anything. Mountain View was blessed this year to have a co-ed team. This is the 1st time in years that we've shared the same coach & I think it's one of the best things to happen! Our team is so close. We are unstoppable. Most of all, we love each other. We couldn't do it without each other. We depend on each other.
I just want to tell all my toros that I truly love you guys. You have been awesome teammates. You inspire me everyday to improve running. Coach, you've made me want to continue my running career outside of high school--that's huge. You guys have not only been good teammates & coaches, but have been great friends! Thank you for having my back.
love love,

NEXT MEET-Friday, Oct. 2,2009. Toka Sticks Golf Course in Queen Creek. Its going to be awesome! JV will run around 5. Then ASU will have their meet after that. Following ASU, the varsity sweepstakes races will take place. This is a great race & is sponsored by some awesome people. Please come! Wear your red! We <3 our TORO fans.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Life of Abby

Im assuming most of my readers have faded & gone because I haven't posted in so long. Im sorry! Im getting back into it. I promise.
My life has been oh so busy. With school starting & my season really kicking off, I have been swamped. Another reaason why I havent been writing as frequently, Im assuming, is because I finally got into journal writing! I am so happy to say that I keep a journal & write in it everyday. Does my mom know about this journal? No. So yes, I've kept it on the DL (down low).
Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that I really miss my older sister, Brooklyn. She's having the time of her life at college up in Provo at BYU & I wish I could see her more than anything. I don't know if I mentioned before, but I moved into her bedroom! I finally have my own space. I've waited 15 years for this day, & now its finally here. I am soaking it up!
Hmmm. What else is new? Oh yeah! Cross Country. Its taking over my life. No HAS taken over my life! I go to bed between 8:30 & 9 every night, because I have to wake up at 5am for morning practices--EVERYDAY! Its killer. We don't get any days off. Its getting cooler though, so I think we'll be able to do more of our workouts in the afternoon. Friday nights, I go to pasta parties & then usually just come home & go to sleep. I am being deprived as a teenager. Weekends are what we live for & they just basically cut mine down to one day. Yes, I am dying. Saturday mornings, I get up and run my usual race, 5k. They usually dont have the actual race gun go off till later in the morning. The answer is yes, we run our meets in heat. Its horrible! There is never a race when one person on our team doesn't vomit. We Mountain View Toros only know running in heat...Our boys have been extremley good this season. Its their 2nd year with Coach Alexander and the girls' first. Although our girls have had a rather rocky start, we're going to be able to pull through for state I think! We have the same coach for two teams, and its awesome. We are probably the most unified team out there & I dont think anyone of my teammates could imagine it any other way. We love each other.
High school--oh man. People say its so hard & I haven't seen it yet. All my classes are such a breeze. I have all A's & B's in my classes which is super impressive for me. I usually don't care & accept whatever grade I get...but not this year! Im actually caring & trying. Its awesome. And easy. Except for geometry. I had to get a tutor. His name is Aaron. He's awesome! If anyone needs a tutor for anything, he is here. He's awesome & super educated at everything. Just let me know if you'd like his number.
Something else that's new is I am so close to turning 16! That means driving and dating. As you know, I got my permit a few months ago. Its awesome. My parents let me drive with them all the time! Today my mom let me drive to the church by myself...ultra cool, even though its literally just around the corner. Whatever!
Friends were & are still a struggle for me. I haven't been able to find a solid group that I completely fit in with yet. So Im still a floater, haha. Alyssa Ferguson is my best friend who goes to Red Mountain along with Brittlyn Smith who goes to Highland. Yeah, its definitely tough going to school without your bestfriends like you have the past years. Im growing from it though!
I got my papers to get my patriartcle blessing! I am so stoked. Im having my mom call the patriarch tomorrow. I want it asap. My friends said they're amazing. I literally cannot wait!
As you can see, my life is pretty good right now. Easy, fun, enjoyable. I like it. My parents are awesome. My siblings are even better! My friends are nice. I like school, for the most part. I've changed alot over summer & I like this new me. Im happy!
love love,

Do you think I could've said 'awesome' any more times in this one post? Pathetic.