Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not Again...

So every year I have a major ingury.
7th grade, I tried jumping over a tennis net and ended up in the hospital for 4 days. I bruised my lungs & esophogous, broke my collerbone, & fractured my skull.
In 8th grade, I rolled a rhino. Basically, a suped up golf cart. Rolled it twice with it landing on my ankle in the end. Almost broke my growth plate, which would've meant surgery.
This year, I've been pretty lucky. I never said I didn't get hurt, but I haven't had any serious injuries.
Today...was a little different. I was about to run the 300M hurdles for my race. My dad suggested I do it, so I said I would. I hadn't practiced one single hurdle for the whole season. I didn't know I was really gonna be put into the race until very last minute. I usually would run the 400 or the 800. Not today! One girl decided she didn't want too, so the 'alternate' took her place. Me.
I practiced doing hurdles abour 5 minutes before the race started. This would be the first time I hopped over a hurdle ALL season. I was pretty nervous. Everyone told me I was freakin' myself out and they really weren't bad. They looked short. I did them fine in that 5 minutes of practice.
The gun fired off & I was in lane one. I was approaching the first hurdle. AND FAST. I guess I got over it, but I don't exactly know if I did or if I just tripped. I ended up not finishing the race.
Im on crutches now because I can't walk. It hurts TOO bad! My dad thinks I pulled some muscle in my thigh.
Hopefully I get into a doctor this weekend.
I love track. Running is my thing. I hate hate hate having to sit out and watch someone do my race. Track was just starting to get good for me. Now I have to sit out for a week and try to get better again. Get back in shape. Well, hopefully this heals fast...I cannot not run.
This...was probably the most embarrassing moment of my whole life. I NEVER get embarrassed. And I did today. It was the first hurdle and everyone was watching. I laid in my lane crying. The fat boy on my team basically had to drag me off the track so the next race could start. I was so embarrassed. I wasn't laughing at all. I started crying because of embarrassment at first, then I realized it hurt alot more than the embarrasment did.
Definitely not a good day.
Im hoping to get better fast & soon. I wanna run to the best of my ability. If Im on crutches for too long, I'll be freakin' pissed.
love love,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Naked Ski Team

Currently, I am in Spring Break. Im spending it in Utah with my sister Brooklyn, my brother, my dad, my friend Paige Crandell, & Scott's friend Max Demke.
Today is St. Patrick's day & we kids thought it would be fun to do something a little out of the ordinary.

We went out this morning in all of our ski clothes. Turned out, that was WAY to hot. We came in after 2 runs and changed into t-shirts. Perfect attire for spring skiing!
Now our out of the ordinary expierence wasn't going in t-shirts. We are all gonna go in swim suits! We all ended up heading out for about an hour in nothing but swim suits & short shorts for the girls. The boys went out shirtless & were in basketball shorts. It was pretty much the funnest thing I've done this trip!
Everyone who saw us laughed & it toally changed their attitudes if they didn't have a good one. By the end of the day, we had a few guys (whom we didn't know) with their shirts off. DEER VALLEY WAS HAPPY TODAY! (:
My dad kept saying that my mom would've loved being up here in such warm weather, which she totally would've. I miss you motha & Raychillay.
Max, Scott, Paige, & I are now known as the Naked Ski Team of Deer Valley(:
love love,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Murdering Shepherd!

We had our 2nd meet of the season against Shepherd last Thursday & we totally killed em'!
There team was so small, they didn't have enough girls for every race! In the mile, it was all Stapley girls. It the 800, it was all Stapley girls. "We scared them off the track!" is what Coach Stockman said, haha!
This meet went alot faster which was nice for my parents. And it wasn't as cold! I didn't have to bust out my sweats once. That's a plus! This picture is of Hannah Jackson, Emily Glauser, & I after we ran our 4x400. Mil (aka Milani) had to leave really soon, so she missed the photo shoot. Bummer huh!? I LOVE YOU 4X400 GIRLS!
Although Shepherd's track was in horrible shape, we managed to pull another victory. Im pretty sure no one on Stapley's team tried their hardest considering, they were an easy victory. I went alot slower on my mile which was fine because I had no competition. My 4x400M Relay won by about 200M this time which looked fantastic!
WE DID SO GOOD THIS WEEK SABERCATS! Our hard work is paying off! See you after break!
love love,

Saturday, March 7, 2009


So recently I headed up to Utah for Presidents Day with my other BFF Alex Hope Tanner!
Probably the funniest and most entertaining trip I've had up there. Her & I were not bored for ONE second. And we don't think taking a few naps are boring, so ha! We had lots and lots of fun. Here is one of our many videos we recorded while we were up there.

If you can't handle hyper teenaged girls, you might not find this video pleasing to the eye.
However, if you are wanting a nice laugh, feel free to watch(:

love love,


Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Meet

Our first meet of the season was against Smith & Hendrix.
Of course, Stapley totally dominated! Girls won with 79 points. Smith had 39. Hendrix had 29. Basically, we ruled over everyone!
I had so much fun being with all the girls on the bus there and back. I ran the mile & was in the 400M Relay. The 400M is definitely the hardest race I've EVER done in my whole life! One lap doesn't seem like much, but when you are sprinting the whole time, its EXTREMLEY hard!
I got 3rd place for my school in the mile putting me in about 6th place. I haven't been training with distance in about 2 weeks, so I should start too tomorrow. Huckleberry says I have the potential to be one of the fastest milers in our school which makes me extremley happy!
This was a tri-meet, meaning there was 3 schools there. The meet lasted about 3-4 hours. Long meet! I loved it though. Spending time with my friends in 9th grade was so much fun.
Overall, I love being apart of Stapley track 2009 and I'm definitley looking forward to the next meet!
CONGRATS LADY CATS! You guys did so good!
"Don't visualize the race, visualize the outcome." Those very words came from my mom & its how we won the race. Thanks mom, dad, & Grandma Funk for coming all the way out there for so long! I loved having your support!
GOOD JOB SABERCATS! We did what we set out to do(:
love love,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brittlyn Smith

Lately, I have really been thinking alot about my friends and how greatful I am for each and every one of them. But there is just one who sticks out to me more than the rest, and its Brittlyn. Brittlyn moved here about 2 years ago, almost 3. We have been bestfriends since the first day we met. I met her in church and her childhood friend, Allyson, introduced me to her. We didn't stop talking that whole Sunday. We told each other who we liked. We told each other who are bestfriends at the time were. We talked about the bratty kids at our school. What music we listened too. EVERYTHING! Even though we probably should've been focusing on some other stuff at church, we weren't. Haha.
I just wanted to let Brittlyn know that I love her so much! She is my bestfriend in this whole entire world. If we aren't bestfriends forever, I know we will be FRIENDS at the bear minimun.
She and I have more inside jokes than you could ever imagine. Countless numbers of our funny laughs and thoughts that we've shared over the years together will never be forgotten! Now Brittlyn, she knows how to make me laugh. She probably makes me laugh at the most dumb things, but its just how she is. She finds amusement and happiness in everything! She's so optimistic.
Whenever I am with her, I am the most carefree girl in the whole entire world. Brittlyn always tells me its going to get better and I know it will when she tells me that. Her assurance in my life helps me SO much! I know I will be a strong person if I have her by my side. She's so supportive of me.
Everyone will like you when your doing the right thing. But your bestfriends will like you even when what you are doing is wrong.
She's the type of girl who would be on my side if I the most horrible thing in the world. She'd still love me. She's almost like my sister. She's accepted me for me and she loves me. I'll never loose her!
My family considers her family. Scott calls her sister even! My dad calls her his step daughter. So does my mom. Brittlyn has become part of the family. Without her, we wouldn't be whole. She is such a significant part of my life that without her, I wouldn't be whole myself. I need her and I know she needs me. We feed off each other! We've become each others other half. We can some times finish sentences for each other. Its insane how well we know each other! Brittlyn, I just wanna let you know that I love you. I love spending time with you! I've never gotten bored of you. Im so happy we live so close to each other. I've never been within 5 minutes living distance away from my best friend. Its the greatest blessing in the whole wide world! You are such a funny girl. You make me laugh so hard! My family & I love you more than you could ever know. I am so comfortable around you, I could do anything. You have accepted me even when I embarrass you beyond belief. By the way, thats outta love(: I hope you and I stay friends for a very long time so we can go through so many more outrageous, adventures! You are and most definitely one of the biggest blessings in my life. I am so happy I met you! I hope we stay best friends for a very, very long time.
love love,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wind Caves

Instead of going to regular mutual on Wednesday, the Mia Maids went to the Wind Caves! Its a short little hike that lasts about 2 hours (there and back.) It was really easy for the most part. Brittlyn and I were in the front the whole time and we were almost running up the whole mountain! That made it extremley hard and now Im super sore! I was really happy I got the opportunity to go. Some of the girls made up excuses on why they couldn't go which I thought was totally dumb. Allyson said 'I am the biggest sleeper. If I can get up and do this dang hike, everyone in Mia Maids should too!' Which is totally true. Allyson sleeps in more than anyone I know! Its a good thing I love her(:
I had alot of fun being with my leaders and the girls of my ward. Couldn't have asked for a better start on a beautiful Saturday morning! The picture on the left is of all the girls and the other picture is the beautiful view we got from the top. It was definitely an adventure! It was kinda neat to see all of the saguaro cacti that really exsists in Arizona. Lots and lots of brown...
love love,