Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Braces Be Gone!

After a year & ten months, I finally got my braces off.
I want to tell Wright Orthodontics thank you for giving me these beautiful teeth! I will love them forever. You guys made it all possible. You were always patient & so gentle towards me.
Seriously, best ortho EVER!

What do you think?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last week I went to Newport with my mom & Rachel. We stayed at the annual beach house rental on the boardwalk. Which is literally 10 minutes away, walking distance, from the Fun Zone near Balboa Island.
Im sure the people staying on the floor above us were wondering how in the world we fit 5 families in a beach house that has 3 bedrooms. We were CRAMMED. Although showering & feeling sand on your feet, & sleeping on air mattresses, & eating junk food, & stepping on Scrabble pieces when you went to the bathroom at midnight isn't my thing, I had SO much fun! I spent the whole time with my 19 year old cousin, Alden. He's leaving for his mission in September to the Domician Republic. Woohoo Alden! I was super happy I got to spend lots of time with him before he left...Im going to miss him so much.
I love spending time with my younger cousins on the beach. I helped 5 year old Logan burry 4 year old Ryan. It was much fun! I loved swimming in the ocean ALL day with my uncle Dave & my cousins Nate & Nick. They're pick-up lines are hysterical! If you need any, I won't ever forget some of there sweet tricks ;)
Westin & I love riding bikes & long boards down the boardwalk to get donuts every morning after my runs. I didn't think I could sweat more than I do in Arizona, until I went to California. The humidity totally drenches you. DISGUSTING!
Even though I didn't get to see much of my cousins, Lindey & Cassidy, I had so much fun with them dancing to the tributes of Micheal Jackson. Watching all the adults play speed Scrabble was interesting. They're are some STRANGE words in the Enlgish Dicitionary. Some of which, I think Lisa & Diana made up to win...it's okay. I wasn't playing, just observing haha.
After I left, I loved texting my Aunt Julie & telling her how much I missed her. She kept me filled in about what was going on while I was gone. Apparently, we left just in time ;)
I love the beach house! I hope we can go back next year & cram all those fun families in again. I love the Funks. I love my Grandma Funk for making this all possible! Not to mention, I loved be so tired that I slept literally the WHOLE entire car ride home. Ooooh, that was sweet.

ps-They totally need to allow surries on the boardwalk! Or according to Calvin, Sur-rays.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


The smell of cash after teaching swimming for 2 weeks is SWEET!
I got to buy new clothes for EFY. Then I went to Victoria's Secret when they were having a HUGE sale & bought some stuff for 50% off. Some of it was 75% off! It rocked.
Buuuuuuuuut, I finally got to get a new phone! My account was ready for an upgrade, so I took it! I got the newest phone Verizon had which was the LG EnV Touch.
I totally love it.
I used to have a little flip phone that was basically a more stable version of the Krazer. I had that phone for a year & a half! It had been underwater 3 times. Once in the lake. Once in the pool. And once when I dropped it in my drink. That thing was like a cat, I bet it has 6 more lives stored up in it somewhere.
My dad said to keep it in a safe spot, so when I break this nice phone that I just got, I can always go back to that. Hah, he obviously doesn't have much trust in me...
Anyways! I seriously love my new phone. My phone has always been with me since I've ever gotten one, but this one is literally attached to my hip! Every time I open it, I find some new thing that I've never seen.
Its pretty awesome. I haven't had anything go wrong with it yet. Its only been out for a week, not exaggerating. If you have Verizon & its time for an upgrade, I TOTALLY suggest the EnV Touch.
love love,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots has been going on. I mean...ALOT!
I just finished teaching swimming lessons with my mom last Friday. Definitely a different expeirence. Lots of screaming babies, lots of sun, chlorene, & sunscreen.
Rachel got surgery on her knee last Friday. Apparently, she tore her menicus pretty badly. They took it out. She should be out of gym for a few weeks, not long.
I've been trying my absolute hardest to get up & go to practice every morning before work at 5 am. Mountain View Cross Country is no joke-all seriousness. Way more hard work than expected...
Brooklyn turns 18 tomorrow! Holy cow. She's legally an adult-tomorrow! She really is so much older than me & I just dont see it. Its weird. Whatever.
Slowly, but surely, my braces are almost about to come off! Im not sharing my removal date with anyone now, its gonna be a huuuuuge surprise!(:
My summer trips are finally taking off! We go to Coronado the 1st of next month! Probably one of my most favorite places on this earth. It seriously is paradise.
A week after that, I head up to Provo for EFY with my sister Rachel which will be SO much fun! I cannot wait to take her there...she'll love it.
Sorry my blogging hasn't been too good lately. Better things are happening later on.
I'll post lots about that.
ta-ta for now,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Weekend at the Whitemans

This last weekend, my parents went up to Utah for my dad's birthday. They spent the weekend at our house in Park City with their best friends, the Asletts.
Instead of me staying here with my family, I asked my mom if I could stay at my best friend Madi's (aka Wootie) house. She said yes. How easy. She called up Holly & I was invited in with warm arms.
Not only do I love Madi so crazily much, but Im in love with her sisters! Lexi & Alyssa are older, so they give me all these fabulous life lessons. They're so cute! They always try to understand me before they judge me, they're super helpful. They honestly treat me like Im one of their sisters. They let me borrow all their clothes, they text me & ask how Im doing, they come in to talk to me about my night before they go to bed, & they have my back.
Chloe is Madi's little sister. Even though she doesn't understand everything at 7th grade, she can always tell when Im not having the best day. She will try her hardest to put a smile on my face & she always looks for the positive! She's happy. Now there isn't just girls in the Whiteman house. There is little Nicky! The spoiled baby boy who's entering into the 5th grade. He's super sweet whenever he sees me. Although we didn't talk much, he's not like the rest of the boys his age & bratty. He was sweet & nice kid. That's really important at a young age I think.
Last but not least, the Whiteman parents-Holly & Jeff. These two adults are some of the most kind people I've ever met. Holly is an amazing cook. She has a little warm touch in everything she does, even in her voice. She's just cute & small. Love her. She was so welcoming to me when I arrived at their house. That was so nice of her to allow me into her home for the weekend, Im extremley thankful! Jeff is the father of the Whitemans. The head-honcho. The one who runs everything. For every little unfortunate thing that happens in the Whitemans house like, spilling apple juice on the floor or having their dog poop on their freshly cleaned carpet, he still manages to keep calm with his gentle spirit. He is in the bishopric in his ward. Today was fast & testimony meeting. I loved hearing one of my best friends' dad's bare his testimony. I felt alot closer to him after hearing his revalation of the gospel. He's such a great guy & even more amazing father to his family. I love Holly & Jeff! Thank you for letting me stay you guys. It means so so much.
I love the Whitemans home. It has such a sweet spirit that's always running through it, along with great house warming scents of perfume & fresh pizza from Spinota's. They were so kind to me this weekend & I didn't have to do one single chore. It was almost like I was invited to stay there this weekend, when really I asked. They are such a fun, outgoing, loving family! I look up to them & thank them for being such great, close friends.
Thank you Whitemans for letting me have the privledge to stay at your house. I loved it & hopefully I can do it again! Thank you guys for taking me in this weekend & keeping me entertained. I love all of you! I can't say thank you enough.
love love,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swimming 101

This past week, I started teaching swimming lessons with my mom. She has been teaching them for about 8 years in our backyard pool. She's always completely booked. Everyone wants lessons from Miss Lorie, no one is better. Anyways, last year I taught with her & I loved it. I love little kids one & two, I made lots of money! I work from 10-12:30. Not very long, but thats a total of 5 lessons.
The first day I started, I loved it-except one class totally ruined it for me. Two children (little boys) screaming bloody murder is definitely not a fun thing...I did end up going out the next day & learning to deal. They are slowly getting better. SLOWLY.
My mom constantly tells me how good of a teacher I am. She says the kids love me & Im super patient. That makes me feel good, ha. Every time she tells me I'm good at teaching I think to myself, "Oh no, I'm really gonna be a mother one day...no screaming babies please!"

.................Im learning to deal.

I told my mom the reason I do swimming lessons is to get little hugs from the cute kids. I love the kids who tell me thank you at the end of each lessons. Or the ones who say "Bye Miss Abby! See you tomorrow!" I love that. I love being called 'Miss'.
These little kids really make you happy when you put them under the water with a frown & they come up with the biggest smile ever. It makes your heart melt a little. Or when they tell you to not let go. Then you end up letting go & the finally realize they really can do it. Its inspiring in a way.
I love Gorilla Swim Kids! Here's to the first week of GREAT lessons!
love love,
Miss Abby