Thursday, April 29, 2010


i dare you!
purple bandaids curtiously of tanner.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 More Days!

brooklyn comes home in 2 days, for the whole summer! ahhh, my family will FINALLY be back together again. i seriously cannot wait. i miss staying up late with her talking about all the drama that goes on at mvt. we liked talking, when we weren't fighting. we kind of fued a lot, but that's just who we are.
anyways, she's in paradise right now at the whiteman's house. SO jealous. i just want her home with me! Since it's father & sons weekend, all of us girlies are going shopping, yay. Just like old times.
Although all my stuff isn't moved out of her room, not even close, i'll get it out eventually. That's the only negative about her coming home..taking my room, or her room. whichever. who cares though right?! she's coming home! AHHH!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


tanner didn't really realize how big of a deal it was to get asked to prom as a sophmore. I tried explaining multiple times, but he just didn't really grasp the idea. Whatever, right?
Anywho...i had a fabulous time. Even though i was majorly panicing before because i didn't think i could pull of that much makeup. luckily, i was mistaken. I mean..let's get real, courtney made me look fabulous!
For those of you who don't know courtney rogers, she was basically my personal stylist for this night. she can seriously work wonders! if you need hair or makeup done for ANY event, talk to her. she knows exactly what looks good & doesn't. she can even supply the whole package for me. aka-waxed my eyebrows, did my makeup & hair, picked out the dress, & picked out my jewelry. no joke, she was my personal dream team. except, she didn't pick out my shoes. tanner & i decided to show how true to the TOMS organization we are by wearing them to prom. yeah, we looked good in them. i mean, look at us against that truck!

here's some pictures of the magnificant evening.
ps-THANK YOU TANNER! it was awesome, love you.


Friday, April 23, 2010

My New Friend.

is weird that i'm about to dedicate a post to my newest friend, dylan tucker kidd?
did i mention he's awesome. so ridiculously awesome that he's up to 36 points in my book. that's a lot. but to get to the top he has a long ways to go. i'd just like to take this time to tell everyone how talented he is. he's going hawaii in august for school on a scholarship. he runs the 800 in 2minutes & 3 seconds. did i mention he has the most outstanding dance moves i've seen? well almost. no one can be ramsey alan carroll, sorry tucker. my friend tucker, he isn't afraid to be himself. whether he's disliked or liked, he could really care less because he has other things that have a higher priority. He really is a gem. Did i mention he is musically gifted? yeah, well, it's true. he wrote me a song & it's stinkin' presh. Basically, he's my new bff.

if you'd like, here's the lyrics to his song that he wrote for me.

We fell asleep last night watching TV,

and the images worked their way into my dreams.

We were watching turtles climbing the beach.

The way she’s looking at him is how you’re looking at me.

So if you miss me, or you get lonely,

then you can swim back to me and I’ll be watching the sea,

for when you dance over the breakers and waltz up the beach.

Swim back to me, cause you’ve been gone since spring.

You know that we can’t breathe alone in the Gulf Stream.

It’s you with those sleepy eyes and heart-shaped shell,

that keep me awake at night.

So, meet me in the shallows off of Cozumel.

We’ll live our lives covered by moonlight.

Maybe we were brought together by the ebb tide.

It pulled the world beneath me and left you by my side.

So swim back to me and I’ll be watching the sea,

for when you dance over the breakers and waltz up the beach.

Swim back to me, cause you’ve been gone since spring.

You know that we can’t breathe alone in the Gulf Stream.

What if we swam into nothing? At least you’d still be beside me.

So if we swam into nothing, I’d still be smiling.

Swim back to me and I’ll be watching the sea,

for when you dance over the breakers and waltz up the beach.

Swim back to me, cause you’ve been gone since spring.

You know that we can’t breathe alone in the Gulf Stream.

What if we swam into nothing? At least you’d still be beside me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I DARE You To Read This.

i watch oprah. yep, you caught me..guilty. I watch it about 3 times a week & maybe once on saturday on sunday. We record them. Anyways, i watched it today. guess what it was about?
today is earth day. they talked about how we're stuck in our own little worlds thinking that what we do doesn't effect anyone else around us, we in reality, it does.
In taiji, japan, they slaughter over 19,000 dolphins a year. it's been on my bucket list to swim with dolphins before i die & this isn't going to happen if we don't put a stop to this. They asked everyone to go to to do our part in saving them. you may just think i'm a tree-hugger, i think i am..maybe a little, but who WOULDN'T save a dolphin? I don't see what could ever be wrong with that..but anywho, here's a video to stop me from rambling.


ps-when they show all of that bloody water, that's forreal. it happens every day during hunting season. What're YOU going to do to get people more aware?

Monday, April 19, 2010

*Deep Breath*

Tomorrow is the day.
the day i've been dreading since last year.
It'll have been 2 years since my grandpa funk has passed away.
Not only is it that, but it's also 4/20. For those of you who don't know what 4/20 is, it's the day everyone comes to school high. At least, all the kids who are involved in drugs.
I wish i could help someone who was hundreds of miles away. People don't like to listen to me anymore..

I want to do something for my grandpa & my friends that are too far away. i'm not sure what i should do exactly, but i am going on a ride tomorrow in honor of my grandpa. A bike ride. A really long one where i can cry & not be heard by anyone. He'd like that..I miss him. I really do. I miss him more than i've ever missed anyone in my whole life. I wish i could've been a better granddaughter. I wish he could've seen my new cousin, gretta. I wish he could've been here for a lot of things. i just wish for a lot of things in general.
I should tell everyone though, that without this, i'm not sure i would have as strong of a testimony as i do. My grandpa's passing finally made all of the gospel real to me. it took long enough, but he did. his passing let me know that prayer is all it takes & that the plan of salvation is 100% true.
i love my grandpa. i hope tomorrow isn't as bad as last year...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh No..

Tanner was at his little sister's birthday party this morning. They had a big blow up bouncer i guess. Anyways, tanner was doing a backflip off the top because he's just so ninja like that, landed it btw. Then he was walking around & felt something a little off with one of his hands. Looks down & sees THIS:
He didn't even call me or text me about it until i asked how the birthday party was going & his reply was: "i'm kinda going to the er :)" Then the picture of his hand came through. By the look of that text, he sounded HAPPY about going to the er. Sorry but, WTF TANNER! ARE YOU CRAZY!?
soooo i'm pretty much freaking out beyond belief & it's not even a big deal considering it's just a finger he said. but guess what, that looks like a huge, flippin', deal!
i'm about to cry. oh no..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


right past week, has been really hard for me. not too much has been going on with friends, or school. but i've just been thinking a lot about my family.
it's been almost 2 years since my grandpa died. on tuesday it'll be 2 whole years. my mom's sick & i can tell that he's been on her mind a lot lately. i've been trying to help around the house as much as i can..not only that, but i've been trying to be as positive as i can.
Then i look at some old friends & see where they are in life...that just makes me even more sad because they haven't gone anywhere but downhill. i wish there was something i could do for someone so far away, but i can't.
I've done a lot of changing recently & one of the things i changed is to not let people know when i'm sad. so i haven't really made a big deal out of my grandpa & i haven't really been telling my close friends about how my old friend struggle. No one really likes to ask me about that deep of stuff because they think all i want to do is be around for the fun...when some times i just wanna talk. you know? I guess you could say, i'm a little bit sad lately. Not with my life in arizona, or with my friends, or with my family, or with school, but just with things in my head that are uncontrollable.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Long Lost Dream..

i've never really told anyone what i want to do with with my life...& this post isn't going to tell you my life plans, but there is one thing i've wanted since as long as i can remember & that's going backpacking through Europe. i think tanner's the only one i've really told this to..but really, i would love this more than everything & anything. I wouldn't need anything except a toothbrush & one extra pair of clothes. Maybe a camera to document my moments in time..I would really be the happiest girl in the world if i could just wander around in Europe. wow, it'd be my favorite thing. Can someone please tell my future husband that that's where I wanna go on my honeymoon? I'll give you exact details of what i wanna do...
I want to stick my feet in the fountains outside of the Holy Trinity Tower in the Czech Republic..
I want to make fun of the serious soldiers outside of the Buckingham Palace in London..
I want to sit on a balcony overlooking the most beautiful, blue ocean in the world in Greece..
I want to walk under the effiel tower & admire the architecture in Paris..
I want to watch fireworks in Russia..
I want to watch the sunset go down while sitting with the tulips in Norway..
I want to ride on a gondola through the canals of Italy..
I wanna hear Big Ben ringing in my ears in London...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Longest Date..EVER.

the title of this post might give you the wrong looks like i'm implying that it was the most boring date ever. but it wasn't. in fact, it was the best one i've ever been on! I went with my favorite boy & some more of my favorite people were there. I'll just give you a little recap..
so tanner picked me up at 12ish & we went & got lunch at tia rosa's. then we met up with the rest of the group at monson's house. Then we headed off to f1 raceway. for those of you who don't know what f1 is, it's basically the most speedy go karts you've ever been on. legit, they go SO fast! so after wasting everyone, *insert sarcasm here* we went to cody's for dinner which was fantastic. ps-thank you Stewarts! Cody made one of the best hamburgers i've ever had...not kidding. it was so yummy. wow, i talk about food i think in every post. i'm weird, sorry. Ok, anyways..

After cody's we headed down to fountain hills park to play games & watch a movie. the weather was perfect when we got there! Not kidding. even though there was kind of a lot of bugs which tanner & i do NOT like, it was perfection. tanner & i played frisbee for a little while. he was such a good sport, because i stink at frisbee. it's all in the 'point' i know how to get better. After playing for a few hours, the boys set up a projector & we watched part of Sherlock Holmes.

it was convient because they turned off all the lights in the park because some huge projector was on or something, i don't know...but our group just all laid down on the grass with the very few blankets we had & froze to death basically. it was SO cold by the time the movie was half way over. Tanner & I kept pulling the blanket away from one another because it wasn't big enough for both of us. But everyone was too cold so we left & went to QT. got hot chocolate & milkshakes. then headed home. that date? 11 hours long, ha. But really, it was perfect. tanner is the sweetest, most understanding person that's in my life right now & he means so much to me. Love that boy to death. i seriously cannot wait for prom. 2 more weeks! ahhh!

ps-Remeber how i said i was going to take so many pictures? well of course, the worst happens to camera broke. before i got to even take one picture. basically, i was ticked..but luckily ally & mindy took a few for me. I haven't gotten the ones from mindy yet, but when i do, i'll post them.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Post 175.

Yesh, you read it correctly...i'm up late on a friday night posting on my blog. a little embarrassing? haven't decided. anywho, i'm sure you're wanting to hear about my life, otherwise you wouldn't be here...sooooooooo lemme just tell you about it.
This week was ultra long. well, it seemed like it. probably because i had some serious testing 2 out of the 5 day week. i had a district math test that literally took the whole entire day, aka AIMS. it was horrible. We had to sit in one chair for 2 hours without talking. i finished my test within 45 minutes. so basically i read for an hour & 15 minutes. it was a joke. then we had to come back in & sit for 2 MORE hours. once again, done in 45 minutes. i'm pretty sure my head was going to explode with boredom. That was wednesday. Then on thursday, i had to test for an hour and 45 minutes before the rest of the kids even had to come to school. freakin' sucked. I HATE AIMS! ahhh.
Speaking of wednesday, we had our meet & i didn't get to race...BUT it was against my favorite school! wait, 2nd favorite because mountain view is first? idk. we raced against desert vista! seriously, if i didn't go to mvt, that'd be my first choice. even though its about 40 minutes away, it's seriously such a good school! everyone is so nice & friendly. And everyone's super outgoing & semi-crazy, like me. yay! Ramsey Alan Carroll goes there & lemme just tell you about him for a second..he's awesome. really. he's probably one of the best people i've ever met in my whole entire life. i've never ever seen or heard one flaw about ramsey. everyone hearts him. including me. He seriously is the best friend to me all the time, even when he's so far away. We only see each other once every couple weeks, but he so amazing. seriously. if you haven't met him, you need to. you'll fall in love with him just like everyone else. plus+ his dance moves are out of this world!
I actually went to ramsey's house tonight. he had a party at his mansion on the mountain. it was pretty sweet. theme: 90s. wicked awesome. Everyone was dancing...everyone. all 100 or 200 kids that were there. And? And it was so dang sweaty. almost as sweaty as the efy dances & those are pretty flippin' sweaty. but really, it was SO fun! i had a great time & i'm all tuckered out from dancing my little heart out. wah.
oh, something happened recently that i haven't mentioned. I joined something.........something a lot of people might not understand why i joined..........but i did it anyways.
I joined.................
yes, it's true. i finally did it...i got a twitter. i never really understood it & why people have them, but the people who do are like connected in this world & somehow we're all friends & it's just fabulous. i highly encourage everyone to read brooklyn's tweets. they are hilarious 95% of the time.
Welllllllll my day activity is tomorrow & i'm so excited! I will definitely post pictures asap.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Happened. The Happening.

What's happenED?
Easter was this weekend! i absolutely love easter. <--truth. We had school off on Friday because of good friday & lemme just tell you, i Literally. I laid out with tanner & kami for about 3 hours? was nice. it had a little bit of a breezy goin' on so i wouldn't get too hot. Loved it, a lot. however, i still need to do some serious laying out before prom..I need to get rid of these tanlines. not kidding, they are horrible. especially the one on my back. good thing I'm layin' out on sunday after church!
Anyways, saturday was eventful also. i got my hair did with my mum & sister. We got to an amazing girl. she does wonders. aka-tatum rogers. I don't trust anyone with my hair but her..seriously..i haven't had a cut from anyone else since the 7th grade. Yeah, commitment is right.
Saturday day I hung out with rachel all day. went to costa & blossom. It was fun! i love hanging out with her. Now that i have my license, she drives with me everywhere. it's pretty legit. i pick her up from gymnastics probably 3 times a week & that's some private little bonding time i get with her that i really enjoy. she's so funny..if you haven't met rachel, you need to!
saturday night i went & saw the last song with madi & emily. it was so dang sad. was. i cried. I cried 2 times. a lot of tears too. I basically fell in love with her little brother. he was the sweetest thing ever. That movie & dear john are definitely some of the best movies i've seen in a very long time. The last song was SO dang good though! Really. I cannot tell you how amazing it was. everyone said the book is a million times better so i think i'm gonna get to reading that asap.
Sunday was easter. Mmm, i love it. it makes me all warm inside & every time i hear that word i think of spring. And who doesn't love spring? Exactly. everyone does. the orange blossoms are blooming & everything smells so good. the weather is legitimentally perfect! i drive with my windows rolled down, blaring natasha. Natasha=happiness. pure happiness. Anyways, i was the easter bunny this year with rachel & dallin. it was kind of fun making a few of the eggs really hard to find so when they did find them they got super excited. watching their faces was priceless! I absolutely adore my funk cousins with all my heart.
Well guess what happened on sunday night? we got all the funks to do wii just dance. not kidding, i was about to pee my pants. When my grandma & aunt val went, i was rofling. *rolling on the floor laughing. everyone LOVED it & was totally entertained! I'm pretty sure everyone went & baught it the next day, ha.
What's happenING?
Monday was back to school. blah. i had track practice & it pretty much kicked my butt. i must admit, i kind of deserved it...last time i ran was tuesday? Uhhh, i was totally slacking last week. woopsy?
Today is tuesday. obviously. Track was easy. it was just a recovery. but i discovered that i'm not running in the meet tomorrow. a little bit depressing. alright, a lot a bit. I work so hard & my coach isn't even letting me run..i'm so mad. but once again, i did this to myself. i didn't go to saturday practice. I totally spaced out & didn't even remember we had it until i saw a kid from my team at costa & he asked where i had been. i was spacey..& that's super embarrassing to me..
Tomorrow is wednesday & i'm taking the math aims that last all day. uhhhhhg. no juniors or seniors even have to come to school tomorrow. basically, it's a joke. i hate aims with everything i have. grr. just wait till next year..NO SCHOOL FOR ME! ha.
thursday is the science aims. lemme just tell you, science is one of those in-one-ear-out-the-other subjects for me. i do not understand it & it just doesn't interest me whatsoever. Hopefully i do good the first time & don't have to come back for it next year. i'm crossing my fingers..
Saturday, i'm going on my day activity! YAY! cannot wait! i have an awesome group & i can just tell that my day activity is going to be perfect. i'll save all the deets for later. there will definitely be pictures. so for all those people far away who read this, aka julie, i will have pictures of tanner for you to check out. Finally ;)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


this is code for:
someone get me outta my house! i'm going crrrrrrrrrrrrrazy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BEP! bep! BEP! bep! BEP!

I went to the Black Eyed Peas concert last night! Although i was so darn tired for school today, which made me realize i didn't learn a thing, it was TOTALLY worth it!
Going to the Black Eyed Peas concert was one of the things on my bucket list. yes, that's how badly I wanted to go. was awesome! no exaggeration. We got there right as LMFAO started. Following them, Ludacris came out. Then Black Eyed Peas! Even though I didn't get to sit with my mom, i still had an amazing time. rachel was with me down on the floor while my mom was in the closest balcony. So yeah, a little ways away, but i still enjoyed it even though it was meant for my mom & I.
The lights were killer, then music was crazy loud, the effects were outrageous, & their wardrobes were to die for! Ah, i want will i am's clothes. NOW! they all seriously had the coolest outfits on.
Let's talk about first. Ok, he's so dang cool..i mean, look at him. Seriously, who wouldn't want to be him?

Honestly, i love listening to his voice. with or without the rest of the group, he is amazing. Not to mention, his dj skills are outstanding! for about 20 minutes he just put some beats together & it basically sounded like magic. Oh, did i tell you that he free style rapped for us? Yeah. he did. it was INSANE! i think he is so talented.
Here we have taboo. alright, i know what i'm saying might be the weirdest thing ever...but i'm going to say it anyways. I think I have a crush on him? i actually don't know if i have a crush on his dance moves or him. something about him just is so darn hot & i cannot put my finger on it. seriously, what am i thinking?

He isn't even that good looking. i don't know what it is..but there's something. I promise! but on another note, he's an amazing dancer. He had the coolest entry out of them all. he came in, or i should say, down, from the ceiling on this sweet motorcycle. It wasn't necessarily a motorcycle, but it had the idea of one. It was SO gnarley! not kidding. he had the sweetest pants ever...they had lights all the way down the side which looked so incredibley cool in the dark.
Everyone knows her, Fergie-ferg. Personally, i don't really like any of fergie's songs by herself. she wasn't meant to be a solo artist & that's pretty obvious. her voice is extremley baby unless she's yelling at you in a mad tone. But anyways, she was f-i-e-r-c-e!

Not kidding. she worked that stage like it was a runway. she deff knew what she was doing. Can i please just be her? she has the most slammin' bod ever. no homo. But was so perfect. Her legs were so skinny & her arms were a little bit tone. Her stomach? flat & a little bit tone. not too tone though. ah, perfection! I want to have her beautiful, lucious brown hair. It looked amazing throughout the whole concert! even though her face looked a little bit old when i saw her, she was still amazingly beautiful. I would kill to have her looks...
Alright, now i'm assuming a lot of you don't know who the 4th person in the black eyed peas is..because the majority of the world doesn't. However, i'm their biggest fan so i'd like to introduce you to Apl.De.Ap. when he came out by himself, he always had the biggest smile on his face which made him look so friendly. I want to be his bestfriend, not kidding. he looks like he'd be the nicest, funniest guy i'd know. but listen, he was awesome! Just like the rest of them, he sounded amazing. He probably had the most natural way about him other than but seriously, he was so darn cool!

He got to wear all these cool helmet slash hat things that were so stylish. Yes, a helmet, stylish. i said it. but then he did his hair in a mohawk & it inspired day i'm spiking my hair up like his. it was LEGIT!
basically, i LOVED the concert! i was so happy i got to go with rachel & my mom, even though she wasn't really with us. and I'm so greatful i was as close as i was. I was about 15 feet away from the stage. At one point, it was about 7. yes, we were that close. so close that taboo pointed at me & gave me a little head nod. it was e-p-i-c! i want to go back & relive it all over again!