Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Welcome to the jungle!"

if you didn't know this already, i have a job. a job that i love. seriously, i love it there. yes, i've already asked to be cut early, but that doesn't count as dislike. i work at pita jungle on val vista & williams field. if you're ever hungry, i highly suggest this place. there's always tons of people there & the atmosphere is fantastic. the way i describe it? walking into a coldplay song. the colors, the art on the walls, & the plants just all go together in a way that's so laid back, it just works.
i'm not lying when i say this, but i seriously have the best coworkers possible. everyone is so nice to me! kimmee, the girl who trained me the first day, is so incredibely cute & sweet. she runs track & cross just like me, so we connected super quickly. then i met kirsten. she's the only one there that's my exact age. sophomore, just turned 16, etc. she makes me laugh all the time! also, her style is to die for. i want to dress like her. and vanessa. she's a hostess. she's kind of sassy to the boy coworkers, but then she just laughs at herself. it makes her extremley likeable. basically everything she wears comes from anthro. she's my inspiration for future style choices. then we have chucky. he trained me the 2nd day. basically, he was a 22 year old trapped inside a 17 year old's body. he's really 22, but he looks 17. maybe younger. he asked me, "how old do you think i look?" i felt kind of bad, so my response was, "you really wanna know? 17.." he laughed & said he got that all the time, so he didn't really care. he reminded me a lot of my old friend clave, but a little bit more awkward. on my 3rd day, i met bret. with one 't'. ha, inside joke. is it bad that i think on of my coworkers is a cutie? because he is. he wears this hat that makes it look like he's from the newsies. i mean, who doesn't love the newsie boys? let's get real here. anyways, he's super easy to get along with. he's super friendly & obviously doesn't have a trouble making conversation with people he barely knows. he is an inspiring filmer. as in, makes movies. his stuff looks great, from what i've seen! seriously, impressive. then there's dave. he's 36 & works at pita jungle. i always think he's like 20, but he's not. he's flippin' 36 & he's hilarious beyond belief. his clothing choices just make the whole staff laugh! i love him. he's always telling me i'm doing a good job, even when i mess up. it's kind of nice to have some reassurance.
that's basically the staff i've been working with. minus a few. but those are the few i've really gotten to know & i love them all seriously so much. i'm hardly ever bored at work, & if i am, i just go & talk to one of them. they're all super nice & i know i got extremley lucky working with such great people!
i haven't gotten my schedule yet, but once i do, i'll definitely post it so you guys can come in & visit me ;)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


seriously, i was on a blogging roll, then i stopped posting for..4 days? odd. so not like me.
anywho, i've got so many quick things to tell you!
1) i finished school! i am done with my sophomore year. am i sad? h-to the-no. i hated sophomore year. it was too much. walking into mountain view, it felt like people were out there trying to make you miserable. no joke, it seemed like a lot of people were. i'm so happy to be done with that place for a few months. mmmm, yeah! plus, summer is the best thing to happen to me..i mean, duh.
2) officially a pita jungle employee. do i love it? YES. it's perfect for me. also, i make too much money. it's awesome. i'm going to make anthropologie become my closet. also, some ray bans will compliment my eyes nicely i think ;)
3) tanner is graduating. oh my word. i'm seriously probably going to cry my eyes out tonight at graduation. for goodness sakes, i cried last night when i was falling asleep. i truly don't have a single idea how my life is going to be without him being so close. this is crazy. neither of my best friends go to my school..fantastic. not.

so even though i felt like the list was going to be so much longer, it wasn't. but that's what's been goin' on in my life lately. has it been good for the most part? easily. is my mom buy me some new training shoes? oh my gosh, yes! so excited for cross training. hooray! but seriously, i am legitimentally excited.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


another date with the best boy in the whole entire world? check.
i am so dang lucky. you people really have no idea how awesome it is to have this boy as a best friend. we tell each other just about everything. we usually know what the other is thinking, or feeling. we do a lot together. we share a lot of the same interests. we both want the same things when we grow up. we both make each other super happy.

he is my best friend, along with brittlyn of course. he means so much to me & i'm not sure how i'm going to take it with him being gone in a few months. even though he'll only be a few hour drive away, he still won't be within running distance & that's a big deal..ha.
tanner, congratulations on graduating! you are one of the smartest kids i know. you'll do great things with your life & you'll inspire so many people. you have an amazing family who loves & supports you just like i do. keep being you, because you're ultra fantastic. you couldn't even comprehend how much you do for me, because you do so much. you really are my best friend & i hope you know that. i love you, thanks for being there for me. i'm so glad i got to expeirence this year of high school with you. it will easily never leave my heart; you've made too much of an impact. you inspire me beyond measure. snog.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"I'm sick of all this!"

i know, i'm blogging in two concecutive days, but i'd feel bad if you weren't a grey's anatomy fan & had to sit through & read all that rubbish.
so this post is dedicated to what i'm sick of. i'll lay it out for ya.
1. school. given. i'm so ready to be done. i've kind of given up. shhhh, don't tell my mum. but really, it's just getting to the point where it's so drawn out & long every single day. i have senior-itis & i'm just finishing my sophomore year, ugh.
2. the heat. it hasn't even really started to come, but it's already way too hot. laying out is a chore because you sweat the.whole.time.
3. 'dream boyfriend/girlfriend.' alright, i get that people have someone perfect person set up in their minds, but seriously? you can't have these expectations for someone that will take you 50+ years to find. i really think people need to look at what they want more closely. make it less of a dream & more reality. also-why do people care about that stuff so much anyways? i have a group of friends who ALWAYS says, "nobody likes me..i never get asked on dates.." shut up! people will ask you out eventually. why would you sit around & mope over something you have no control over? it's stupid. i think people spend too much time focusing on who they like/gonna like/interested in. just let things happen. when you find someone that's worth your time, they'll make you feel really good inside..& they won't just leave you hanging there after 2 weeks.
4. loosing my tan. as it's getting hotter, i wanna spend less time outside. which makes me loose my tan. so frusterating. i'm going to lay out & swim with my dad today i think.
5. being sick. i've been sick for almost a week. it's like school, drawn out. i should really be healthy by now. this is ridiculous. i had to miss 2 days this week because of it. almost 3. i really hate being sick..really. i hate coughing too. gay.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Heart Pounding.

any grey's anatomy fans out there?
if you aren't, this post will be of no interest to you...
because this post is dedicated to the fans, so let's get started.
how in the world did they come up with such a good season finale?! it was seriously mind blowing. my jaw was dropped 95% of the time. my heart was beating a million beats a minute. seriously, i've never gotten that worked up over a tv show!
it was insane to say the least. holy crap--intense.
let's break this puppy down:
merideth pregnant. what in the world! totally the last thing i expected.
seeing mr.clark walk in the door. no surprise to me, honestly. i actually thought he'd be the shooter. it made the most sense.
shooting scene #1. killing dr.reid & kirev in the supply room. i did not expect it to come that i literally screamed when he shot reid! as for kirev?
i was pissed. alex is not supposed to die..ever. he's too important! when he was crawling into the elevator, i was just dying to know who'd be the first person to see him lying there.
mcdreamy's dreamer. that girl, she cried a lot, i can't remember her name. but when she came running into dr.mcdreamy's office with all that blood all over her, i almost puked. i don't know how in the world i'm going to take anatomy if even tv makes me weasy.
shoot scene #2. when the nurse told mr.clark he couldn't leave because they were on lockdown. i knew he was totally pissed, but i didn't think he would shoot at someone that quickly. how about when sloan protected lexi? oh my goodness. adorable. he loves her. i love them. i want them together. ugh.
one of the scariest scenes ever--patient room with dr.bailey. oh man! how mandy moore played dead? that was brilliant. she is brilliant. anywho..if you've ever seen taken, you have to remember the part when he pulls her from under the bed. gives me the chills every.single.time. when he pulled bailey out i was dying. i mean, he walks in & shoots charles, then comes & almost kills bailey?! what was that! i was holding my breath. also-bailey & mandy moore did an excellent job with acting this week, i think. honestly, best performance i've seen from dr.bailey. so believable!
now to where christina & merideth are in the other supply room realizing who the killer is & what he's after..whew, nuts. i've never seen merideth be so emotional. she's always seemed pretty emotionless to me throughout the seasons, but she did SO good at playing the part this week. i'd never expect her & christina to physically fight, but when mer pushed her down like that..psh, i was like, GO MER! she loves derek & i love them. ah, baby.
watching mr.clark & derek on the catwalk was seriously crazy. my heart was beating a million beats again & i was in tears. am i baby? probably. do i care? no. anywho--that was probably the most intense moment of the show. watching mr.clark look into derek's eyes & then just shoot him like that. or when the mcdreamer came running up to save him? CRAZY HOW HE DIDN'T SHOOT HER, CRAZY. i for sure thought she'd be dead..
the most amazing thing that happened on the show, owen running back in for christina & then getting shot for her. awh, love. it is love. they love each other & i love them too. but i did not expect mr.clark to be in the operating room with them one bit. having owen act really calm was totally well played. as soon as they showed the operating room, i peed a little..not really, but almost. i really thought they just let him die right then & there..good thing avery is brilliant! merideth's crying? most believable acting ever. job well done.
cliff hanger. i can't believe it didn't show who shot who at the end. i wanted to see! if mr.clark didn't shoot himself, oh man..that'd be so stupid. webber can't die, not yet. he's too nice.
also, i can't believe merideth put herself out there for everyone. for webber, derek, & lexi. WOW!
this episode was SO dang good. i was crying & scared the whole time. it was totally intense. the most intense episode any tv series has ever created.
good work grey's, good work! cannot wait till next season, seriously.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Bash.

as most of you know, i went to brittlyn's cabin this weekend. Before i got sick, that is.
it was tons of fun to say the least! not gonna lie, i was super sketch about going up without knowing a single person, minus brittlyn, but she tricked me. My friends trent, ari, anthony, & ashley came i knew a few people.
Here's what went down:
We drove up to the cabin after school on friday. some people drove in cars by themselves, some drove in this enormous van we rented, some drove in smaller groups, just everyone drove. We stopped in payson & ordered pizza then headed straight to the cabin. by the time we got there, it was dark so it kind of limited us to activities. We went down to the basketball court & played down there for awhile. some of the kids stayed inside & watched movies.
then we ate--finally. played games. watched more movies.
Went crazy hyper basically. this craziness lasted till approximately 4am. Yes..I, Abby Tucker, stayed up till 4 in the morning! that's huge for me considering i NEVER stay up late. i just can't. my body will not let me.
anywho, we went to bed at 4, woke up at 8 for a full fun day of funness. woke up to a delish breakfast made by the sassiest mama eva, DeAnn. then we went down to the fish pond & pretended to fish for a little while. didn't go over too well considering i honestly didn't see a single fish..but it was still fun pretending. After that, zach & i climbed on top of the windmill which was beyond terrifying. seriously-i was hypervenulating. I was screaming on the inside, but i tried to act tough because i didn't know anyone.
After climbing the windmill, we took turns going quading. to no surprise, someone jacked up the rhino, again. Bent the rim & blew the tire. needless to say, the quading ended preeeeetty quickly.
after quading we played some MORE games then ate & drove home. i drove home with anthony, ari, & garritt. pretty relaxing ride home thanks to anthony.
all in all, eventful trip for sure. now i have an even wider range of friends..some from highland just got added to the bunch, hooray!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i've been sick for about 48 hours & i feel like i'm dying.
my family never gets ever.
when we do, we get super sick..the sick that you have to stay home from school sick.
Anywho, i can't even believe i am sitting up writing this stupid post, but everyone keeps telling me i need to blog-so fine.
i'm sick with the flu i think.
i've already lost a ton of weight & my skin is ghostly white.
did i mention i haven't eaten anything?
or that i've gone through a whole box of kleenex in just one of those days?
i have to blow my nose every 2 minutes..
luckily, tanner has been coming over during his lunch hour & taking care of me, etc. he went & bought me a jamba juice yesterday with immunities in it. as of right now, he's on his way over with a can of chicken noodle soup for me. He does way too much for me. i'm the luckiest girl ever.
now, before i pass out for sitting up in this dang chair, i'd like to tell everyone that i will be blogging about the trip in due time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Early Celebration.

My best friend, my very best friend, brittlyn clairene smith, is taking some friends to her cabin this weekend down in payson. Guess who was invited? ME! HOLLA! it's going to be crazy fun & i'm so dang excited. even though it's only for like 24 hours, it'll be a serious party. always is with this girl.
I'm so lucky to have this beautiful gem in my life. she literally makes me laugh so hard, i pee. she is SO funny & anyone who's met her, loves her. really. no exaggeration. She's the sweetest girl ever & would never hurt a fly. Even though she's a little blonde some times, she's the best. I love her with all my heart & i wouldn't change that for the world.
She's become my sister over these past 3 years. We talk every single day! We cannot go without talking to each other, otherwise we cry basically. i cannot wait for her to turn 16 so we can go on double dates together. then she'll get her license & we'll run away to california together, ha, jk. we only wish.
Anyways, i'd just like to share some of our adventures with you if you'd like to see a slim few...
We went to the temple lights this year with our good friends, TJ & Trev. it was just a really spiritual expeirence & i'm so happy i got to share it with her.
Our first year as best friends: we were the 2 amigos for halloween. i was pablo & she was pancho. It may be a little bit racist, but it was SOOOO funny!
Got to spend the WHOLE day with her the day i got my license. Skipped school. Saw dear john & played all day. went to pei wei. it was the best birthday i've ever had.
temple lights again.
we like to play on the mac computer WAY too much. This was the day we had a dance party & documented it with pictures. ps-we dance ALL.THE.TIME.
guilty pleasure: flavor blasted 'best friends'. aka-goldfish. we can eat a whole box of these in, like, one sitting. it's disgusting.
just bossin' it up.
going to cali for spring break together with our ward & making CRAZY music videos. Everyone who's seen them rofls. literally. i could show you, but then i'd have to kill you ;)
seriously, look at her..isn't she beautiful? ugh. i've always been so jealous of her & i still am. Thanks britt-the-titt for being my bestfriend! i couldn't ask for a more crazy person to love me. you da best. i cannot wait for this weekend! xoxo. happy EARLY birthday!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Recap.

a lot took place this weekend. Friday night we had the region finals at mountain view for track. that was exciting & super intense! i was with my desert vista friends the majority of the time, but they're some of my favorites anyways so it wasn't a disappoint to get to spend time with them. mountain view won our region & a lot of kids are going to state which is next weekend. i'll be there! cheering on our kids & dv's.
Saturday i had my race. lemme break it down for you: I swam 800m & it was pretty darn cold while i was sitting there treading water. once you started going, it wasn't too bad. but tempe town lake is definitely nasty. I've never smelt a more smelly lake in my whole i was the first 'wave' as in the first people to go, or start. it was pretty cool.
After the swim, i transitioned onto the bike. 2 loops. 13 miles. each loop was 6 1/2 miles. My dad was with me the first loop. i wish he would've stayed through the 2nd, but he decided that he should give me some space is what he said. No joke, my groin had never been so sore. i'd rode earlier that week to make sure everything would be super comfortable & easy. well obviously that wasn't enough riding, because my rump was killing me.
once i finished the bike, i headed out to the run. 5k. aka-3.1 miles. my mom ran with me the whole entire way. she seriously was the biggest motivator to everyone out on the course. I'm serious. every time we passed someone, she said, "good job" or "keep it up! you're almost there!" if we passed someone walking, she'd pat them on the shoulder & encourage them to keep going. She helped me pace myself majorly. i wanted to walk so bad..but she wouldn't let me. when we got to the hills, she would tell me to pull my knees up & look 10ft in front of me. it made it a lot easier.
I ended up taking 2nd in my age group which was pretty rad. i totally could've gotten first, but that's what next year is for, right? i really love triatholans..really. they're 50 times better than any cross race i've ever ran. i wish there was a triatholan team at mvt, ha.
Saturday night, i headed out to 'tukee. hung out with my dv kiddos some more. They really are the best ever. they're so funny & i love them with all my heart! they're so crazy & fun like me, so i fit right in. Last night was kind of hectic, to say the least, being ninja's & all, but it was definitely adventurous. Can't wait to see their beautiful, happy faces next weekend!
Today i went to tanner's ward to hear him speak about his mum. He did awesome. the bishop had asked all of the seniors in the ward to speak on mother's day. It was so cute. some talks were funny. some were about the scriptures & the mother's in them. some were about the importance of the mother's roll in the house, but tanner's was a combination of all of them. he did AWESOME. not an understatement. he even made me cry a little. His mom is a super great mom & she's done an excellent job with raising her children. i love the thornton's.

Speaking of mom's & mother's day, i'd like to say something about my mom & how grateful i am for her. i think i have the best mom in the whole entire world. in fact, i know it. She's always willing to help me with anything that i need. she's always my supporter. Like tanner said in his talk, she's my number one fan. She's the one who inspired me to do triatholans & cross country. she's super good at motivating anyone. truly, she's the best motivator i've ever met.

My mom is so beautiful..she doesn't have to get ready at all & still is smokin' hot. She'll do whatever it takes to be where she needs to be. she never flakes out on anyone, even if it means taking the time she uses to get ready. my mom is so loving & is always willing to tell me what's right & wrong. even though she may not always be on my side, she'll always get me to choose the right. she isn't afraid to tell me when i'm wrong & i think that's super important.
My mom's dad passed away 2 years ago. it's been super hard on me. harder than people think. I can't imagine what my mom feels everyday, but i know she's a solider. she's so strong & she'll never break down in front of you. She's the most inspirational person i ever met. I love you mom, with all of my heart. Thanks for being my best friend. i can't wait for my next race & you being there right by my side.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Totally Random.

here's the deal..i've been thinking of so many things to blog about this past week, but i really don't have anything to blog about. Nothing significant in my life has happened. at least nothing too significant that the public deserves to hear.

hmm, anywho. here's a few random facts, i guess you can call them facts? that have recently happened.
1-i totally blog stalk people. guilty. i need to stop. also, heard of formspring? I'm a fan of reading other people's. although i would never post one, it would be kind of interesting. some girls at my school posted one, which i thought was totally brave btw, & totally just got trashed on it. The things they were saying to these girls were ridiculous. people can be MEAN in high school..really mean.
2-only eat one piece of chocolate cake a day..even if you workout extra long to burn it off. Costco chocolate cake is my family's weakness.
3-When your math teacher isn't making any sense, nod your head like she is. Eventually, she'll realize she's lost everyone & will restart.
4-truly, i think my tears & armpit sweat glands are connected. tmi? (too much information) I hope not.
5-glee is the best thing to happen to tv. SERIOUSLY. AMAZING! i am obsessed to say the least. i even bought the whole soundtrack. did i mention i think puck is the hottest thing i've ever seen?
6-Always, always, always say your prayers. Even when your sister is watching you.
7-when you see someone doing good, tell them & the join them. it'll make your heart really warm & fuzzy.
8-I have a race on saturday that i'm totally nervous about. I'm doing a triathlon. yes, just like my mum..all i really want to do is better than last year. ugh, hopefully i can achieve this.
9-i need to learn how to sleep. i am the worst sleeper ever. it takes me forever to fall asleep at night..even when i'm dead tired. then once i do, i wake up 6-10 times that night. It's rare for me to go more than 2 hours without waking up. ps-this has been going on for months.
10-no matter what happens, i need to learn how to be happy. I am an independent girl who should be doing so much more with her life. what should i get involved in? someone please tell me. give me direction. wow, i sure don't sound too independent.

anywho, besides all the random, pointless, rants i just gave all of you readers, i think you should start commenting on my blog. i know a lot people read it. I have this thing that tells me. Once, 235 people came to my blog in ONE DAY. if i don't start getting feedback of who you actually are, i'm going to make my blog private & not open to the public because i'm not totally sure i want that many unknown people reading it. sooooo do me a favor & leave a comment identifying yourself, pretty please?

Sunday, May 2, 2010


one of my really good friends asked me what i was scared of the other day. he said he wasn't really that afraid of anything..then it got me thinking about how much of a baby I am. I get scared all the time! a group of my close friends played this game where you pull out a card that says something like "You can't figure out what to get your mother for her birthday, but you don't want to spend a lot of money. Who could help you make a creative birthday gift?" then out of all the people that are playing, you have to choose who fits it best. for that card, you would've picked the most creative person. anywho, a card came out that said, "if you & your girl friends were having a sleepover & the parents were out for the night & you heard noises coming from the basement, who would go down first?" Guess who won? Me. i'm pretty good at acting tough when i'm really not. Anyways...
here's some things that i'm terrified of...
1) getting kidnapped. i cannot even imagine what would be running through my head! i'd probably legitamately wet myself.
2) getting a ticket. my older sister hasn't ever gotten one & i know my parents would be TOTALLY disappointed. America, I drive the speed limit.
3) finding out someone i loved passed away in a tragedy. ex: car crash, suicide.
4) singing in front of people. I can't do it. i used to be able to, but i can't now. i know i don't have a good voice, i've heard myself. it's horrible & if someone paid me a million dollars to sing for them, i probably wouldn't. i have a horrible voice.
5) heights. they're so freaky! Whenever i'm up high somewhere, i just imagine falling off. ugh, that'd be terrible.
6) food poisoning. One time, brooklyn got food poisoning & it was just horrible. one-grosses me out beyond belief. two-i know too much about food to be ok with it.
7) snakes & spiders. AAAAAH! I CANNOT DEAL. they are freaky little things that should have never came to earth. sorry, but i cannot do snakes of spiders. ugh, heebe-geebes.
8) really deep water. if i'm in the ocean surfing & can't feel the bottom, i have to have all my arms & legs on the surfboard. nothing can be hanging off. it makes me waaaay too nervous! Or when i'm just body surfing & suddenly the sand bar feels like it drops off. OH MY, scarey!
9) being watched. when we had our big dog, diesel, he would bark if someone was outside with him. sometimes, i heard him barking in the middle of the night. growling too. i wanted to open the blinds so many times, but i was afraid that my eyes would meet someone else's.
10) running out of breath. when I run, during certain seasons, my asthma gets super bad. I'm always afraid that when i'm on my runs alone that i'll just suddenly fall on the road with no air in my lungs. I couldn't scream for help or'd be me..alone.