Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life without XC

So recently, as many of you know, I had my last XC last week.
Super hard to let all that go....
I really miss cross so dang bad. I miss grueling workouts actually. I still run as much as I can, but being in regular P.E., its nothing hard. I miss eating pasta with the girls. I miss GOING to pasta parties & swimming in ice cold water. I miss making up dances & then videoing them. I miss stretching with everyone, and then have the boys make up dirty jokes about 'stretching'. I miss all the boys so bad! I miss giving Jeffie a head rub on the way to the meets on the bus. I miss riding the bus to meets & just getting pumped sitting there. I miss sharing peanut butter & jelly sandwhiches with anyone who had them. I miss eating nasty goop before the race just so I could improve my time. I miss being timed. I miss those early morning runs at 6 in the morning, then having to RUSH to get to a-hour. I miss having the boys push me as far as I could go. I miss my coach calling me out & telling me I could do better. I miss Huckleberry & Hart being my coaches. I miss seeing Sky's white legs in his super short shorts. I miss listening to Coldplay with Jeff and Trent on the bus rides to the meets. I miss taking sweaty pictures with Ally. I miss laughing about how Ally used to run like a grandma. I miss cheering for Kendall when he came in last. I miss Micheal coming to the meets when he wasn't even on the team. I miss having to ask parents to drive us to the meet @ 6am when the bus didn't show up. I miss all the funny jokes I had with everyone. I miss being undefeated. Most of all, I miss all the people there. They helped me figure out myself so dang much. So much of who I am is based on those kids. They seriously taught me so many lessons. Them, & Huckleberry. Greatest team & Coaches (Hart & Huckleberry) who ever lived. I loved Stapley XC. Looking forward to MVT Cross next year as a sophmore.
love love,

"Cats on 3! 1-2-3 CATS!"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My biggest hero.

My mom is officially 42! How exciting!
Mom, your seriously a super mom. You train every day of the week except Sunday. You hardly ever take breaks off. You volunteer at the school as much as you can. You are always asking us kids if we need help on our homework. Your a primary teacher; which class thinks your awesome! Your the stake young women's sports director. AND your the most awesome mother any girl could ask for.
Even though me and you have some issues with trust, I still love you. We'll be working on that from now on.
Mom, you are so helpful and patient. Our family has always been pretty clean, but you and dad like a spotless place. We say we'll do our jobs, then we'll forget about them because WE, kids, think the house is clean. You have to ask us to do one chore about 10 times? Now that is pacience.
All my friends love you! They all say how cool you are and how chill you are. And they say Im lucky to have a mom who is strong enough to do an ironman. All of them say how welcoming you are when they come over. I cannot thank you enough for being the way you are to Brittlyn. Your like her mom, she loves you for that. You practically make us sisters! And having my bestfriend as a sister couldn't be more awesome.
One really amazing quality I like about you is how organized you are! Its going to be super helpful when Im a mom because I've only learn from the best!
Well, Mom, I just want to let you know you are one of the biggest role models in my life. I know you'll always be there for me and that is the best gift you could ever give me. I hope you have an awesome birthday because you should! I love you so much! Dont you EVER forget that. Your awesome, amazing, strong, independent, unique, funky, fun, outgoing, funny, nice, helpful, and crazy! Your the best mom I could ever ask for. I love you! Happy Birthday!
love love,

P.S. I love being your mini me! I love how everyone says we're twins! I wouldn't want to be identicial to anyone else but you! Your awesome!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The last meet...

Our city meet was today.
After 9 years of never loosing city, we changed everything. We lost. Girls that is...We got 2nd. We lost by 3 points. All the girls were literally crying after the meet. We've been undefeated this whole year. And the thing that sucks most is, if I ran just a little harder, we might've beat them. Them, as in Rhodes. I seriously was so angry and sad. Our biggest competition was Fremont. And when they had the awards said, Fremont came in 3rd. So we all got excited thinking we had it! Then, they said "2nd place! Stapley Junior High!" Its like they punched us in the stomach. I felt so....empty, unfinished.

3 freakin' points.

I haven't stopped thinking about it all night. I feel like its my fault. I wasn't dying at the end like I should've been. I could've done better. Ugh, its so dumb. I wish...I wish...I wish.
I got 36 overall. With a time of 15 minutes. Or something along those lines. I was so happy with how I did till I found out we LOST by 3 effin' points! Uhhhhhhg. Good thing our boys ended up pulling through. They only won a couple times this season. Then they pulled it through and therefore, they got 1st. It was a nice help having crying girls and happy boys. They kinda stopped alot of the tears! By the time we pulled up to our school's locker room, every girls eyes were bloodshot red. None of them were crying, but red!
Well, what can you do. The seasons over. Now all I have left is track. Holy lord this year is going waaaaay to fast. Awh! Good job boys. Good job lady cats. We're still technically undefeated....I guess. Love you all. Boys and girls. Thank you coach for helping me push myself. You changed my life alot and I thank you so much for that. I am a different and better person I think! I got character thanks you Huck. Love you too Hart! Awesome year. 1-2-3 CATS!
love love,

Monday, October 20, 2008

I miss them like livin' crap!

The Huishs.
Yes, this is the family I was so freakin' excited to see this last weekend. The family who is super close to my heart! I love them so dang much its unreal. They're probably some of my closer cousins, but thats how it is on my mothers side of the family.
After they're 12 hour drive, I come home to them swimming in my pool! Now that the pool is around 70 degrees, we dont swim in it. But Utah people, thats nothing! They were swimming like we do in the summer, A WHOLE HECK OF ALOT!
Hahah, this family makes so so happy! I cannot wait to see them in December! New Years with them and the Asletts. Party!

I bet after you see these cute pictures, you understand WHY Im in love with this crazy Utah family so much! They're simpley adorable!
I had so much fun going to the Junior Blues Game with them at Mountain View to cheer my cousin Dallin on. He's such a stud. He didn't come out of the game for a second! He plays saftey and reciever. Im a girl, so of course I dont know what that is! But he was always being said over the mega phone. Awesome job Dall!
Well, thats it for this post. I love all my cousins, both Funks and Not. Your all amazing and I miss you all lots! Hope to see you cool cats soon!
love love,

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yesterday, I was bored out of my mind so I was looking through Picasa (Photo thing on computer) with my dad and we came past these super cute pictures! I miss all these fun things! I love looking at old pictures that bring back memories. Awh! (From L to R) Aleesa was a fairy. Alyssa was a fairy. Kurt was a basketball player. Mackenzie was a cowgirl. I was a fairy. Tate was a gangster. Taylor was something, I dont really know. Colton was a baseball player. Abby was disco girl with Natalie. Scott was a basketball player along with Landon. And I have no idea what Kevin was. Hahah good times! 6th grade. I miss having these boys being my bestfriends! Birthday Party of 6th grade!The first time we stayed at our house in Deer Valley. Facial masks with Rachel and Brooklyn! AWH! 05 Coronado 05 with Lolo Zaharis and family etc. Amazing sand castle done by Mister Mike Norberg! AMAZING YEAR!
Thanksgiving with the Asletts 05 (L to R) Griffin. Me. Max. Scott. Brooklyn. Brooke. Rachel. Waking up at Lake Powell 04 (L to R) Kate Clifford. Regan Clifford. Mackenzie Skousen. Me.
I love old pictures and old memories! Sometimes, I want to rewind.
love love,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I miss my bestfriend!

My bestfriend, Brittlyn Smith, left out of town on Wednesday night to California till Satday. She's going with someone of her friends who live by her old house in Gilbert but man do I miss her! I went to school Thursday morning ready to see her and give her a hug, but she wasn't there. I walked to my locker, put my stuff away then I really had no one to talk to. Haha. I felt like I had no friends! I know I have friends, but none of them are my age or go to my school. It was kind of embarrassing standing there all alone with no one to talk to I must say hah.
Friday finally came and I got ready to hang out with people but I honestly didn't know who to hang out with! Brittlyn was gone. I always hang out with Brittlyn! So weird not being able to call her and have her say, "Ok, Im riding your bike back to your house in like 15 minutes!"
So Friday night I ended up hanging out with my friend Colton for like an hour. We seriously didn't do anything except ride bikes. Haha we're losers. But it was nice having someone there I must admit.
Saturday morning, I woke up and texted Brittlyn thinking she would be home tonight so I could run my little legs to her house and see her as soon as she got home! NOPE! She decides to stay an extra night in California. Ugh. At this point, Im just feeling like such a loser because I really will have nothing to do tonight. She's probably having so much fun without me :/ awh.
I hope my Aunt Julie can hangout with me tonight! When I went to Dallin's football game with her on Thursday, I had so much fun! BRILLIANT! I know what Im doing tonight now. Im hanging out with my cousins. Yeah, they're all like 5 years younger than me, but whatever! They are so hilarious and cute and I miss them.
Kinda of lame week without Brittlyn though...Awh, I really miss her.
Its ok. Things will get better!
love love,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bad meet.

So, we had another cross country meet today. I did horribley, again. Im really angry about it. I didn't even count towards the points we got today. So angry. Even though we won, I am still such a poor sport about the whole thing. Got 18th and finished 7th or 8th for stapley. Totally ticked. I need to do better. Ok, whatever....Good thing I have fabulous Ally Taylor to make things better. Love her! BFF!
My bestfriend just left out of town and I had a horrible meet. Harsh. Good thing my favorite aunt is coming in town!(: I am so excited to see her and her kids. You have no idea! Well, today was alright. Farwell!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lockdown for Meth Explosion.

Around 2:45 today, the time I walk into the locker room and see all my home girls on the cross country team, our assistant principal was waiting outside the doors. He said we we're all going to get dressed out then report right outside the doors as fast as possible. From the locker room doors, you can see the gates that lead off campus, or off the court yard. They're usually opened for the football players to get through, but not today! Something was up...! Five minutes later, over the intercom, we are notified we're on a lock down. Haha! YES! No practice! Soooooo after hearing the announcement, none of the girls decided to dress out. We report back to Mr. Munoz (assistant principal) and he tells us to head straight to Ms. Hart's room. We get there and find the whole cross country team in there. Boys and Girls. We're just chillin' in there like we would for a regular lock down. We didn't have to sit and do work like usual though because we were technically at a sports class.
The bell is about to ring for school to release at 3:40. Just then at 3:38, our assistant principal comes over the intercom and says we will NOT be getting released at our regular time. By now, the whole school was freaking. Something serious had to be happening to keep us AFTER school. Yeah, not cool!
Once again, Mr. Munoz comes over the intercom. He said we would be releasing students ONE BUS AT A TIME! Oh my gosh! Are you kidding?! Seriously, it takes forever just to get the bus kids to go. Then he comes over the intercom a last time and says we will have to be individually checked out by our parents to leave the school. So yes, you can imagine how fast kids were telling there parents to get here through texting and calling. Within minutes, 500 parents we're scrambling at the front office with their ID's out. Apparently you had to prove to them you were they're parent. Ridiculous!
My mother finally comes, after being held in my school for about 40 minutes, and we drive and see the line to get inside of parents. Easy, a quarter of a mile of parents. EASY! It was crazy! As my mom and I were walking to the car, we asked a police officer what was going on. (They're was easily 10 police cars there) He said that less than a mile away, just down the street actually, was a meth lab explosion. The hazardious waste crew, or whatever, hadn't come and fully taken care of the area so that's why we we're being held in school. Creepy!
I came home to find my grandmother, told her the whole story. She was a teacher and said that lockdowns we're scarey when she was teaching. She said she had them all the time. Haha, she said it was because she taught at a scarey school. Hahah! Oh Grandma...She also said that to have a meth lab so close to all these mormons was weird. But then she also said that those kind of people put those houses in the least unexpected neighborhoods. OH MY FREAKY! I was freaking out.
I hope no one was hurt. Hopefully, I'll see some of this crazy stuff on FOX 10 News tonight. They were the only news station there I think...or thats all I saw.

So excited for late start tomorrow! YAY! No a-hour. School starts at 10:10 and gets out at regular time. Cha Ching! Also, meet tomorrow at Kino. Stapley, we're going to do amazing! Eating pasta tonight with the MVT swim team, yum! Last exciting thing, MY AUNT JULIE COMES IN TOWN! Basically, shes one of my favorite aunts of all time!!!! So freaking excited!
X's and O's,

Sunday, October 12, 2008


What the heck, is the hot, dry Arizona finally getting chilly?! YES! Pretty much I am bouncing off the walls. I actually got to wear a jacket this weekend! hahaha yay! But ya know whats funny? Is we people from Arizona think 65-70 degrees is actually cold. I know, everyone is Utah is like, uhh, ya kidding me, thats a regular summer evening. Yeah, well, NOT HERE! I love the cold wheather. And what makes it even better is soon everyone starts singing Christmas songs. My favorite time of the year by far! Awh Im so happy is finally getting cold, you have no idea.

Ok, enough of this cold nonsense. October Break is over! Ah! I really wanted to go to Utah like planned but obviously it just wasn't ment to be *tear. Wednesday night, had a girls night which was so fun! Riding bikes to sonic, haha oh joy. And yes, Abby Tuckers way of transportation is a bicycle. Thursday night, hung out with my bestfriend as usual. Then invited some cutie boys over! Yeah! Friday night went to the Toro game with my sophmore friends which was super fun! Got shakes afterwards which were delicious. Saturday, woke up went on a run and then Brittlyn came over. And then Brooklyn invited a bunch of her friends over. She has really nice friends ya know. I met this boy named Ramsey who was just so nice! He made me happy when some stupid girl was being mean to me. I like that Ramsey boy. Saturday night approached and Brittlyn and I called her little lover, Preston. He's my best guy friend so I didn't really mind hanging out with him. But we hung out with him and Preston was with his friend Lil' John. Yes, thats what he goes by. Probably the shortest 16 year old I've ever met. His car, let me tell you, COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! 1929 Mercedes baby! Sweet car. And yes, that is what it looks like, to the right. Sweet right? My mom came outside and saw it and asked if he was Steve Nissel's son. Thats how sweet it is. Well I had a really relaxing break I guess. No big parties, but thats ok! I had fun! Cannot wait till I head up to Utah to ski and be in extremley cold wheather. Yay!
X's and O's,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lake Day!

DANG! It has been so long since I've been to the lake. I mean seriously, I love it there! I may not seem like a girl who likes to get her hair wet and have no make up on, but I honestly do. The lake, awe, it was great! Even though I didn't go with my best friends, it was still so much fun. I went with Lolo Zaharis, Mackenzie Skousen, Jeff Kerr, and my cousins Megan and Nug Norberg. It was kind of embarrassing being the only one who couldn't get up on the wake skate. But hey! I'll be ok...haha. I had so much fun watching my friends get out there and do their stuff. It was awesome! Then, they busted out the tubes. OH DANG! My speciality! I did awesome on those bad boys. I never fell off! Unless of course I was on the tube that was half flat. Ya see, when theres not enough air in the tube, the tube will fold, depending whos on the tube. And I was on it with my friend Mackenzie. She's alot taller than me. Im not calling her fat, but Im alot skinner than average people so the weight wasn't really evened out. So, when her dad would do really sharp turns, the tube would fold in half. Hahahah I couldn't keep it down. I wasn't heavy enough. Awh well right? Haha. Well break is doing me good although I haven't ran yet. Im doing it tomorrow. First thing after I wake up. Even if its hot out. Ah, hot! I hate that word sometimes...Well I think Im gonna hit the hay. Im really not even tired but whatever! Goodnight bloggies.
X's and O's,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Girls Night Out is what G.N.O. stands for. Seriously, I had so much fun tonight. Even though we didn't really go out, we had the funnest time! Ah! I love my bestfriend Brittlyn Smith. Today we got out early for break and now we have a whole like 5 days of freedom! YAY! I really did want to go to Utah though...just waiting till Christmas break! Well just wanting to let Brittlyn and Brooke know I had so much fun tonight and I love them so so so freakin' much!! Lake tomorrow with Mack Skousen, yeah!
X's and O's,

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Livin' the Mascot Life!

My new way of living consists of being the mascot now! Its seriously the funnest thing I've yet to discover at school. Today was my first game in the suit and even though it was freakin' hot, I loved it! All the cheer girls took pictures with me and I just had such a fun time in that smelly thing! Arizona is a little bit hot for mascot suits, so you can possibly imagine how sweaty that thing gets. Hahaha! Basically, I was in swimming in some kids sweat who I didn't even know. I mean, how am I supposed to know who's been in that costume?! Exactly! Well, my next game is next week sometime and I'm pumped! Counting down the days! This day definately made everything better from yesterday. Got my phone back and we get out early tomorrow! SAWEET!
X's and O's,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bad day.

I had a horrible race and I just remember thinking...what did I do wrong to deserve this? I didn't run on Sunday and I watched 2 sessions of conference. It still fully hasn't gone through my head why I did so poorly. After I finished the race, coming in a horrible 27th, I remembered my grandpa. I felt like I let him down. Ugh. It was horrible. I started crying in front of my coach. Sucked it up before I approached the team and pulled through untill now. Signed on to my blog not wanting to post AGAIN, but I look at my aunt's blog. Julies. Now Im crying my eyes out because every time conference is on Im going to think of my grandfather. Even though he has yet to see one of my GOOD races, I know he's always gonna be there. It's been exactly 6months since the simple bike accident that would change mine, and my family's lives forever. Its seems to get easy now and then, but then I think about my grandma. She's so strong and I look up to her so much. I just wish my grandpa could sometimes still physically be here..But, he always will be watching over me, in spirit. Who else would tell my grandma to tell me, "Grandpa would be so proud!"
X's and O's,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Utah, here we come!

This week is the end of the 1st quarter of the school year and we get Thursday and Friday off along with the weekend. We even get out extra early on Wednesday! But anyways, my mother, on the way home from my grandma's house suggested we go up there for the weekend and see my aunt and friends. My dad said that that would be super fun so now we're goin' to Utah! The only sad part about is, Brooklyn has to stay home for swim practice. But this also means, friends are welcome to come as long as they're willing to spend 12 hours straight in the car with the Tucker family. hahah. SO, my bestfriend, who is basically family in this house, is coming with us! Brittlyn Smith! YAY! Its going to be so fun and it will be our 2nd trip together as being bestfriend!(: I am seriously so excited you have NO idea! AHH! Only 3 more days untill paradise with my bestfriend and family! How much better does it get?!
Well, tonight Desperate Housewives in on tonight. I think its our family's favorite minus Scott and Rach. Haha. Then tomorrow after school, I HAVE ANOTHER MEET! Im gonna do good I think. I just gotta push myself....oh dandy! We're racing Taylor, which is our biggest competition of the whole season. But Poston has beat them already, and we've beat Poston. So in other words, we're got this one in the bad(: Ok, well tonight has just made my week! I cannot wait to see my aunt and Griffin! So exicted! P.S. Photo credits to Ally(:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A tribute to the Funk Family.

I know what your all thinking..Abby, stop with the posts! Recently, I've been posting alot. But I just want everyone to know that this blog is different. These are my cousins on my mother's side. The side with the passed away grandapa. Today is conference and the song came on I Need Thee Every Hour and immediately, I thought of them. These kids simpley make my day. With my grandpa gone, I think its made each of us alot closer to each other. We lean on each other for everything. And with my grandma leading the way now, we will always be as tight as spandex. This picture was taken at one of the happiest nights of my life. Andy and Lisa's wedding. Everyone was in the best mood, even Caleb! Dancing till midnight with my hilarious cousins is so much fun! Now don't think Im not going to talk about my hilarious aunts and uncles, because I will. They're comin! But I just want to let all my cousins know, I pray for you every night. I hope you all know I love you so much and I will always be here for you. You guys are amazing and I love you so so much!

My aunts and uncles....Well, Im sure you all know them better than these guys because the Funk family is famous. End of story. Everyone knows them! All of Mesa that is. If you thought my cousins were hilarious, you don't even know! Where do you think they get all there funniess from?! Of course, their parents! My aunts and uncles are probably some of the biggest role models in my life. My uncle Gary is always happy and always hase a positive attitude. My uncle David is so strong in everything he does and always puts out his best. My aunt Julie is so hilarious! Everyone loves her. She is always so kind and always knows how to make me smile! All my aunts and uncles mean the world to me too! I love the Funk Family, end of story.
X's and O's,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Arizona is hot!

Today we had a meet and it was so stinkin' hot outside! I wanted to shoot someone! I was sweating bullets just waiting to run. I think I was secretly melting....Once I ran, I was alright though. Im improving! I was so happy! I passed alot of girls today. I got 10th overall. But I barely lost to 9th. I was really freakin' pissed about that actually. I love my flats too! Except, they came untied during the race.....We're gonna have to fix that. Enjoy the pictures!

P.S. If you were wondering who this absolutely silly, girl I call a friend is, her name is Ally Taylor. She is ADORABLE! We are seriously like best friends now. I tell her everything. We are twins like 100%. I think we were seperated at birth actually. We both have blonde hair. Blueish green eyes. We both have sisters named Brooklyn. Our names both start with an A and a T. We're both on cross country. And we both think we're the funniest girls on planet earth! She laughs at all my jokes...I've needed to find someone like that for awhile now. hahahaha. I love you Alby Taylucker!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I like blogging.

So tomorrow we have another meeet; only this ones in the afternoon. Not a surprise, but Im really nervous. Like alot! Today we did sprints, and it was 103 outside. Our 3rd fastest girl made herself throw up today because she wouldn't naturally! Ok, Im scared! Im about to go to a pasta party in a couple minutes, but just wanted to update everyone on cross country.

Today we had a substitute during 5th hour, and man was he weird! I asked where our teacher was and his response was, "I ate her." Ok, Im officially disturbed. He was also a 'Sandy Sprinklers' if you catch my drift. I sit in the front row for this class too and I thought I was walking out of the class room drenched. He spits when he talks! AH, Ralf! He was just a weirdo. He was reading gaming magazines during class.

Alright, alright, enough of this nonsense!
Going to eat pasta.
Song of the day is: 'Cookie Jar' by Gym Class Heroes.