Monday, September 29, 2008

Whatta Day!

Today was definately not a regular Monday.
Woke up this morning, went to A-Hour and what I find is my rather large teacher in a tank top? Ok, someone needs to let people know what things are ok and when they're not. Not only was she exposing her extremley white arms, but she hadn't shaved her armpits! Seriously!?! Sitting in the front row you get way more than what you bargain for...
After that atrocious A-Hour, I went to 1-hour. Pretty normal day only my science teacher had a burner going.....with a piece of bread above it! She said she didn't have time for breakfast so she thought toast might be nice. I thought that was pretty funny rather than weird.
Nothing really interesting happened in 2nd hour today. No push-ups! Yay!
Third hour. Ok, I totally wanted to knock my teacher out today. Right before 3rd hour for the Freshman is lunch. So, of course I want to get a little bit of refreshment and have a mint after. That seems pretty normal right? Ok. Anyways, gum is against school rules in our school, so my math teacher looked at me and said, "Do you have gum?" and I said, "Nope! It's a mint." He asked if mints were ok in his classroom and where I had gotten it from. I was thinking...Ok, do we honestly need to make all this fuss over a stinkin' thing that dissolves in your mouth? But of course he freaked and insisted I throw it out. So I did. After class he told me to stay for a quick minute....he said I wasn't ever allowed to eat any sort of candy in his class unless he gave it to me. THEN HE GAVE ME A DETENTION! I mean what the heck, it was a mint for crying out loud that I didn't even get to finish! That man really made me angry...
After math I went to seminary. By now it was 4th hour. I walk into class finding some kid who I have no idea is, sitting in my seat. And as soon as I walk up, HE FARTS! Oh my goodness, no way am I sitting there today! How much more disturbed can you get?
Now that I finally got out of the literally smelly seminary class, it was off to English. This teacher, yeah, she's somethin! Today she had the most dark eye shadow on I had ever seen. I think she was trying to almost get it identical to her black shirt. Seriously, it was outrageous! My friend who sits next to me, Zach, called her eyes pits today. Hahaha! I thought that was preeeeeetty darn funny.
My day is practically over and Im on my way to 6th hour, which is cross country. Today we did sprints. Alot of them. We do sprints around the track, which obviously goes around the football feild. The one day we decide to do sprints, Im in the wrong shoes! With all the football players watching, I take off. Not to brag, but Im pretty darn fast! So Im running and all of sudden...BAM! Out of no where this huge like crack in the dirt makes me fall flat on my face. Seriously, I was so embarrassed. And as soon as I fell, the boy behind me fell. It was how you would say, a domino affect. Totally embarrassing. I seriously hope none of the boys were watching. Holy cow!
Ok, this day was so weird! I don't even know what to do with my life anymore! hahaha! My teachers need some serious help, but thats a discusion for later.
X's and O's,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just a post.

If you'd like to read about this past week I had, keep reading. Monday I went to school and just had an average day with studying and cross country. Just a regular day. Then Tuesday came along....probably the most dumb 2nd hour I have ever had! My teacher, Mr. Goodman, got mad that I talked during class and so he made me and Kyle Frost do PUSH-UPS IN CLASS! I was so mad! I couldn't do 25 dang push-ups in class! What was this old cooky man thinking?! Wednesday we had another meet. Both girls and boys won! So happy! The girls dominated hardcore. Thursday was just like Monday, except for lunch. They had Hawiian style food. Ew, one thing is for sure, that was NOT Hawiian.....Friday came along and was just an overall good day. Dallin, McKay, and Colton came over to my house and chilled for about 2 hours. I kicked them out at about 9:30 because I had a huge meet the next morning. But of course, knowing boys, THEY WOULDN'T LEAVE! I just pushed them outside the door and locked it then went to bed. Hopefully they didn't like egg a house or something! Saturday morning. Woke up, raced and dropped a minute in my time! I was so happy! Mountain View got 4th overall as a whole school. We were a little bummed but IT WAS CONELLY! The schools here rank in the country! They were all mind-blowing good. After the meet, I came home and slept for about an hour, then Brittlyn came over. We got ready then went to Tempe Market Place with my mom, dad, and Rachel. We had sushi. Well, half of us did! I tried it and I thought it was DISGUSTING! Ewww! After eating at Kabuki, we went to buy me some running flats! I found thee sweetest one and was seriously bouncing off the walls excited! Saturday night, Brittlyn and I went to our friend Chloe's party. Now that party was LAAAAME. So we left and went to Paige's/Nate's. Good choice! We made thee funniest videos of man-kind! Came home at 11 and went STRAIGHT TO BED! Exhausted described me 100%. Not the funnest week/weekend ever, but that's ok! Life is good!
X's and O's,

For those of you who have NO IDEA what running flats are, they look like this. Regular running shoes weigh about 16-20oz, and running flats weigh about 2oz. They're so light, they drop about 15 seconds every mile you run. You only wearing these during races and they're only good for about 15-17 races. So, if you did the math, you need a new pair every season. Life as a runner gets exspensive ;) haha. Well, these are my flats and I love them so much. They are the sweetest things ever and I cannot wait to race in them next meet! HERE COMES ABBY CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS! Yeah!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who are we?!

Lady Saba-Cats!
Just ran our 3rd meet this morning and once again,
We will continue the tradition of being an undefeated team
and will add on the 9th year for the Lady Cats of Stapley XC.
Daaaaang is right!
We killed everyone at this last meet and beat the other teams by 25 points.
Our top 7 runners came in at 2,3,4,5,7,10, and 11. (I was 11th.)
Good job ladies! Your doin' steller!

Keep up the good work and lets kick some Taylor Butt next week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A weekend to remember....

So, I was doing something every second this weekend. Friday morning my mother left on a 3 day cruise. She comes back Monday. Friday evening, my friend Brittlyn came home with me! Super fun! Our friends Preston, Alex, Jake, Quinton, Beau and Kevin came over. We just chilled till 9 when I told them they had to go home because I had a meet the next morning. Brittlyn went with them for about an hour while I got ready for bed, then she came back over at 10 and slept over(: Hehe. Her dad had to go to this work thing out in Gilbert so she stayed the night! Saturday morning, I wake up at 5, got ready for the hardest meet of my life! Holy heavens, that golf course was ridiculously hard! The hills were even bigger than the meet before! I actually walked this meet, which was extremely embarrassing :/ awh well right.? It was the hardest course of the season though. I just wish it hadn't been so early on. It was only the 2nd race! After my meet, I came home and hung out with Brittlyn all day. It was fun I must say. Doing nothing and just relaxing feels so good every now and then! Saturday afternoon came along and Brittlyn and I were now bored. We wanted to do something! Soooooo, we found an old pair of shoes, wrote all over them and threw them up onto a telephone wire down North on Val Vista. Hahahaha it was so hilarious, I almost peed my pants! Dang, I love that girl. A few hours after that, we decided to call our friend Alyssa and go ice skating. So of course, we did and we had an absolute blast! We met up with our friend Connor there which was way exciting too!
After ice skating it was pretty late so we just decided to go home for the night. I was so extremly tired! Long day! Earlier that day I had dropped my phone in my water that I was drinking so I had let it dry out all day long. So I came home and decided to turn it on. I had a bigillion texts! One of which was devistating news! My best guy friend, Preston, had just been in a horrible car accident with some of my other friends. I started balling my eyes out thinking everyone was like gonna DIE or something, but everyone ended up being some what alright. Preston just had a huge goose egg on his forehead which was a serious relief! Quinton though, ended up staying in the hospital till 3 in the morning! I know, SCAREY! My other friend, Beau, his head hit the window of the car causing it to break and he had to get 6 staples in his head! AH! I was freaking out but everyone is ok and Preston, Brittlyn, Kelsey, I and Tiana made everyone cookies(: Wow, what an eventfull weekend. And that was just PART of it. Holy dang. This is a long blog. I guess Im just......busy?.....eventfull? Hahaha! Whatta weekend........

X's and O's,


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mountain View Cross Country Report.

So, as I told you before, I made the junior varsity team for Mountain View. Our first meet was on Saturday at the golf course behind Scottsdale Running Company. It was for sure the hardest race I've ever done. The hills were KILLER! And being only a freshman, almost everyone would pass you up. It was 3 miles long, so a mile longer than what my course usually is. And to add on another mile, it was also almost ALL uphill. It was so hard! Luckily, my coach, Hucklberry was there. He made me push through it, and if he wasn't there I probably wouldn't do as good as I did. I got a time of 27:19, yeah, not great I know. But Huck said for how flat we've been running, it was awesome! So, Im happy I guess. Well, theres your report for ya, next meet for JV is on Saturday. Next meet for Stapley is on Wednesday. SO EXCITED FOR BOTH!
X's and O's,

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Cross Country Meet!

Our first meet was on Wednesday the 10th and boy did we do good! Girls went home with 1st place, boys with 2nd. It was pretty much the funnest thing ever! I loved it! I placed 8th overall and there was about 80 or so girls my coach said. Two miles in the time of 14:33 :D I was so happy! Here are some pictures of the meet, hope you like them. Hopefully I will be getting pictures of my NEW team, Mountain View JV cross country! Yes, I made it! So exciting. I love cross country and I love ALL the girls on my team. We're gonna continue the 9th year of being a undefeated team for the ladycats of Stapley Junior High!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tryin' This!

Everyone I know seems to be getting blogs and I thought I would just have to try one! Schools almost into the 2nd month and I love being a freshman. I am totally overwhelmed with school though, being in photo club, student council, cross country, and my schools mascott is CRAZY! Too much on my plate is right....Its alright though, I love it all. Just trying to be happy and helpful and follow in my grandpa's footsteps. Miss you G-Paaaa.
X's and O's,