Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missionary Week

So this past week I have been promising to be a better poster & look at me. I'm already slacking again! I really am sorry. This time I have a very good and logical reason.
In seminary they have Missionary Week. Little did I know that it was more than wearing church clothes to school everyday. We had to be up by 6 AM every morning. We had to say prayers morning & night. We had to read scriptures for 30 minutes on our own! We weren't allowed to watch tv or look at any screen (computer, gameboy, etc.). We had to listen to church music or no muscic at all. NO EXCEPTIONS! You think Taylor Swift would be okay? No, church hymns only. We had to stay arms distance away from anyone of the opposite gender except our parents. High fives & shaking hands was okay. Hugging was forbidden! Also, we were not allowed to call or text anyone of the opposite gender, except our parents. I didn't realize how many more of my friends were guys instead of girls! It was so hard to not text my friends & ask them how they were. I totally was missing them alot. We had to be in bed by 10:30. We had to make our own meal & wash our own clothes.
You got to understand that cooking is the biggest challenge for me in life. If it requires and oven, its out of the question! I cannot make cookies without burning them! The dough, I can do. I can only make pasta and anything microwavable. I mean, if its some simple steamed vegetables, I cannot! I am thee worst cook on this planet! Once, I tried making rice crispies and SOMEHOW, they came out completely black! I dont even know how I did that! The meal part was definitely a HUGE challenge for me.
Along with all of those things, we had to bear our testimony to a non-member. We had to give a Book of Mormon to a non-member. We had to have a church discussion with a non-member and it couldn't happen at school! If you did that, you wouldn't get it counted onto your tally sheet. Proselyting at school is the biggest no-no! Our school wouldn't even let us wear church clothes like they let the kids last year. They said we were trying to force our religion on to people so we couldn't do it any longer. They also said we were mixing school & religion which we aren't allowed to do.
I managed to do most of these things and it turned out to be the most spiritual expierence I've had since EFY. I totally loved every minute. I listened to my favorite church song, 'The Olive Tree' every night and had tears rolling down my face. It was extremley humbling! I felt my grandpa with me every step of the way. I really miss him sometimes.
I am so greatful we have missionaries in our world. They do so much for the ones who can't. I am so greatful my grandpa & grandma Funk got to go on a mission together before my grandpa passed because that must've been amazing! I am definitely looking forward to serving a mission with my husband once I get older in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a testimony of this church and I love it very much!
love love,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slacking Majorly?!

I have been the biggest slacker on my blog EVER! I am so sorry! I almost forgot my little blog even exsisted. But as you know, about 2 weeks ago, I had my birthday! It was totally awesome and I loved it. That was definitely a good day. These past few weeks I have been busy planning & etc. Alex Tanner, my bestfriend, came up to Utah with me last week for President's Day and BOY WAS THAT FUN!
We got carameled apples everyday from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I taught her how to ski! We got her down the whole mountain 3 times! haha, I know it doesn't seem like much at all, but its scarey when you've never skiied before! We also had so much fun hanging out at the clubhouse. We usually got lunch there, delish! We basically had the most drama-free, relaxing weekend ever! It was so nice to just get away from school and friends. Some times, we teenagers just need a break.
While we were up there we also saw my friends Clave & Griffin. I usually see Griffin ever time I come up but I haven't seen Clave in years! He used to live in Arizona with Griffin, but then they both moved. Clave lives in California and is an awesome surfer! Not to mention, he's a freakin' stud! Griffin and Alex are really good friends now & I talk to Clave alot. I love those boys! They are so funny! We went to dinner with them, and I was just CONSTANTLY laughing! Griffin says to most random things that are just absolutely hilarious! I am so happy he's my best guy friend. Its just a bummer he lives so far. I get to see him alot though...I am blessed.

Lately school has been so busy! I have been working on this monstrous project with my friend Madi Whiteman. Its this huge powerpoint & we have to talk about the guy for 6 minutes each. That's alot of information we have to know. We aren't allowed to even read of the screen! Pretty sure Dale Goodman gives out some wickedly hard assignments!
This Friday, I went and hung out with some of the girls on the track team. We we're planning on playing 007, but plans changed and we went party hopping! We went to our friend Tate's house for about 5 minutes, but it wasn't fun at all. We ended up walking over to this neighborhood where a 7th grader was throwing a MASSIVE party! I mean, HUGE! He like had two ENORMOUS jumpy things, bigger than I've ever seen! Easily could hold 20 kids at once. Then, he had a strobe light with a fog machine on the tennis court. He had a DJ playing music too. It was insane! We never through parties like that when I was in 7th grade! Basically, every teenager, no matter how old, showed up to that party & it was so fun!
When I was at that party for the little 7th grader, his friends came up to me & asked for me. I walked over to the birthday boy, Cody & told him happy birthday. Then he asked for his present & I felt so terribley bad because I didn't get him anything! Haha, he asked for a kiss. So of course, I gave him a little peck to the cheek. He was all blushy! Cutest kid ever. I hope he had a good birthday!

Yesterday, my friend Preston came over & I buzzed his head! He has the cutest hair known to man, and he is the cutest boy ever but he wanted to rebel & shave his head. Just like every other boy out ended up looking super good! But little did I know, he didn't ask his mom! She still loves me though(: At least, thats what she said...haha it'll grow back right?!

Well, Im sorry I've been so busy! I'll try to get into my posting mode again. Its like Im forgetting to write in my journal. Not good!
love love,
p.s. Preston is in the white bandana. Heres a picture of him before we buzzed his hair, during, and after. He's a cutie & he looks super good with either hair style. I love you Preston!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Latest...

Sorry I haven't been posting lately.
I've been so busy with school & skiing!
I have been having such a great time in life, I haven't been able to post.

I love shreddin' the gnarski!
In Utah with Alex Tanner, the whole family, & the Nichols.
Basically, livin' the life!
love love,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Birthday!

This year, I realized it wasn't about the gifts and the cake. But this year wasn't like most years. I got 30 texts from 30 DIFFERENT people telling me happy birthday & that they loved me! It was the best gift I got the whole day. Seriously, it made me smile every time I got another new text. I am so blessed to have so many close friends. I don't show how grateful I am usually because there is no way I could prove to those people how much they mean to me. My friends influence my life so much & I am SO lucky they set a positive example. They got me where I am today & I have never been happier!
My birthday was spent with my closest friend; my mom, my dad, grandma funk, & Brittlyn. We all went out to dinner and enjoyed the company of one another. It was awesome! My grandma gave me this adorable treasure box with 45 new gold dollars in it (which look WAY to cool to spend.) My parents got me a digital camera, a hair cut, and a few clothing items from blossom. I was really happy with everything I got, but having so many people tell me they loved me made my day over ANY gift.
I walked throught the halls yesterday and recieved so many hugs from so many great kids! I even got a hug from one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Goodman. He's such a great guy & teacher! Every time I walked through the halls, a few different people from before would tell me happy birthday. I dont know how to tell you how awesome that makes me feel! Every person who said wasn't fake about it either. They were real & sincere.
Each person who told me happy birthday, I tried to think of a few good things about each person. I got to alot of good things all together throughout the day. The kids at Stapley are awesome & I am SO blessed to have so many awesome friends! Overall, I just had an awesome day. I love my friends & my family. Thank you for supporting, helping, loving, enjoying, and caring for me. It means more than you'll ever know!
love love,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthday Photoshoot!

So this whole weekend I have been suffering with a horrible cold. I missed school on Friday it was so bad. Missing school in the Tucker house happens like once in a blue moon! I have had a super high fever, sore back (to the point where I couldn't move), lots of coughing, & a gnarley sore throat. Everyone at my school has been super sick. On Thursday, there were only 17 kids in class when we normally have 30. Talk about difference in attendance!
Now that Im finally getting back to normal & healthy again, I had my birthday photoshoot on Saturday. SO fun and all the pictures turned out so cute! My mom let me use her nice camera which made the pictures turn out that much better. Everyone wore a different colored v-neck & jeans. My two, number one, best friends had to bail out though. Alex got SO sick that she had to go to the doctor and Brittlyn went up to her Grandma's Ranch to have a little family reunion.

Here are some of my favorite pictures! Gotta love my women.Kelsey Freeman is in the red. In the past year Kelsey has transformed into the goddess who is such a fun girl to be around!
Ally Taylor is in the turquoise and she is my spunky twin who I wouldn't trade for anyone!
Madi Whiteman is in the baby blue. She gets all my jokes and shares the most inside jokes with me out of EVERYONE I know. Gotta love Whitegirl!
Mackenzie Skousen is in the purple. I've known Mack-Daddy since birth. We've rocked each others' world's by being there for each other every day we've needed each other. We will be life long friends, no doubt.

All I gotta say is, I AM BLESSED.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Night

I don't care about the Superbowl at all.
And I don't even care about it this year, even when my home state is in it for the first time.
Yeah, its a bummer the Cards lost, but congrats for all you Steelers fans! Not to bring a damper, but I knew the Cardinals weren't gonna win & that is the honest truth!

Tonight, my family & I went over to my dad's uncle Jaron's house. Love their house! It is beautiful! Megan, Nug & I hung out most of the time & we ate alot of junk food! I gotta make sure I brush my teeth extremley hard tonight. But every time I go to the Norbergs, I gotta be super careful because they have a cat which I am allergic too. I always forget about it till I see & I did see it tonight!
For most of the night, I layed on the floor because my back has been hurting & it was definitely better to lay on the ground then sit up in a chair. I forgot that not only do humans walk in that ground, BUT SO DOES THE CAT!
I left the Norbergs around 8 & walked out with a blood-shot eye that constantly had tears pouring down it. It burns & itches so bad! Now I have a runny nose.

I cannot tell you how much I am NOT a cat person. I don't like them one bit. Bein' allergic just adds onto me not liking them more. But even if I wasn't allergic, I still don't think I could stand them!
Overall, I loved spending time with my cousins! I miss them. I haven't been around them in forever so it was really nice. Good job Cardinals, it was close.
love love,

P.S. 9 Days!