Sunday, November 29, 2009

I make it RAIN!

.................................not really. I wish i could. people in places like Chicago, or Forks (Twilight Fans) say that you get sick of the rain. well people in Arizona don't say you get sick of the sunshine. So I doubt that getting sick of the rain is even possible. i wish it rained everyday for hours. i love it so much. ah!
too bad Brooklyn left before the sunny pourage came!

today is Alyssa Ferguson's day. her day of birth. One of my very best friends. I will write another, longer post about her. but for now, i'd just like to wish her a happy 16th birthday. Thanks for being a great friend to me. I love you more than words can describe. Best friends forever.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trott

Truth: I was totally dreading getting up for this stupid race, but i totally regret that now. I stayed out late last night & was hoping i could just sleep through it like Brooklyn did. but somehow, I got up. i dont know why, i just did..
Anyways. this post isn't going to be super long but...I WON MY AGE DIVISION IN THE TURKEY TROTT! 10k baby! 6 miles.

yes, i have a whole turkey all to myself. booooooyah! sorry, i say that alot.
I left before awards were given, but luckily my cross country friends stook around. I won my age group--1st place. its weird because i honestly wasn't going very hard whatsoever. 9minute miles..ha! Not fast at all. but I am so so so happy.
i was dreading it & now i wanna do it all over again!


Monday, November 23, 2009


My sister surprised our family last night & came home from BYU! she was supposed to come home on wednesday, but she surprised us. it was awesome. Enogh said.
So last weekend I through one of my best friends a surprise party. Alyssa Andrews Ferguson. she didn't know a ton of the people there because she just switched schools this year & i dont know anyone who goes to her school, but she was happy. it was definitely a hit. Lots of people came. Chilled in the chilly az weather. it was great.
all i really have to say is that my life is going incredibley good right now. I can't think of one thing to complain about. except im getting taller & all of my jeans are becoming too short. it sucks that i grow this much, wah. I guess i should look at is at a blessing? hmm. i dunno.
cross is back for the winter. We started winter mileage today actually. I felt really sick halfway through. its finnnnnne, i just went through it. I took a break from cross & physical activity for a little while. then when I ran today, i realized i missed it a ton.
It felt good to move my legs like that. i hadn't in so long. I am so pumped for Footlocker invitational. Yes, I am going to california to run in nationals--thank you very much! pretty much stoked & that's the only word that can describe my feelings about it. We race on the 5th of december. in the morning. After our meet, we spend the day at knott's berry farm which i have never been too! That should be good. everyone loves that place. literally, I am so excited to just run away with my team. I am so close with these people, you have no idea.
anyways, my life is good. Thanksgiving this weekend! I cannot wait to stuff my face & then run it all off. it's gonna great absolutely awesome. Tucker family reunion all weekend. haven't seen that side of the family in awhile so I am looking forward to it.

oh yeeeeeeah, & im totally, 100% team Jacob<3

Saturday, November 21, 2009

little Letters

Dear iTunes,
i miss you so badly. i haven't updated my ipod in,
literally, 5 & 1/5 months. i wish you didn't cost so much.

Dear brittlyn,
come home already. grr. gilbert isn't even cool.
you said so yourself! i miss you more than you could ever know!

Dear brooklyn,
are you having so much fun without me? i bet.
why dont you just hurry your little rump home for thanksgiving already.
we miss you. I MISS YOU! ah dang girl...

Dear lake,
i want to swim in you so bad. i want to learn to
wakeboard on you...even though chances are; it'll never happen.
i hate how you get so cold. dumb.

Dear deer valley house,
make snow. faster. hurry up. i want to ski! like now.

Dear Stapley,
believe it or not, i miss you so bad.
Everything there was so awesome.
i love mountain view too, but you were great to me.
Everyone was so close. I miss it.

Dear recess,
the only break we get at school is lunch.
definitely not enough..

Dear mini cooper,
although you always belonged to brooklyn,
I wish you would come back to us. you were so cute.
what am i kidding? You ARE so cute. I see your siblings all the time.
none are as cute as you are. love you tons.

Dear deisel,
you were kind of really smelly. and you slobbered alot.
but I didnt care. I liked you. i loved you. You were a great dog.
I miss when you would bark at the corner of the pool...ha.

Dear Grandpa,
I feel you everyday. Just know i miss you & love you
more than i've ever loved anyone. You were the greatest
man that's ever lived. I love you.

Dear pool,
Even though i could technically swim in you whenever,
i dont. you are too cold. i wish it would get warm so i could
lay out next to you & catch arizona's beautiful rays.

Dear Soda,
cross season is back on. You are such a temptation.
Im sorry, but we. are. over.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Sissy La La

Brooklyn Tucker is my sister as, Im assuming, most of you know. I've never really blogged about her I think. i think its time i change that...
Anyways! Basically, i just got off the phone with my sister after having an hour & a half long conversation. i felt like i was the only one talking, but i didn't care. She likes listening to me. She is always my friend. I mean always.
When she's the angriest, its usually from me. No matter what though, she loves me. She tells me that everyday. she doesn't care about anything that comes between us as long as we work it out in the end.
She doesn't even know how big of a role model she is to me. She is so awesome. That's basically the only word that comes close to how amazing she is. She's beautiful. She's smart. She's friendly. She's not dramatic. She's not judgmental. She's witty & clever. She's so funny! she can literally turn the most uncommical thing into the most hilarious thing ever. every time i talk to her, I end up laughing my problems away. She's a person you can always count on. no matter how close you are to Brooklyn, you can count on her. She might be a procrastinator, but she isn't flakey. She's trustworthy. Yes, i trust my sister. with everything. I used to not & i can't lie about it...but she understands me. She's willing to listen to the good & the bad. Like i said, she is NOT flakey. She has the best intentions even though it might not come off that way. People say we're very similar but there is no way i could ever be as good of a person as her.

Some of the worst fights i've ever been in are with her. the thing is, she & I cannot stay mad at each other. Although i've disappointed her more than once, i can honestly only one time i was completely disappointed in her. Now i've forgiven her because I dont judge people based on their mistakes. that is not my job. Brooklyn taught me that a long time ago when one of the cheerleaders at our school got pregnant at 16...just because she made a mistake does not mean she is a stupid girl.
I've learned so much from my older sister. she's taught me more than probably all of my friends put together. yes, i am serious right now. I look up to Brooklyn so much. Does she know? probably not. She is perfectly imperfect.

I thought I'd post about her to let her know how much she means to me. she is my very best friend. Even though she is hundreds of miles away, we are closer than ever. we tell each other everything basically. We make a good team & there is no doubt about it...
I miss you Brooky. I hope college is going well for you. thank you for teaching me how to be happy & worthy. I love you sissy. cannot wait to see you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo Shmoto

I take photography at school. Honestly, every photographer thinks their stuff is the greatest. i can't say i disagree. but mark mabry is my all time idol! His Reflections of Christ shoot is amazing. not only did I get to see his amazing exhibit, but Clyde Bawden, the music director of it all, is in my ward. We had a discussion from Mark & music by Clyde. yes, i am in love love love love love love with both of their work. it inspired me. Really. Mark told us his journey about how he changed so his pictures would come out right. he told us he tries to capture emotion in every shot he took.
I listened to everything he said that night probably more than the rest of the congregation. photo=my lyyyyyyyfe.
here are some shots that i took for my photo class. We were supposed to be capturing motion. then we had to make it look simple, therefore the black & white. I definitely have more than this. like i've mentioned, i go to TOWN with my camera, but here is some of my ultimate favs. thank you desert devlis gymnasts! I cannot wait to shoot you in the competition season.

ps-sorry they arent enlarging when you click on them like they're supposed to.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I understand there will be rumors in the world all the time...but especially in high school, they never end. it feels like the rumors get more & more untrue the farther they get around. its way not cool. People need to stop saying things that they are unsure of being true...Its redonk. I hear the most crrrrrazy stuff these days!
im so over high school right now...i wish i was at college with my sister. she's havin' the time of her life. without me. its awesome. pysch! Miss her more than anything.
ps-i got my patriarchal blessing yesterday. Definition of amazing, seriously!
oh, oh, oh! annnnnd I discovered that basically half of my high school reads my blog. what the? cool? sure thing.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Warrior

As a teenager in high school, weekends are what i live for. now that cross is over, i go to all the football games & cheer on basically every football player out there. although i sit in the totally lame-no school spirited-sophomore section now, i so mehow always almost loose my voice. I've never sat with the sophomores or even out of the bull pen until about 2 weeks ago. im sorry guys, but our sextion is LAME! so lame that i leave before 1st quarter is over to sit in the bull pen. yeah...losers. we gotta change that for next year.
For those of you who have no idea what the bull pen is, its a student section at our high school in the bleachers. basically, its filled with loud teenagers who usually dont sit down during the game. usually. Half of the time they are taking pictures of how silly they look or are eating food from the concession stand. Most of these cheerful students are in red. Our school color. or some just buy blow horns. you know...obnoxious basically.
Yeah well...i actually like sitting in that section. its a million trillion times better where i sit now. hate hate hate the sophomore section. i am a squashmore, i should love it. yet...i hate it. with a passion. why do you come to the games to not cheer for our team? like not cool. be happy while you're there. if you say "Why did i come to this stupid thing?" then you know you shouldnt be there. Obviously you had a choice to come. its not like anyone forced you. so be a good supporter & cheer for our team. not boo them when they mess up. seriously guys...
Usually after the games are over, someone has a house party going on. everyone (no matter what your grade) heads over to these parties. Usually everyone just stands around & talks. Every now & then there is music. but usually just talking.
Once everyone gets bored of the parties, after stopping by all 5 to see which one has the best food, they stop by the local sonic. EVERYONE stops by at least once on the weekend. another thing every teenager does, is say how lame it is to go hang out at Sonic. YET THEY ALL DO IT! its fine. whateva.
Saturdays are usually spent cleaning so your parents let you go out. apparently im not the only one who totally sucks up to my parents on saturdays...After you've done your fair share of cleaning, its a repeat of party hopping & seeing friends. You never really have a set plan of what your night is going to have take place, but it always ends up super fun!
With sonic in your hand, music blaring out the windows, & my girliefriends by my side, my weekend is complete.
im not hard to really. i am easy to make happy. i rarely am bored. my girls & i can sit & talk for hours without doing anything & be perfectly happy.
My life is good. its simple--for the most part. I live for the weekends, because they're the only relief i get.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Sidebar Women'

i dont know if anyone has noticed, but my side bar has a few pictures of some very important women in my life. Alden is at the bottom of the side bar & he's obviously not a girl........but lets focus on the point right now.
The girls on the side bar are my best friends. Yes, i do have alot of people i call 'best friends' but these are the true ones. my home girls. my sisters seperated at birth. my go-tos. my chicks. whatever you call them, they got my back.
They aren't in any particular order, but they all do something different for me. overall--they're the best people i know!

First we have baby Brittlyn. She's been my best friend for about 3 years. she & i laugh about everything. literally. we've been through the good & the bad together. she likes me no matter what. Although it takes alot for her to stick up for herself, let alone others, she always manages to stick up for me! Always. she is so funny & cute. everyone loves her. its hard to not want to be around her because she's just an innocient lil' cutie. Brittlyn is a huge blessing in my life. I thank God for her everyday. She's my 'Papo!'

Now we have dearest Kami Johnson. yessss, she's the girl all the boys want. literally. She's a goddess at Mountain View & my parents love her so much, so do i. she is the sweetest ever. her & i have never faught. i can nevvvvvver stay mad at her. Even when she messes up, i still love her. She relates to me on alot of levels. now that is something you don't find very often. she understands where i come from alot of the time. and yes, i dig that. Some times we are complete opposites too, but that's ok. she brings me back into reality alot of the time! we call each other Sister sally. Kinda retarded, but what can i say? its too hard to say no to Kami J.

Wow. Where do i begin with this hoodlum? The next girl is Madison Shannon Whiteman. or whitegirl. I call her that alot. basically madi is the most bipolar person i know. Its fine...she knows it. she wants to do one thing this minute & the complete opposite the next. she never knows what she wants. so im always guessing with her. madi has an edge. I dig that too. She's clever & witty. hasn't kissed a boy. Beautiful beyond imagine. When she applies herself, she's so smart. Not kiddin'. besides that, she's good at everything! she does gymnastics which is probaly the most rad sport ever. She's a beast. so strong. so sexy. we have some pretty awesomely crazy times together. I mean...madi & i are CRRRRRAZY when we are together. love my superstarSWAGGER.

Dearest Emily...I know i've said everyone makes me laugh, but i literally roll on the floor laughing when i talk to this girl. She is so funny! When she's in a good mood, she goes to town. No one can be sad around her. she is stunning. 'nuff said. she makes me happy when i am sad. she knows how to make me hyper & fun. she laughs at my jokes all the time. She understands my sarcasm. Most of all, she knows how to be there for me. whenever Im sad, emily knows. Usually i just get random texts from her saying she loves me. somehow she knows when im having a bad day. its like she reads minds. its insane! She's the 'mom' of the group. Always watching out for us. so chill e-glaus. so chill!

last but certainly not least is the infamous Fergie. this is Alyssa Ferguson. We've had our ups & downs as friends, but ever since high school, we've been closer than ever. She means the world to me & im not sure she knows that. she is so funny! I mean so funny. her & her mom are probably some of the funniest people i've ever met. Anyone who walks into their house expects a good laugh & trust'll get it. Along with kami, alyssa understands me alot. she's been through alot which makes it easier for her to relate to alot of my 'problems.' You almost never see this little chicky without a smile. Even when she's totally breaking down inside, she'll do whatever it takes to make the other person happy. she is constantly putting others before herself. she is always on my side...even when Im wrong. I've prayed so hard & long to find someone like that. Now i have. she is amazing.

I just want you girls to know that you do mean the world & more to me. each of you set amazing examples for me all the time! not kidding. i look up to each & every one of you so super duper much. i dont know how i could ever repay you guys for the things you've done for me. but know that i am blessed to have you in my life. You are so awesome to me. I could never ask for a better crew. You guys are all BEAUTIFUL! i love each & everyone of you more than words can describe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The DL

you want the down low? 'cause if you didn't know what DL stood for, its down low. anywaaaaaaays! Today we had school off because of Veterans Day. I mean, i would've probably rather had a monday of a friday off...but its nbd.
So i've been doing alot of stuff recently! Im back in cross--yes the season is not technically over. I have an opportunity to drive to california with my team & run in nationals. do i want it bad? HECK YES I DO! these next 4 weeks have a busy training schedule. I can just say im going to be mad if my parents don't make their decision about me going until last minute...because that means 4 weeks of training for nothin'. week one: ultimate frisbee. i know what some of you are thinking--there is no way this is a cross country workout, well yes it is. every time someone scores, you have to sprint a lap on the track. its gets so tiring! week two: half frisbee, half running. week three: intense! intense! intense! intense! training. and yes, the intense part NEEDS to be emphisized. week four: regular training, then slowly but surely recover. big race the following weekend. ah! Sounds like a dang good 4 weeks.
Im slooooowly but surely starting my 10-hour project. Im tieing (tying?) blankets for the humaitarian center. lots & lots of blankets. its cutie for sure though. i will be so happy once this project is finished, ha. woops?
Something else? I've been doing alot of hanging out with friends recently. I basically make a new friend every week. its awesome! dallin & i are still close, but his football is getting in the way. grrr. i've been hanging out with one of my bff's alot lately. Madison Shannon Whitegirl. She's a total babe machine. she makes me so happy. her & kami are seriously my go-to people now that brooklyn is gone.
ok! just remembered something totally funny. Ok, so i am not super good at volleyball. ok, ok, ok. Im not going to lie, im pretty darn horrible actually. Going to volleyball for young women's has never been my thing. my mom doesnt make me go even though she's in young women's. yes, i am that bad. Anywho! I went to Falcon Field (for those of you who know Mesa) and played with all of my new senior friends. This means i was playing with: Tyler Johnson, Jake Cooley, Jenna Allen, Reece Scurr, Courtney somethin', Andrew Hollis, Trevor Larsen, Jordan MclCllen, Jessica Glauser, Lauren Reynolds, Tyson Lane, etc. Most of the boys who were here play for mountain view's volleyball team. so yes, it gets ultra competitive. I was on Trevor, Jake, Tyson, David, & Lauren's team. Basically--bad idea. the boys gave me the nick name 'black hole'. Every time it would come near me, it would either hit the sand because i thought it was going to hit my face & would dodge it, or it would get hit totally 100 miles away. behind us. as in...not over the net. embarrassing? forsurrrrre. it was such a bummer because our team suffered in the tournament this week. Lauren & I were basically the biggest lost 'causes they've seen. awh, whatevs. it was fun. Jake wore his diaper from halloween. most hilarious thing ever! we had a team cheer for when we did score (WHICH DID HAPPEN! some times) and everyone would jump up & stick their butt in the center & yell "ACCCCCCE!" hah, good times playing volleyball. I will definitely be there next week kiddos.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh it is LOVE

there are very few times when i find a whole cd album that i absolutely love every songon it. i'm RARELY happens! Need less to say, the times it does happen make me very very happy.

i absolutely love the Black Eyed Peas-The E.N.D. album. So so so so good. Rachel, my mom, & I bought it on our way up to Cali in the summer time. on our way to the beach house. While we were there, micheal jackson we ended up listening to him on the way home. but the way there was totally occupied by BEP. LOVE THEM!
another? i absolutely envy my mom & Brooklyn for getting to go to their concert. They went to there concert i believe...a year ago? COLDPLAY! Ah! The viva la vida album=awesome. they are truly inspiring. they can totally change my mood. although the majority of their songs are slow or chill, i still manage to dance to them. i love to dance--its a big part of me. but serious, i love them. i want to meet Chris Martin. Then marry him.
Last, but definitely not least. They've become super popular recently, but XM radio top 20 on 20 wasn't who introduced me to them. It was my friend Jake Jarvis. he always listens to good music. usually alternative. he likes techno also. ps-techno is my lyfe. Anyways, its the band called Owl City. i am obsessed with their Ocean Eyes album. they are so awesome! forrealz. every time they're on, i recognize their voice & everrrrraythang. I look them up on youtube basically everyday. i listen over & over & over. No matter what: they put me in a good mood.

I love music. you rarely come into my house without playing. every time our family has dish night, which is usually Sunday, we just put on 20 & 20 & dance around the kitchen. seriously, one of our families bonding expeirences. Although my sister brooklyn has been up in Utah & i no longer get to have dp's (dance parties) in my bathroom with her, i still constantly dance around my bathroom with my friends. Its for sure not the same without my sister though...
But really, music is awesome. I love it. could never live without it.

ps: i dare you to listen to all 3 of these bands. you might fall in love. more than 90% chance you will...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Too cool for words

Wow, why the heck is my mom so dang awesome? She just did another ironman today. like she's seriously superwoman. Not only did she do it, but she pr'ed. BY 40 MINUTES! so steller mum--serious. Honestly, you have set an awesome example for me. I train because i want to be like you some day. you are my inspiration, thank you for that.
OH EM GEE! BROOKLYN CAME HOME TODAY! yes, i was frrrrrrrrrrreaking out before she got here & basically jumped on her once she walked in the door. She is so happy & so nice & so cute & i've missed her so dang much, geez. Although she has completely lost her tan, she's still a total babe machine. Poor baby has a suuuuuper congested head. her ears havent popped since she was in Utah & now she's in tonz of pain. major major sad face :(
Anywho! My parents fly home this evening, so we'll see them. it'll be happy for sure! I've missed them & i wanna hear all the deets about my mom's race.
something else that's so cool? My cousin Dallin Funk. I've been hanging out with him pretty much everyday this week. he is so awesome. i love him so much. we've become super close & i am definitely enjoying it! I mean...its not a bad thing his friends are cute right? ;)
my life is good right now. I really just need to relax. Im still stressed, but its slowly going away. I just need to take it easy for awhile.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Alden,

I miss you a ton. i hope everything on your mission is going good. Im not quite sure when you get to leave the MTC, but i hope it was an awesome expeirence. Our cali trip is just less than 2 years away! You are awesome. I, along with Claire & Heavenly Father love you.

ps. I am almost done with my letter!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NO MORE. Puuuuuhlease!

I know Heavenly Father has blessed me with a body that is hard to get fat, but im getting taken over. I eat so unhealthy. im broken out. i feel sick. i get headaches. i dont get enough sleep. basically, i am stressed out beyond belief.
this may sound absolutely ridiculous, but i was so stressed, i didnt eat lunch yesterday. Why do some people have to be so much more awesome at you in everything?
I would pay people to just let me win some forreal. I am sick & tired of loosing. its stressing me out. when i get stressed out, it usually stresses my friends out. my feelings are contagious--sorry?
but really i need to stop eating so much junk. yeah, it was just halloween...but who cares? but think about it...halloween is basically the first holiday (even though its not technically a real holiday) to the holiday season. its only going to get worse from here! I mean, arent i supposed to be able to look & candy & say no? yeah right. i definitely cannot pass up a good reeses'.
The point is...i am stressed. my stress is taking over my life. someone please tell me desserts isnt the only answer to cure this. 'cause im dying here!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

This bites...

being grounded sucks. i was grounded on halloween & i was totally bummed the whole night. i kept getting picture messages, or texts, of what my friends were dressed up as, how many parties they were going to, what scarey movies they were going to watch...seriously, it sucked.
I was stuck at home going back & forth from facebook to the tv. About ready to kill myself, not really.
the even more worse part was, my friends prrrrrrrrrrrrrrromised they would come & visit me. guess what! none of them did. except Tyler. he remembered! Thanks man. but seriously, i just posted about how awesome my friends were & how they're always there for me...and this is what they do?! leave me alone on Halloween...sad face.