Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the Countdown BEGINS!

that's right...10 days till ATuck is 16!
& 11 till i can drive!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Being 3rd Wheel.

I'm not entirely sure that everyone knows what being the 3rd wheel means, so i'll just clarify it for ya. Being 3rd wheel is hanging out with a bunch of couples, then being the only one there who doesn't have a someone. example-Someone says, "come over to watch a movie tonight!" and you say, "OKAY!" then you go over & everyone is cuddling with someone, minus you.
It's really awesome. wait, joke. I hate it. It's not like i need someone to cuddle with, but being third wheel like that? that's been my life ever since christmas break ended. Just going from being this couples third wheel to another.
I guess i should look at it as a blessing because it's definitely keeping ME away from temptation, but some times it just gets old. The worst is watching people kiss. UGH! i cannot take it. I have to leave the room because i just get so grossed out. Sorry for people who think pda isn't their issue, but it almost always is. PDA=public display of affection.

back to the point...i think i should look at being 3rd wheel most as a blessing rather than a chore. i love my friends. i get most of them together i should just stop complaining.
there happy. i'm happy.
I love my friends. I just can't wait till i'm 16 so i don't have to be 3rd wheel anymore. YAAAAAY! 11 more days! life is good.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So here's the dealio, ya feeeelio. I went over to monson's house today for early release with mindy. yeah, i know...i'm always with them. i love it. anyways, i went over today & we watched a movie. ate some snacks. played video games. i got to be the 3rd wheel, as always. it's my job. but then we wrestled & i was freakin' bomb. even though mindy & monson decided to gang up on me, i pwn'd. obviously. But it wore me out. like a ton. After about 15 minutes of wrestling, i totally crashed. on the floor. at Monsoon's house. ps-i call him monsoon, too.
but yes. legit. i fell asleep on his basement floor. for an hour! apparently i slept talked?! i dunno. but this just goes to show how comfortable i am at their house. also, i love his family. they're awesome! seriouslyyyyy. His brother Cannon, who's 14 TOMORROW is the sweetest boy ever. I totally have a crush on him. it's no big deal.

Anywhoooooooo. life is good. I'm getting better at track. I'm working my butt off with school work & my birthday is in exactly 2 weeks, today! Also, i did baptisms for the dead & felt awesome. Knowing that i'm worthy to be in the temple is the best feeling in the whole world. I reread my patriarchal blessing last night & i love it. Some times i forget about it, but then i just read it again.
Sadies is almost finalized, woo! stoked for it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

17 Days!

I'll be 16 in 17 days! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
I'm freaking out. Like so ridiculously pumped, it's insane.
On my birthday, I'm going on a group date with a few of my closest girliefriends. One being my best friend, Mindy Marsh. ps, we have the same birthday. nbd. But we aren't entirely sure what we're doing? We just have to find each other dates. But yes, i got her the perfect & dream date. Yeeeeeah, I know. I'm the best bestfriend ever. Oh & does anyone have any cool suggestions for dates? Hmm. We need some.
Hmm. ANYWAYS! besides that this weekend was probably the worst one of my whole entire life, getting your heartbroken sucks, I realized how amazing my friends are. Again. Yeah, what's new right?
But seriously. monson & mindy are the best best friends anyone could ask for. no joke. Having friday be the worst day ever, made me realize how much they really are there for me. When i cry, mindy hugs me & monson sits on. I know what you're thinking--Sits on me?--Yes. It's true. that's how i know monson's being there without saying anything. He's a sweetie pie. He's a boy so he says it makes him really sad to see girls cry & he doesn't know what to say. So he says the way he's showing he's there for me, is sitting on me. And i like it because i don't really like it when people repeat those 2, stupid words, that don't even help: "I'm sorry."
Seriously, those are stupid words when you're crying. Or the classic: "Are you okay?" well of course not if i'm crying my eyeballs out! DUH!
Ok, well back to the point of this post, i'll be 16 in 17 days! Like legit 16 years old. That's 4 less than 20. Woo!
I am so freakin' excited! I get my license the day after, on the 11th, assuming i'll pass with flying colors. But how big is that?! ATuck is ALMOST 16!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Post 142.

it has been raining non-stop. which means it's probably been snowing non-stop in utah. deer valley reported 8 inches of snow last night! like i'm dying. that's SO much snow! bah. i love the rain more i think. i like everything being wet rather than icy & cold. it's prettier to me. anyways! it's been raining all day long. one of the first times, out of all my life, arizona's rain was random little showers. It's actually started last night & hasn't stopped all day.
LOVING IT! not kidding.
it smells good & i don't care looking bad one bit.
I had an excuse to look gross at school today & i loved that. shhh, don't tell anyone, but i hate getting ready even though i usually do it everyday.
i went to track this afternoon & YES, we ran in the rain & the wind. it wasn't as cold as it looked, but it was definitely nippy. i ran on the mud side of the canal with monson, (who i gotta tell you about) and my friend jon lemaire-the-bear. that's what we call him at least. but it was so fun! we did run extremely slow, but slipping all over the place & becoming drenched was awwwwwesome. I finished my run & looked in the parked cars at school...mud had gotten all the way to my cheeks on my face. no joke. it was an insane mud fest to say the least!
but my hair has been looking like this:
It's been absolutely crazy & i can't help it. ps-i didn't cut my hair off, it's in a pony tail.

ok, ok, ok. so recently i've become amazing friends with this boy named monson cowley. he is seriously the best guy friend i've ever had my whole entire life. i just want to let everyone know: NO, we DON'T like each other. got it? anyways, he's just super cool. he's a good kid & makes me a better one. i really love him a lot. like a brother or pet gold fish. he makes me happy when i'm sad. also, he likes one of my girl bestfriends! it's seriously a match made in heaven. my best friends like each other. so yesh, ATuck's best friend list just recieved an 8th member. i think he'll stay the longest out of them all though...sorry ladies. boys are way less dramatic. overall, monson is an amazing kid. i have never heard one bad thing about him & i don't think i ever will.
wanna hear how awesome he is? we got tped while we were in utah this last weekend & my mom offered to pay one of my friends to go pick it up before we got home & guess what. monson did it! he went over there & cleaned out the trees for hours. although some awesome people in the ward did everything minus the trees, thanks ps! isn't that just awesome of him!? if you've seen my house after it gets tped, it takes hours to get out of the trees. no exaggeration, it's nuts. oh, did i mention monson REFUSED to get paid for it? seriously awesome. he calls me his best friend back & i just love it! even though i'm kind of a freak, he accepts me. i couldn't have been more blessed to receive an another amazzzzzzzing friend. Love you 'tom kris paul'.

Monday, January 18, 2010


my family spends most of their vacations in utah, as if you didn't know. We're up here all the time. Winter mostly, summer 2nd. In the summer, we mountain bike & go to the clubhouse. In the winter, we ski. ALL DAY LONG!
If it's cold we come inside & warm up by the fire. Definitely luxury.
ANYWAYS! today is stormed with snow. You know what that means? POWDER. I usually don't get up early while i'm up here, but I got up early today. GOOD THING! Because it's freakin' snowing. A ton.
Being the first ones out on the run is seriously the biggest thrill i've ever gotten!
I haven't been the maker of first tracks since last season. I forgot how amazing it feels! When you get to the top of the run, you don't see anyone. Totally bare. NO ONE. then you go flying down & you're the one who chooses where to ski. there isn't any previous tracks because YOU'RE the first ones out there. AH! you glide so smoothly without 'cutting the edge.' There isn't any way you are obligated to go. you can choose! the run doesn't choose for you.
it seriously is like flying.
ah, i love being the first tracks of the day<3

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm assuming most of you, both in mtn view high school or not, have gotten the forward that contains a picture of my sister, Rachel's abs. If you have, you know it looks like this:
Anywho, i know most of you think that it's all photoshop or what not, but it's not! 100% real, rock hard abs. They seriously put Taylor Lautner's to shame. Yes, I believe they are that ridiculous. rachel is buff & looks good with it. She has the most rockin' bod i have ever seen. She isn't grossly buff though, so don't get that idea.
My point:
You're probably wondering why i'm bringing this up & here's the reason. My abs hurt so bad! I'm a distance runner on my track team & we have to turn in mileage sheets. it's just so our coach knows how we're feeling & he's keeping up with our running. Nothing hard to do, you just write how long you went, how many miles you went, & how you felt. Track practice started once school got back into session & he asked for mileage sheets. Since a lot of the new distance runners didn't do cross country, he had to explain what they were. He then gave us about 2 weeks to get them in as up to date as possible.
Not a hard thing to do whatsoever. Our punishment for not getting them in was...........
Lots & lots of core.
Way more than you can ever imagine. our practices have been nothing but core this whole week. I'm talking 30-40 minutes of solid core exercises. That's planks & leg lifts & sit ups & push-ups & invertids & my most favorite, sailboats. Everything you could think of that has to do with core, we do it.
Pretty much, I am LIVID with the people who have chosen to not turn in their mileage sheets because today, core was so hard that i almost started crying. I have never cried during a workout for it hurting so bad. NEVER. yes, i've thrown up & all that yummy stuff, but never cried. i couldn't stop shaking & my body was hurting so ridiculously bad. I know you all probably think i'm a wimp & i'm not saying i'm not, but our varsity BOYS were trembling. a lot.
I cannot do that much core any longer! YOU HEAR ME, DISTANCE CREW?! so if you are running on the distance crew for mountain view track, you better get your act together & turn in you're flippin' mileage sheets because with how much core we're doing, it won't take long for me to catch up to my sister...
and you know what? if you think i'm complaining, i wanna see what you have to say after laying on your back, with your hands behind you head & your feet 6inches off the ground for 10 minutes. then after that, hold a plank for 5. then do every other core exercise you can imagine. INCLUDING SAILBOATS!

Just please stop being selfish. i hurt :(

Monday, January 11, 2010

You made ME cry...

I am not a huge reader whatsoever. Like in some of my previous posts, it takes a lot for me to read books. I don't enjoy reading books with big words that I have to ask my mom what they mean. I don't like books that are really confusing to follow. However, I don't mind if the books have a bad ending. Some times it makes it that much better.
Like this book:
I love it. Everything about it is simply amazing. The author did a fabulous job. Although it ends sad, (and made me cry a lot) I just could NOT put it down! Literally, I was up on New Years Eve Night up till about 4AM just reading...Now I'm assuming all of you have seen the trailer for the movie & are planning to head to the midnight premiere, but you've got to read the book. I probably wouldn't have read it until I saw the trailer honestly. One thing the trailer does do is make it easier to picture who the people are. Channing Tatum is John Tyree & it just makes it easier to picture how strong of a person he is. Something that made my head hurt a little was, that in the book, Savannah is brunette. When you see the trailer & you see who plays her, you just can't imagine anyone else playing her role. Not even if she was brunette would it be right. It's fine though...

Bottom line, I truly understand the Twilight readers who say you have to read the books because it ends up being so much better that the movie. Even though the movie hasn't come out, I have a strong feeling I am going to feel more connected to the characters through the book rather than the movie. No big deal though. Either way, the book & movie will be amazing on their own.
Oh, if you aren't into lovey-dovey stuff, then this book isn't for you. However, if you are, it most definitely is a must read. I promise anyone will fall in love with it. Like there is no possible way you can't.
Midnight premiere, February 5th. I AM going. I WILL cry, most likely.

ps-the song playing during the Dear John Trailer is 'Set The Fire to the Third Bar' by Snow Patrol. I strongly encourage you to download it to your iPod. Another thing? WATCH THE TRAILER!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Every year, mountain view has a special program where austrailians come & stay for about 10 days, then head onto another part of the united states. Right now it's summer for them so they are totally weirded out by wearing jackets in December. but it's fine. they all said they're getting used to it.
anyways, i have one in my 1st hour who's a girl. her name is elise & apparently we look alike? But she's hotter because she has an accent...way cool guys...In my 2nd hour, one sits right next to me & he's a boy. His name is nathan. He's kind of shy, but his hair cut is awesome. seriously, it looks like someone put a MOP on his head! NO joke! In my 5th hour we have one. her name is Cindy. Probably one of the most gorgeous people i've ever seen. flawless everything! her smile is to die for beautiful & once again, I am obsessed with her accent along with everyone else.
My friend Morgan, has one named Chloe. She's way way shy, but super cutesie. Curly hair, glasses, short, tiny, just adorable basically. Anyways, we really wanted her to have a good expeirence in america, so we kind of did some really crazy stuff this weekend. One being-i went to jumpstreet for my first time! for those of you who don't know what jumpstreet is, it's a place where they have about 15 trampolines all lined but next to each other & partly going up the walls. AH! so fun! although you get disgustingly sweaty, it's the most innocent fun a person can have. jumping for an hour & half? yes please. so great. AND my friends Monson & Mindy taught me how to do a back flip on the trampoline. let's just say, i'm basically a pro-flipper. front & back baby! We all went to jumpstreet after the basketball game, so basically all of mountain view was there! yes it was crowded, but was it so fun!? DUH!
Saturday came along. I got my hair done. looks darling by the way. thanks tatum! I went over to emily cliff's & watched her paint her bathroom with nate free. then we went to dinner. we, as in-me, jake jarvis, emily, & all of emily's family/cousins. Not going to lie, jake & i felt semi..wait, no..REALLY awkward! the grandpa even wanted us in the cousin picture? hmm. odd. Ok, ok, after dinner, we went back to emily's. watched a movie, just us 3. and at this point, it was kind of early in the evening. around 7ish? movie got over around 9. ps-if you haven't seen august rush, DOOOOOO! enough said. back to what i was saying about the we wanted chloe to expierence america to the best of her ability. so we went crazy!
First, we all put firecrackers, (as in the ones that are smaller than a penny & pop as soon as they hit the ground) IN OUR MOUTH! it sparks in your mouth & is basically awesome. i'm totally suggesting to do it as long as you make sure not to swallow after. oh! & it tastes digusting...ha. very chemically aftertaste. After we did that, we played this noise game where one person put their whole mouth over someone's nose & blows really hard. It makes the freakiest noise ever! it's kind of awkward, because if someone bumped you, you might kiss, but it's totally hilarious. deff deff deff worth the possiblity of kissing.
Alright, i'm not a fan of jelly whatsoever. but we played this taste off game, where there would be two jelly beans that looked exactly alike, only one was a gross flavor & one a good flavor. so you & some other person ate at the same time & then you would tell by their facial expressions who got to bad ones. example: juicy pear, or booger. they were both plain green jelly beans, but tasted totally different. Pretty much rolled on the floor laughing when jake cooley at baby wipes. Yumm, hahh!
last but not least, kids put noodles up their nose through their mouth. like disgusting right!? yes. i wanted to vomit just watching them do it! anyways, how you do it is you cook spaghetti noodles & as soon as their done, you let them cool under cold water so they're really slimy. the slimier, the easier. Then you just snort them. yes, a full noodle, straight up your nose! then once you get it up far enough, you kind of (purposly) gag a little & pull it out the back of your throat. It was DISGUSTING to watch! like i couldn't take it. then some of the kids even like flossed the noodle back & forth. ew, ew, ew. tmi-sorry.

Anywho, here's my good pal sydnee with a noodle through her nose & out her mouth. she never got the flossing part down, but who cares, right?!
Basically, chloe thinks americans are freaks! but she loves us anyways. once i get more pictures, i am most definitely posting them. yes-even the noodle snorters...

ps-sorry this post is so long. i hope you weren't bored!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I learned something new today...

in my english class, my teacher has posters everywhere. a lot being andy warhol<3 and some others with awesome quotes on them. one being this,

"It won't 30 years from now
the kind of shoes you had,
what brand of jeans you wore,
how you did your hair,
or the kind of car you drove.
All that will matter is what you learned
& how you used it."

hmm. i like this.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


so it's kind of official, i am in in love with just about EVERYTHING andy warhol creates!
truth: i kind of love art.
my mom used to take us to museums as a kid & i dreaded it. my least favorite thing in the whole entire world. it was boring, & quiet. if you talked, you were shushed by the person standing next to you. some times, they even get you walkmans or head phones to listen to the stories about each piece of art. sounds kind of dulling just talking about it. but anyways, i am totally into this guy. i try to find a new piece of this little section of pieces everyday.
seriously, awesome, my fav, perfect, inspiring, everything!


Monday, January 4, 2010


so today we started school again. i've been ultra sick so if i was going to be able to wake up this morning, i would have to take heavey dosages of nyquil. which i did. honestly, best sleep i've gotten in a very long time. i will probably get addicted to this stuff.
nyquil-cold & flu, I LOVE YOU!
with school starting back up, our schedules got a little changed around. so of course i had classes where i didn't even know where they were located, but it's fine. yeah--i don't know how i'm going to get around in college. i get lost at school all the time. NO.JOKE.
anyways, i have a new english class with my best friend-kamille johnson. seriously, that class is going to be awesome. although my teacher has no idea what's coming for her, it's going to be great! it's one of those classes that is just filled with one too many disruptive the teacher is always yelling at the class, but the kids just don't care? yeah, that's deff this class. I AM STOKED! one class that isn't dead silent is niiiiiice. seriously, almost all of my classes are dead silent the whole entire period. i know what you're thinking-yeah right!-but this is no joke. i don't talk to one kid in my 1st hour because none of my friends are in there...and i have a lot of friends. major bummer. my 2nd hour has some of those overly-open kids who have to comment after the teacher says one thing, but that's fine. considering i think i was one in elementary? my 4th hour is new too. i'm taking culinary arts. yeah.........what was i thinking is right! lame could basically be written on the door. not to mention, everyone in there turns up their ipods & dgaf's because the teacher is too old to hear anything. not only that, but about 95% of the kids in there are gothic. the kids who wear dog collars & spike their hair up. yes-they are still around. freakkkkky.
not going to lie, i think my seminary class might just be more bomb than my one last semester. i didn't think it was possible until i walked in the door today to find my very good friend, rylee rogers, saving me a seat! AWESOME RY. loves you.
6th hour is the one & only MVT track. so sick. pysch. i'm not sure i want to run distance, but pole vault, instead. would coach alexander kill me? fosho. can i pole vault secretly without him knowing? neva eva. freakin' suckkkkkkks. whatever, distance is my lyfe.

the semester will be...............