Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear Utah,

you need to be warmer. I'm serious. my nose won't stop running & my toes haven't not been numb the whole time i'm here. Also, this might be completely opposite of what i just said, but you need to make more snow. the slopes are waaaaay too icy for my skis. i don't like hearing the crunch every time I turn corners. Not cool. Another thing? You're altitude is way too high. i've had a constant headache while I've been here this past week. Dislike. you make is so hard to work out up here too! I mean, i already have it tough with asthma, but you give me very little oxygen. Grrr.
I think I am about ready to head home. no, i am not looking forward to the lonnnnnng 12-hour car drive, but i want to be home where it's warm & i don't have headaches. I miss my friends really badly. Emsilly is up here at the canyons but i don't have a pass their so my dad won't let me go see her. STUPID! I miss kami & madi. i've just been facebook stalking them like no other. sorry guys, i miss you a lot. Hope i don't creep you out. I miss Brimley. She's called me about every other day i've been here which is awesome of her. I look forward to hearing her voice, i'm serious. she turns my days upside down. PS-when you read this Brim, call me asap. I miss emzally cliff. I haven't kept in touch with her a lot because she's always too busy having fun. whatever, she's still my best friend. I miss mindy! She finally got texting. i've basically been texting her all day. she also turns my days upside down. I cannot wait to see her. I miss landon. I haven't stopped talking to him once since i've been here which makes me miss him even more. wah. He's so cutie. I've wanted to call alyssa a couple times, but i'd figured she's off having too much fun with taylor. Probably. I would be too if i was there. Taylor is hilarious! So is alyssa. so combinding them together is awesome!

Bottom line, i miss arizona. A lot. My head is hurting. I feel sick. I want to go take a bath.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


so that last post was a little scarey...anywho! I got some news for my readers.
As you all know, it was just christmas the other day. Nothing beats a white christmas & I'm serious. We've came up to our Utah house the past 5 years to celebrate christmas & I couldn't picture it any other way. Seriously. THE BEST!

I bet you're all dying to hear about these awesome presents i got my family. I guess i can reveal my secrets now that christmas is over & done with. Hmmm. let's start off with my dad's. I got him new cologne that is to die for delicious. I'm not kidding. it's sooooooo yummy. I got my secret santa, aka Rachel, some earrings from my aunt's adorable boutique. Also, i got her some rub on juicy couture perfume. Mmmm, love juicy. Last but not least, my mom's present. I know a lot of girls might think this present is a little strange to be getting a mom because they usually want pots & pans or lotions, but my mom is most definitely different.
i got her front row seats to the
Black Eyed Peas concert!
she was dying when she opened them. Basically, best christmas present ever. AND I'M GOING WITH HER! i am so freakin' stoked i cannot even put it in to writing. You don't even know how long my mom & I have been waiting for them to go on tour. It's seriously ridiculous.

Well, i love christmas & it totally bums me out that it can just end in a matter of hours. Tear. Now we have new years to look forward too! ALSO, the nichols family is on their way up here as we speak & I couldn't be more happy to see them! I'm going to head off to the slopes for about an hour. afterall, i didn't do anything but the gym yesterday. Merry late Christmas! And happy NEW YEAR!
from Park City, Utah,

Thursday, December 24, 2009


since i have naturally curly hair, i should never go to bed with my hair wet unless i'm willing to wake up to a massive cotton ball.
yeah...well...i went to bed with my hair wet last night.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Here's a few little things that's been goin' on recently:
1) got all my christmas shopping done! 100% final. WOOOO! i got a present to my dad from rachel & i. i got my mom the most outrageous present ever. (i think i'm more excited to see her open that, then to open my own christmas presents!) Annnnd i got my secret santa 2 awesome gifts. Seriously--I am obsessed with giving gifts.
2) I really like this boy. I mean....................what?
3) my girl friends rock my world. They make me laugh so hard! We constantly are doing something funny & i just love it.
4) I asked that one boy to sadies! His name is tyler johnson. No, he isn't the one i have a huge crush on, he's basically my best guy friend. there's a picture of us right underneath. I got a 12pack of mountain dew & wrote letters on my name on the bottom of them. I said "Hey Tyler, i would climb MOUNTAINS to DEW the sadies dance with YOU!" he texted me about 10 minutes after i asked saying he is stoked to go with me! I was totally worried because he's a senior & i thought he might be annoyed? but he wasn't! He even called me later & said "you have no idea how fun this is going to be! we're going to have so much fun. everyone will be insanely jealous!" tis true.
5) I just found out i'm spending new years at the Roaches' house again! wooohooo! love the roaches. love their house.
6) another thing i just heard, I'm spending christmas eve with my aunt julie & all of her family. SO STOKED! julie is one of my most favorite aunts ever. literally, awesome is written all over her.
7) last, but not least, CHRISTMAS

My life is better than yours!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Celebrate Good Times, COME ON!

and a good moment to celebrate would be

ahhhhhhhh yeah!
no more stress.
no more loss of sleep cramming.
no more time managing.
nothing! NONE. i am over with finals--officially!
Pretty much rocked those finals' worlds.
I pwn'd my science & got an 82%. i pretty much dogged that class the whole year. aka, sucked it up! science is SO hard! I seriously cannot remember anything that is taught in that class. it's definitely a 'in one ear & out the other' kind of class.
My math final was a piece of cake. afterall, it's my easiest class. but i got an 86% on the final. i felt like i should've gotten better, but i'm still happy with it!
So be prepared to have your mind blown. I got 100 FREAKIN' PERCENT on my photo final! BOOOOOOOYAH! i am boss.
Now i have a confession i need to make. we took a final on this book called 'Lord Of the Flies' for english. it was 110 question! stressed me out so bad. Anyways...for me, i have to enjoy reading the book for it to actually make an imprint on my brain. And i did NOT enjoy this book. So i just didn't read it. like at all. I read chapters 1 & 2, that's it. I hated it. we talked about what we read in class for 2 weeks straight, but i just could not get myself to read it. Sooooooooo it was the night before the test & i looked up summaries of the book on spark notes. uh what? i mean i read it online? no. that'd be lies. i looked up summaries of each chapter. I ended up rockin' the final though with an 82%! ha! I definitely do NOT reccomend doing that, but i hated that book.
ps-please don't be mad mom!
At the end of the semesters, seminary classes usually do something special because some times kids get their schedules switched around. i had the best class ever! I'm serious. although none of my bessssst friends were in it, i loved it. I love everyone in it. My teacher? Brupp is what we call him. Brother & rupp (his last name) combined into one. yeaaaaaah, he was ultra chill awesomeness. everyone wrote compliments anomously & then we read them as a class on the last day. Loved it. So sweet. Everyone tried to be semi-deep which was very rare for my hour. whatever though, they were fun. Oh & Brupp has insaaaaaaaaane guitar skills. he sang & played us these songs he wrote for his siblings & i basically melted. they were thee cutest songs you've ever heard. I worship his musical talent!
Last but not least, the dreaded cross country final. an 800M sprint on the track. Oh shoot me in the foot, so hard. my time was very poor to what it should've been but i'm not complaining. I tried. I just KNOW i could've gone sooooo much faster.

Well last night, my other best friends came over & we celebrated not having finals. Awesomeness. Not kidding. i love brimley, emily, & mindy. Brimley Maree Pothier is my new go-to person. I tell her EVERYTHING! Emily clifford has been there for me for years. I still tell her everything because she just gets it. she is an awesome friend! Mindy Marsh is my 'twin' so people say. I love her. she's always helping me make the right choices & overall, she's just an amazing person.

We kind of had a girls night last night for a little while & we made videos which i'll have to post later...but seriously, they.are.amazing! I LOVE THEM! they got my back & that is huuuuuuuge for me. Yeah, so i basically have like 7 best friends? Whatever. it's chill. brittlyn, alyssa, kami, emily, brimley, mindy, em cliff. those be muh home girls<3
ps-sorry this was so incredibley long & you got bored. if not, i hope you enjoyed it! i'll try to cut down on the length next time.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I hate finals. I've gotten 2 down. one-english. Shoot me in the foot. it was so hard! my teacher is insane. 110 questions? Really? no. not cool. Good thing i totally dominated after studying for hours on it last night. chyeah buddy!
Believe it or not, cross country has a final. A freakin' time trial. grr. hate those 2 words in the same sentence. Seriously--so intimidating. We had the choice of either running an 800m sprint, or 1 mile. almost all of the girls chose the 800m sprint.
I did this event in track last year, which means i should know what i'm doing. Buuuuut i've got to take into consideration that I was injured for 80% of the track season. hmm. Stupid quad.
Anyways! I TOTALLY forgot what i was doing. i saved too much, i didn't get a good start, etc. totally depressed. My time was 2 minutes & 50 seconds. literally terrible from what it was last year! Whatever. you just gotta walk it out...

i'm only a sophomore & i'm already 100% convinced that finals are the worst thing ever. I don't want to do my other 3 tomorrow.
i am stressed out.
i am broken out.
i am freaking out.
all of the above is what happens when I get extremely nervous. Oh boo-hoo. i don't like high school.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


there is exactly 12 days till Christmas! wooooohooooo!
Not gonna lie, i got the best presents for my family ever. I got my family secret santa an awesome gift! Super cutie. My mom's gift is going to BLOW HER MIND! My dad's gift is from me & Rachel. he's gonna dig it. He'll be surprised.
I still have to buy my extended Funk Family secret santa gift. I'll get him something good.
Anyways--life is currently good. what's new there? ha.

I'm sooooo nervous about asking this kid to Sadies, you have no idea!

I can't wait to have Brooklyn home. I can't wait to be back up, skiing in Utah with my whole family. I can't wait to go to the Huish's during Christmas break & laugh with Julie about Victoria Beckham. I miss the Huish's so badly! Oh man, I cannot wait to see the Nichols. I saw them at Thanksgiving time, but spending Christmas day with them is just like magic. This month has lots of exciting stuff going on! YAY!

A new thing i wanted to try, telling you what my current favorite music song, album, or artist is at the moment. Although nothing beats christmas music, it's even better when its sung by T-Swizzle. aka, taylor swift. Check out her holiday album. b-e-a-u-tiful!
oh! and I'm going to watch Frolo Zaharis, aka Lauren Zaharis in the nutcracker tonight. tradition.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My friends from other schools say 2 things that are a definite at mountain view. One being it seems that EVERYONE is lds..when really it's probably less than 30% of mormon kids. And the other? People ask their dates to dances extremely early! It's been one weekend since Winter Formal & girls are already asking to sadies.
if those few, crazy girls, held off..everyone would've held off. But NO! there's those few girls who have to go with THEE perfect guy so they ask 3-4months in advance. Really?!?!?!?!
Another thing you do at mountain view, is you call the mom of your date & make sure it's okay for you to ask them. Or to just make sure they haven't been asked. Some girls who get really antsy & after being rejected by the mom basically, THEY STILL FIND A WAY TO ASK THEM! even when someone else called dibs first. those ones are probably the most crazy.

Well good news..I hopped on the bandwagon fast. I get to go with the boy I want & will be asking him within the next week or 2. i'm not going to tell you who it is so it doesn't give it away ;)
I called his mom. I am the first to call. BOOYAH! i was so stressed he would've already been asked, but nope. i snatched him first.
Crazy girls--DON'T ASK SO EARLY PLEASE! it makes the rest of us totally bugged & stressed. i didn't want to ask 3 months early. this is riDONKulous!

Monday, December 7, 2009

"Where World's BEST Athletes Compete"

so I went on my trip with my team to california. It was craaaaazy fun! We left during 6th hour. 2 vans. 17 kids. Amazing trip.
we drove there...it took a long time, i'm not going to lie. my phone died numerous times on the trip, but it died very quickly on the ride up there. makes me angry how my phone cannot hold battery to save it's life. the girls car had an addition to it. Baby Maddy. The loudest crier i've ever heard. We had to pull off the freeway to nurse her more than once. she's cute though, so whatever.

After stopping for dinner at panda, we arrived at our motel. It was awesome! there was a jacuzzi & pool, although we didn't go in. i was so cold while i was there! not kidding. our motel rooms AC turned on in the middle of the night. not cool.
the sophomores got up early that Saturday morning. we headed to our face. Little did we realize that this course is meant to kill you. it brings out the best of the best. we were not prepared. coldest ever. Spandex & tank tops were worn. the hills were called "poop out." I'm assuming most of you understand why they were called that...but if you're not a runner, i'll explain. These hills were so hard, that they made you want to poop. yes--that is the definition of poop out mountain. Honestly, it was so insane how steep these were. they were switchbacks, which made them seem like they went forever. it was very unique to run on a national famous course. Outside the gates they had a huuuuuuuge board filled with athletes names who had set world records here. it was legit.

We arrived to our new motel after the meet was over. it was literally RIGHT ACROSS the street from knott's berry farm. awesome? yes. We stayed in rooms right next to each other. so we never really weren't all together. we rested & got ready for a few hours. headed off to knott's.
I decided i'm not a very big knott's bery farm fam. roller coasters are great. roller coasters that go backwards or have loops, are not so great. Basically after every ride, i wanted to vomit. I felt so gnarly sick after going on those coasters I was done after 4 rides. No me gusta nada.

We went to bed saturday night probably in the early hours of the morning. afterall, we spent all night/day at knott's berry so we couldn't just end it on that. ordering pizza around 2am was great! as soon as the pizza was gone, there was no point to stay awake so we crashed.
Woke up around 7 am the next morning to start the long ride home. Good thing baby maddy didn't cry again...or maybe she did? i slept for 4 out of the 7 hour drive.

basically, this trip was great. I had an excellant time with my friends on the team. I spent time with my coach & got to know him on a more personal level. I am devistated that the seniors we have this year won't be with us next year. Literally--i am going to ball. I love them all so much. the best part is, they're all great kids. Each of them set positive examples for me. I love them for that. I love my team. i loved that trip. i cannot wait till next year!

ps-NEVER turn to channel 37 while you're in california. we learned that the hard way...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

YOU make ME happy!

recently, I've been happy ALL THE TIME! not kidding. nothing has gotten me down--except for hitting my head & recieving massive headaches. ha. its fine though! I just woke up this morning with a huuuuuuge line of dried blood running down from my forehead to my left cheek. yes, it was gross. no, i don't know how it happened. i did wake up with a massive headache though. Maybe i hit my head on my metal bed frame last night & it just knocked me out so I don't remember it? I really have no clue. it was kind of a creepy way to wake up too, but hey. I'm fine. oh & no, i don't have a huge gash in my forhead. just a little cut.
Its freakin' Christmas is 22 days! i am tripppppppin'. i cannot wait! I love being up in utah with my family & waking up to snow. Ah. best ever. Although I have to admit Christmas was a million more times fun when you believed in Santa, i still look forward to it every year. honestly, i love giving gifts. I love thinking of the perfect gift i'm going to get someone & how happy it's gonna make them. Speaking of which, i gotta get crackin' on them gifts!
So i've had a busy & full week. Not kidding. On monday night i went & visited my friend Trevor at Neilson's. he works there! TJ, Emily, & i went. he looked great in his red bowtie. Ha.
Tuesday night, I went to the temple lights with my BEST FRIENDS! Trevor, TJ, & Brittlyn. once brittlyn & i saw each other...we did the typical "tackle-each-other-to-the-ground" routine. I haven't seen her since October Break in california! so yes, i missed her. it was way fun going to the temple with friends. Brittlyn & I could've spent hours there. it's seriously so beautiful. I love love love love the christmas lights. I'm so happy i have friends who are willing to go with me. I.AM.BLESSED!On Wednesday, I went to mutual with my mother & rachel. had Evening of excellance. It went by so fast--i freakin' loved it! we even got to go in our pajama's. seriously? yes! After mutual i went to gene autry & played some kickball with some friends. I thought we were playing sand volleyball, so i just wore flip flops. yeeeeeah, we definitely didn't. My toes felt like they we're going to fall off. LITERALLY! az is getting so cold, i can't even take it. but i love it? ha.
Today is thursday & I NEEEEEED to finish my blankets. I believe i have 5 out of 10 done? Uhhh. what. i have them all done, mom? It's ok though because i'm giving them to my classroom's christmas family. So cute huh? I'm getting the kids names sewed on. well...i'm actually sewing them on. BY MACHINE! i'm not that talented ;)
Tomorrow is the day! I go to California for the footlocker invitational meet! I AM SO DANG EXCITED! i finally get to check one of the things off my bucket list, travel with my team. You probably don't even understand why I'm so excited...but if you were part of the team you'd understand. These kids are amazing! we leave tomorrow afternoon during 6th hour of school & get back sunday afternoon around 3:30. our trip includes stopping at knott's berry farm! A first for me. I am stoked. pumped--big time.

CHRISTMAS TIME & WINTER MAKE ME HAPPY! i love my friends. i love my family. i love my team. i love my home. i love my doggie diego. i love everything that's happening in life. i'm even getting enough sleep these days! that's been a struggle...but i finally managed to have a set bedtime for me. chyyyyyyyeah babe!