Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear Parents,

you do so much more for me. i don't really think there are words to describe how thankful i am for everything you do. seriously, you guys are the best parents a kid could ask for. you're always willing to help me, even when you don't want to. you hardly ever get angry with me..instead you just like to work things out. i love that about you guys. also, you guys are the biggest role models i have. you guys are so devoted in everything you do & i think that's super awesome. your determination is mind blowing! not kidding, you guys are tough. you never let me quit anything i start & i'm so happy you don't. seriously, there is so many things i could say about you guys..but basically, i am so grateful for you. you do so much for me. i feel like i do nothing for you, so i'm gonna work on that. just so you know, i love you guys so incredibly much. to the moon & back & then some. that's a lot of love. the best part? i know i get it in return.

PS-i'm in utah right now. i spent the night at my aunt julie's last night down in alpine. now we're up here in park city & it's absolutely beautiful. overcast, green, slightly rainy. mmm. i am loving this atmosphere! i'll be home on the 8th.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Crush,

i'm not going to tell you who he is..because regaurdless if you know or not, he knows. hey, you. i miss you. just like i miss brittlyn. you really need to come home. the sick part about it? i saw you 2 days ago. i shouldn't be missing you this much already..but i do. anyways..i just wanted to tell you i think you are absolutely fantastic. really, you have no idea how great you are. i know people tell you that all the time, but you could be told a million times how great you are & it still wouldn't cover it. you are one of the sweetest boys i've ever met in my whole entire life. i don't think you could even be mean if you wanted to..i'm so glad you're one of my best friends. i am one of the luckiest girls, ever. oh & did you know i think you are so incredibley cute? not kidding. you are a major hottie. i love you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Should I Do This?

directions: write a letter to the person the day is labeled, and let them see what you would really say.

Day 1 - Your best friend

Day 2 - Your crush

Day 3 - Your parents

Day 4 - Your sibling

Day 5 - Your dreams

Day 6 - A stranger

Day 7 - Your ex

Day 8 - Your favorite internet friend

Day 9 - Someone you wish you could meet

Day 10 - Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

Day 11 - A deceased person you wish you could talk to

Day 12 - The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

Day 13 - Someone you wish could forgive you

Day 14 - Someone you’ve drifted away from

Day 15 - The person you miss the most

Day 16 - Someone that’s not in your state

Day 17 - Someone from your childhood

Day 18 - The person you wish you could be

Day 19 - Someone that pesters your mind - good or bad

Day 20 - The one that broke your heart the hardest

Day 21 - Someone you judged by their first impression

Day 22 - Someone you want to give a second chance

Day 23 - The last person you kissed

Day 24 - The person that gave you your favorite memory

Day 25 - The person you know that is going through the worst of times

Day 26 - The last person you made a pinky promise to

Day 27 - The friendliest person you knew for only one day

Day 28 - Someone that changed your life

Day 29 - The person you want to tell everything to, but are too afraid to

Day 30 - You

i've done some serious mind has been made up for the most part. so let's start this puppy off with day numero uno!
dear best friend,
hi brittlyn. i miss you. can you please just come home from utah already? i'm seriously dying here. i miss cramming our bodies into one twin size bed. i miss making the most stupid videos. i miss taking forever to get ready, when we don't even end up liking the result. i miss driving with you. i miss blaring the music in my car. i miss going to eat at all hours of the day. i miss all of our inside jokes. i miss texting for each other. i miss riding our bikes. i miss going to visit the tree with our shoes in it. i miss talking about the most random stuff a human could talk about. i miss making strange noises. i miss shopping with you. i miss dancing in the privacy of my bedroom. i miss brooklyn acting like she was your sister. i miss you sitting at dinner with my family & i. most of all, i just miss you. A LOT. not kidding. you really need to come home, or i need to go there. good thing i'll be up there on friday! holler. i hope i see you, because if i don't..something bad might happen. anywho, i'm going to go text you right now. love you long time, papo.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Power Balance Bracelets.

as most of you know, i was a firm believer that the power balance bracelets were 100% untrue, bologna, money-maker, stupid bracelets. i've now been proved otherwise by your very own, tanner tod thornton.
so i went to freedom board shop this week, & they sell power balance bracelets. after being there for about 5 minutes, the workers in the store & i got into a slightly heated debate about whether they were real or not. i was on the not-working side, & the manager was on the working team. we did all the little tests they have you do. proving your flexibility, balance, strength, etc. all of them seemed to show the power balance bracelet as a working product, but i just didn't believe it. i mean..seriously, all it looks like is a livestrong band with two little silver stickers on the inside. my mind was totally made up that it was rubbish.
but yesterday, my thoughts changed. i'm a very uncoordinated person, i think. (side story below.)
my mom & i both think we are. one time, we were in coronado &
lauren zaharis & i were learning how to surf. of course, lolo picked it up within 10 minutes. took me about 30. so my mom & lauren's mom went out & tried after us. same exact result. none of us had ever surfed, but somehow, those girls picked it up WAY easier than we did. that's just how my lifes been with everything.
ok, yesterday i went to the lake. with tanner, scott, mindy, ashlyn, tanner's dad, & ellie. their tubed had popped, so all we could do was take turns wakeboarding. did i like the sound of this? no. i'd tried wakeboarding numerous times before, but never gotten up. ever. for some reason, i just sucked at it..even when people said it's like the easiest thing, i never got it. but i was determined to get it today. i mean..i wasn't getting myself up at 4:15 in the morning just to sit on a boat. no way. so..when it was my turn, i jumped in the lake, listened to everything tod had told me, then put on the power balance bracelet. tanner's bracelet. i get pushed out into the water & on my third try, i'm up. i'm standing. on the wake board. in the middle of the lake. being pulled behind a boat. basically, it was awesome. the only word i can describe it as, is free. tanner told me that one..but it really is the only word. i'm not kidding, it was heaven out there. when you would go outside the wake on the perfectly, glassy water. oh my was amazing! i loved it. i want to go again, like in the very near future.

but anyways..i'm thinking this: there's no way in heck, me, miss uncoordinated, would've gotten up without a power balance bracelet. so you know what? i'm going to buy one. either tomorrow, or monday..because i'm officially a believer.
here's some lake pictures.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ultra Fantastic People.

so i'm going to do a little post about some of the biggest influences in my life. knowing me, i'll magically forget someone & they'll be heartbroken. so listen, if i do. please forgive me! these people just need to be recognized.

1) b-rooklyn tucker. she's my sister. she's taught me a lot of, lots. through them all, she's been on my side & i couldn't have asked anything else from her. loyalty-she taught me how to be a good friend, no matter what happens.
2) waychill. rachel. she's also my sister. she's taught me the importance of keeping peace with everyone. she's never in any drama, EVER. i look up to her for that. she's definitely the peacemaker in this house.
3) scottro. hmm, this is a little tougher. joking. scott's taught me how to have fun. he's always finding fun in the simplest things & i think that's super important. with our world changing into this 'easy' lifestyle, electronics, etc., scott still is outside in 110degree weather riding his bike.
4) brittlyn smith. the biggest thing i remember learning from her is to be able to laugh. laugh at everything. don't waste your time on something someone said, or did. just laugh. be happy, even when the worst of situations come.
5) alyssa fergie. no matter what, she's always herself & no one but. she's always telling me that people should accept who you are, whether they like you or not is their issue. so..what i've learned from her? be yourself. no matter what.
6) mindy marsh. she's taught me not to care. it could be portrayed as good, or bad, but this is supposed to be good. she taught me how to just be carefree. even if you mess up, just know that you can try again. don't care about your mistakes, don't wallow over them, just learn from them & move on.
7) tanner thornton. oh there are so many things this guy has taught me..i'm not even sure i can narrow it down into one. one of the biggest things he taught me? to be happy. even when someone you love goes, don't be sad about it. be happy that they are in a better place than you are.8) monson cowley. no matter what, monson told me the most important thing to do was to be the best you can be. at anything. never give up & always try your hardest.
9) emily cliff. everyone loves emily. not kidding when i say that, i mean EVERYONE. what she taught me to do? being trustworthy. i could trust this lady with my whole life, & know it was in good hands.

10) allysun taylor. courageous. is that weird that this is the first word i think about when i think of her? maybe, maybe not. but one thing is for sure, is it applies. big time. ally is always willing to do the right thing, even if it's the hard thing. she's brave. she'll stand up for anyone. she taught me to be courageous.
11) aubreezy allen. my beloved, aubree has taught me so many things like tanner. but one of the biggest ones, the importance of family. i think we take this for granted some times, but aubree always reminds me how important it is. i love her for that.
12) ramsey carroll. WOW, so many great things to say about this kid. i could just go on forever, but i think i'll just name one. he taught me the importance of being different. no body likes a copy, so you might as well be an original. he is the most original as it gets.
13) sydnee rogers. even though she's not around in my life as often as i wish, she's taught me a huge lesson & important one. that's just to be nice. sydnee doesn't talk smack about a single person, ever. she's just nice. she always looks for the good in people.
14) ashlyn cowley. oh my little, pang. wanna know what she taught me? to not judge. ashlyn is the least judgmental person i think i've ever met. she's like sydnee, she'll never say anything bad..even after she knows them. she always keeps an open mind about everything.

15) tate cullen. tate is my little warrior. he's been to hell & back, but he's still standing strong. he taught me that through everything, you have to be tough. the worst will hit you without expecting it, but the only thing you can do is take it like a man & hope it gets better.
honestly, everyone i've ever met has taught me some important lesson or another, but these people just really stand out. not saying i love them any more or less than i love you, but these people have been in my to make me a better person. i love them all very much. they are some of the very best people i've been able to have in my life. i love them & i encourage you to be friends with them, if you aren't. they are AMAZING!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post 208.

right now, all i can say is..i am so happy. so incredibly happy. i'm surrounded by fantastic people all the time. people who share the same interests as me, & people who believe in the same things i do.
i really didn't have that many pictures that contained an exact moment of pure happiness, except for these few that i managed to find. weird how it's with the people that make me the most happy. aubree allen & ally taylor. some of the best girls on this planet. they really are so great. i love them with all my heart, simple as that.
thank you, for becoming my best friends.
my only goal right now, is to be at least half as good of friend, that you are to me.
and thank you for making my summer the best one yet.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh Yes.

a lot of happiness has been going on since i've been home. honestly, i go through the biggest changes in such little time. i think i am finally figuring out who i want to be. it's not going to be easy, but i'm going to do it. i've got my home girls to help me get there to.
mountain view, be ready!
well, anywho--i went to the doctor today, the eye doctor. i got my eyes dilated. whoa, that is some sketchy business! it took me forever to be able to see again. i hated it. once they put them numbing drops in, i passed out. yes, i fainted. oh what's new there? since my accident, i've fainted almost every time i've gone to the doctor. not to mention, i've fainted at practice a few times. yeah, it's kind of embarrassing. i wish i knew what my deal was, but i don't.
another thing that happened recently? i went & saw despicable me last night at midnight with a bunch of super great people. aka-the cowley family, the thornton family, & melinda. i really love them all. seriously, if you haven't got to know these people, do. they are absolutely fantastic. the movie was so dang cute. the ending made my heart melt a little. i hope my husband loves my kids as much as he does in the end. awwwh. also--it was so funny! i seriously laughed out loud numerous times. it could be that i was just super slap happy, or that the movie was just so ridiculous it was funny. who knows! all i know is, i laughed. a lot. go see it.
two more things, i'm sorry. one-i am missing my cross country kids so much. i think they've forgotten about me. i can't wait till i can run again. whew, schoolio, don't come too soon. two-the song not afraid by eminem gets me pumped. it has a lot of swearing if you don't get it edited, but it really gets me pumped to do something great. liiiiiike p90x ab-ripper?! ha.
oh shootski, one more thing! UTAH IN 20 DAYS!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Am I Home?

hmmm, this is such a good question. even i don't know. all i know is, i am literally counting down the days till i can get out of this terrible place, called mesa, arizona, again. i have exactly..22 days! yes. cannot wait to be in utah. it's been too long, my friend.anyways, i just got back from california last night. it was a such a dream, as always. i love it there. coronado, wow. it leaves me speechless. once i'm married & a billionaire, i'm going to by a little beach house down the street from the del just so i can go there all the time.
this trip consisted of: mootime, smoothies, pictures, shirts, sand castles, the beach, burger lounge, 6 person bicycles, hot tub, booging boarding, body surfing, broken collerbones (get better mike!), jelly fish, the robinsons, the norbergs, the tuckers, the slaytons, the wilsons, enemies, ultimate spoons, deactivated room keys, security, ice fights, overloading the hot tub with bubbles, sunburns, bikinis, pedicures, false ids (megan..), eye candy, HRB, happiness, 4th of july, fireworks, candy, & so much more.
if i could make a wordle for this week, i would.LOVED CALIFORNIA! i cannot wait to go back, not kidding. i wish i was just going back this summer, but i will not be..unfortunate.
i hope everyones 4th was as good as mine!