Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So you gotta understand that I NEVER getta sleep over at my friends' houses. Its just a rule at our house. My mom says we get all hyped up over there & when we come back we are tired & lazy & don't wanna work sleepovers. Friends can USUALLY sleep over here because at the Tucker house, there is no staying up late. And if you even THOUGHT about being loud, you'd be in huge trouble! Waking up the parents who get up to work out at 4 am is a baaaaaad idea.
Basically, we limit the sleepovers to a minimum. Anyways! Tonight is New Years Eve & I honestly dont EVER remember even being in Arizona for New Years. Like, EVER! We rented out our Deer Valley house this year to make some dough, so we've been back since Sunday.
So for New Years my family didn't really have anything planned. Brooklyn, the teenager with a car can basically do whatever she wants considering she doesn't have to find rides because she has her own & Rachel & Scott don't really care what they do. My mom is planning on going over to my neighbors I think just to hang out with some friends so Rachel, Scott, & my dad will probably end up doing that too. I on the other hand, had no plans till yesterday.
One of my bestfriends, Alex Tanner, her whole family rented out Polar Ice (ice skating rink) in Gilbert for broom hockey from 9-1AM. I am SO excited! She invited me to go & IM SPENDING THE NIGHT AFTERWARDS! I honestly don't even remember the last time I slept over at someone's house unless my parents were outta town. I don't think I could be more excited! My mom told me I had to be a good house guest & be helpful & stuff which shouldn't be difficult. Knowing me, a Tucker, I should probably be out around 1:30. Hahah snoozin' away on my very rare sleepover! NOT! Not this time, Im gonna be with one of my bestfriends! Im gonna go crazy! Alex & Kenzi already bought make up for us to wear ice skating. I am seriously SO excited! I will take TONS of pictures.
love love,


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bye-Bye Utah

Tomorrow is the day that we leave the fabulous Utah.
I am SO bummed.
Things I love in Utah that Arizona doesn't have:
Snow, Boots, Skiing, Fire places, Sledding, Cute Heavy Coats, Dial-A-Ride, The cute Bollinger boys & Hot Coco.
Gonna miss chasing that little boy around Cafe' Rio. I love the Bollinger babies! Summer, Everett, & Tracey. That's Tracey & I apologize for the unfabulous quality. It was taken from my phone.
Boy am I gonna miss those things! Seriously, I have never been so dang bummed to leave. All the years before, I've been rushing! rushing! rushing! to get out of here & for some reason, I just really don't want to this year. I want to see the Asletts again before we leave! And I wanted to see Dallin & JJ. I didn't get to because my parents wouldn't drive me down to Sandy. So mad! I was definitely NOT done skiing. I only got 7 days in for goodness sakes! That is not enough.
I don't wanna leave. Maybe I can convince my parentals to stay just ONE more day!? Yeah right. We have stupid renters coming to rent out our house......super, super bummed. Im going to miss the Nichols! Im gonna miss playing Tony Hawk Underground till 1 AM with Cary. Awh! Im gonna cry! I gotta stop.
love love Utah,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Best Day!

So to get the main point of this post, I just better say it right off the bat.
Today was the best ski day of my whole life!
It seems weird that one day can make your whole career in skiing. I've skiied since I was about 2 & this is definitley the best day I have ever expeirenced! We woke up this morning for Christmas around 6:30 & it was snowing so hard! Completely white outside. No one was going out today. Not even the dads!!! The snow was coming down so hard & it was extremley windy.
We got our Christmas shpeel over with & then relax for awhile. Around 9:30, the dads decide to head out into the abyss. Seriously, the snow is coming so hard! It was the definition of White Christmas for sure. They came in around 11. They said it was great. With all that fresh, fresh snow all they said was great? I thought about it for a little & then I was like....well, those boys have seen the best snow out there when they helicopter ski. So basically great was an understatment for 14 year old girls who have never heli skiied in their whole life.
The guys didn't go back out till a few hours later. 2 oclock, I look outside & say to myself, Im gonna do this! Lolo, my friend who skiies, says that this was the best day she's ever skiied in her life.
I was definitley going out now!
I went back out at 2 with the dads. No other kid or parent went out today. Just Me, Martin, & my dad. BOY WAS IT GREAT! The powder was crazy high. Im talkin' almost 2 feet. Easily 2 feet, what am I saying. It was insane! I loved it! If it keeps snowing like it is now, I am definitely gonna catch some early z's tonight. I WANT MORE FRESH POWDER!
Its not 4:45 & the snow hasn't slowed down ONE BIT! We're totally snowed in. The plows have maybe came twice today. We literally cannot go anywhere. I always thought that being snowed in would be fun, definitely not. Its alright, lots of family time on Christmas! Which by the way, Christmas was great this year. Spending it with the Nichols was awesome! Love those guys.
To sum everything up for just this one day, BEST SKI DAY & CHRISTMAS I'VE HAD SO FAR!
love love,

P.S. SO excited to see Colton, Dallin, & JJ! They're coming up Saturday. Hope the snow doesn't stay too long!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today I went skiing for the first time of MY season.
Got lots of powder last night & its still snowing. 48 hours straight!
So far, I am lovin' Utah! The cold weather is not the absolute greatest, but it beats AZ's hot weather by a long shot. I love walking in the snow and feeling like Im on clouds. Its fantastic up here! Lately, its just been super cold. I dont know if I can handle it for much longer.
I got 14 runs in today & I am done! I am so sore from lifting yesterday that skiing just doesn't feel super great today. Haha. On my 12th run, I had my iPod in & I was on the lift. I didn't really like the song that was playing, so I'd figure I would change it.
I took off my glove & so I was just in my liners when I changed the song. I go back to put on my glove & ITS NOT THERE! Its snowing right now & its so dang cold. Being on the lift is the coldest part of all, so you can imagine how numb my hand is getting. I get off the ski lift & keep my hand in my pocket so it kinda stays warm. Yeah...didn't really work out for me. Anyways! Im going right under the lift looking & looking & I can't find it anywhere. I went to the area where I thought I might have dropped it. I look for freakin' 20 minutes in the snow with ice cold hands & STILL can't find my glove. By this point, I was about to give up. My hand & finger nails were purple. SO COLD! So I try going up the lift one more time to see if I can find it & I finally see it pushed off to the side of the run like hanging on a tree.
I got it & went home. Took a 30 minute bath and held hand warmers in my hands for 15 minutes. The color in my hand is some what back to normal, but its still pretty red.
That expeirence was waaaaay to cold for me!
Tonight, The Nichols & my family drive down to Salt Lake & meet up with our favorite, ASLETTS! I am so dang excited to see them. I haven't seen them in forever! We're going to see Temple lights & go to Buco De Beppo. Gonna be a good night! I hope I dont freeze to death.
love love,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We have arrived!

Christmas Break just started on Friday. Got out at 1:40. Went to lunch at my grandma's. Saw Emily Funk & her family. Gary's family was there. And us, the Tuckers. Good day! Got a giftcard from Alden for Christmas to Urban! Super excited to use it. Gonna get a necklace...or something(:
Friday night, opened a few presents. Got Rock Band! SO excited about that! I wanted to bring it up here, but that means bringing xbox up too. To much work. Brooklyn opened her new ski outfit which is so dang cute. Scott opened his new workout set from my dad. Brooklyn & I agreed that we're gonna be using it too. Gonna be muscle girls like Rach. We'll never get there though. Haha. I opened one present from my mom & dad. It was 3 shirts I wanted from Buckle! AWH! So dang cute. Thanks parentals(: Rachel opened 2 leo's (leotards) for gym from my mom. So dang cute! Camo baby.
Saturday morning, got up at 4 AM and drove for 11 hours. Stopped right outside of Lake Powell for breakfast. McDonalds. Ew. My dad loves the hotcakes more than anything! EW! Must admit, there cinnamon bites were delicious. Stopped again at 12:30. Ate subway. Gotta love the green stuff!

Now we're here in our house in Park City. Just a little bit colder than Mesa, but we like it! Haha. Lots more snow than opening day. 34" base. 7" new snow last night. Lookin' beautiful! Getting me a new ski outfit sometime today probably. BTS (break the sabbath). Church was awesome. Musical program by the choir, great. LOVE IT HERE!
4 days till Christmas! Spending it with the Nichols family this year. Its gonna be one to remember. I mean, even Ashley came down from college! This is a treat. Supposed to go see the famous musical Christmas lights with the Asletts on Tuesday. Going out to dinner to Buco-De-Beppo. Yummm! SO excited to see the Asletts! I miss those guys.
Lovin' Utah & its weather!
love love,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recieving or Giving?

Would you rather recieve or give?
Every single year, until last year, I loved recieving. I never admitted it to ANYONE! I mean who would? You look like a greedy person & just because I liked recieving gifts, I didn't feel like a greedy person.
Last year, I gave out alot of gifts. Just to some close friends & family. I remember working really really hard to earn money. And I didn't buy lame, cheap presents! I bought quality gifts!
I dont really even know what made me like giving more than recieving...I guess it just happened. But ever since my grandpa died, I've felt like serving was the best way to make him happy. My mom, dad, & grandma do not know how much this has changed me, but it really has. Alot. I've tried really hard to turn myself around. I know I've had some really bad moments in this year, but I've also tried really hard to make up for it by getting good grades & having a better attitude about things.
Like I've said before, my grandpa was always serving. He always had the most positive attitude about everything. I just really want to prove my parents & grandparents that I can be like that too. I'd figure Christmas would be a good official start.
Ever year for Christmas, our family exchanges names. Up until last year, we would try keeping them secret. Brooklyn ruined the tradition every year by pressuring Rachel who she had. Rachel is so innocient! How could Brooklyn NOT get past her? Anyways, this year I drew Rachel's name. I went shopping today with Brooklyn & Alex. We went to Scottsdale mall. We were only there for 30 minutes! Fastest shopping of my lifetime. Brooklyn & I picked out our new Christmas church outfits. Alex bought her cousin a whole new outfit for Christmas. I got Rachel's gift. Quick & successful.
Bottom line, I really really love giving gifts. I like seeing the person's reaction after I give it to them! I am an awesome gift giver, so I never see a disappointed face;) I want to prove to my parents & my grandma most, that I can be like grandpa. He IS my biggest role model in life...I mean above anyone.
love love,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good News!
Watch this video of my bestfriend Brittlyn & I. Most random video we have yet to create! We will continue making videos if we recieve positive comments asking for more. Thanks! -Abby & Brittlyn

Boy have I been lacking on my posting.
For those of you who actually read this, Im sorry I haven't updated recently.

High-lights of my week:
Monday night I got my phone back after having it taken away for a month! That was super exciting news. I won't do anything stupid anymore, or try not too. I want Santa to come visit me afterall.
Thursday was the best ever! WATCHED MY FAVORITE SHOW! Office! I want a Princess Unicorn Barbie for Christmas. Hook me up Dwight? That last episode was probably one of the best ones ever....but I must admit, Merideth's belly dancing, was extremley......disturbing. The intervention was great! The dad who needed to be a hero who ended up with the black barbie. Oh gosh! Great, great episode.
Friday I hung out with my friends Paige & Alex. We went over to Paiges & helped her babysit. Kinda boring, but then we came back to my house & rode bikes. Hahah THAT was fun!
Saturday I got my work done really fast so I went to Bahama Bucks with Alex. Every time I go there, I just think of all the good times with the Asletts. I miss them so much! I cannot wait to see them while Im up there! We're gonna be reunited & it is gonna feel so good! Haha inside joke with our family and there.
After Bahama's, we went to Alex's house & made the funniest video EVER! Mac computers are the best things in the whole entire world. They make everything/everyone look beautiful. Love it. Im trying to convert my dad that Mac's are the way to go. Hopefully my loving second mother, Margie, can convince the master. Late Christmas present perhaps?
Satruday night, Brittlyn, Alex & I stayed at my house alone. We rode bikes around in crazy clothes. Yelling at people as they drove by. That was fun. After becoming freezing cold, we went back to my house & cuddled inside by my fire place. Hah, 3 bestfriends! I love those girls. After being warm, we went out on my tramp & watching the clouds & stars. Saw 3 shooting stars together! I think it was the best expierence I've had with those 2 girls. We talked & watched for an hour. It was perfect & relaxing. I love my bestfriends!
I had a good weekend. Life during the holidays is good. Arizona is still freakin' hot sometimes! I want the weather to really get cold! Im sick of all this half cold stuff. Driving to Utah in 5 days!
love love,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yes, I converted...

I have converted. Twilight Fan I am!
A few weeks ago, Twilight came out in theaters for the first time & everyone said it was either, dumb & had bad acting, or not even close to how good the book is. I was honestly really determined to not be in the norm & read this book that everyone raves about, but then I had to see the movie...Its all a blur from here. I go into this movie, thinking I am TOTALLY wasting my money if everyone says its horrible, & I walk out & am totally in love with it! Once I saw Edward on screen for the first time, the first words coming out of my mouth were "EW!" What were all these crazy girls thinking?! He's not sexy at all! & All my friends were head over heels for him, to say the least! But After watching the movie, its easy to say that Edward Cullen is the sexiest man who has ever walked this earth! I want an Edward so bad now. Gosh, he is amazing!
After seeing the movie, I had to listen to people & read the book. Everyone was stunned I loved the movie! They all said the same thing, "K, the movie is alright, but the book is a million times better! A million more times sexy!" Ok, I had to read it now. I didnt even think it was possible for Edward to get more sexy! I started reading it about 3 days ago & I am half way through with chapter 3. I know people think Im crazy because Im not GLUED to it, but I like having a few hours to think about whats going to happen next. Even though I may not have it in my hands 24/7, I love it! Easily the best book I've yet to come across in my short life. After Twilight, I will continue reading the books. & seeing the fabulous movies of course (if there is any)! I loved it. I love Twilight. I am converted!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pure Happiness Every Second!

Today was just one of those great days that you just want to rant about & tell all your friends how absolutely fabulous it was. So here it goes!
First off, school was great. I got all my homework done during school & I seriously had the best time of my life in Goodman's class today. Ally Taylor is the cutest/funniest girl I know! She IS one of my bestfriends & I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is so amazing! AH! At lunch, Gavin & Kyle were just being so funny & made me laugh so hard about all this dumb drama Im in. I love them! Seminary was good because I got to add 2 LINKS to the service chain which made me feel good(: P.E. was the greatest thing, as usual. Im so happy I finally have my bestfriend Alex back! She gets everything about me & is the most histerical girl in the whole entire world. We've already planned out next years' summer. Its going to be the best one of my whole life I think!
After school, I got my run in. Colton came with me this time! He was so speedy & insisted on racing me. I was like, "Hails no! I'll kill you & you will get embarrassed!" hahah. Totally a joke. He woulda killed me. I wasn't in the mood for a loss. Haha. We ran to Brittlyn's house & said hi to her. I love her so dang much! My number one bestfriend, Brittlyn Clarene Smith! Now this girl, she's amazing!
After running I went to the canery with my ward for mutual. Fortunately enough, I was blessed to have my ULTIMATE BESTFRIEND, Brittlyn, be in my ward. Her & I had a contest to see who could bage the most beans. Pretty much, I won by a million! Even though the canery is dirty, loud, & smells weird, it always turns out being a blast!
And now we are here. Its currently 9:10 & I AM TIRED! I need was my face, brush my teeth, drink one whole cup of ice water, & read Twilight for 30 minutes...or untill I fall asleep. Life is currently great! Lately, my friends have been making everything so much better. Along with my sisters. I am just so ready for the REAL Christmas season to come around, when everyone is happy. Even better news! My grades are going up, ALOT! I might get my phone back this weekend! YAY! Good day.
Currently: Lovin' Life.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Best Break In a Long Time

Last Wednesday, we got out of school for Thanksgiving break. I haven't had a break THAT fun in a loooooong time. Wednesday after school, my bestfriend, Brittlyn, came home with me. We got all ready & looked super cute & then all we ended up doing that night was playing at the park with Colton & Jaren.
I had never met Jaren before. Either had Brittlyn. This was because he lives in Utah. He's Coltons cousin. So anyways, we show up to this park thinking JJ (thats what I call him because there his initals) was going to be there with Colton. Nope! Colton was just chilling in the grass by himself, looking like a loser haha. We started asking Colton where JJ was & all of a sudden we hear this weird noise. "WACHOW!" Colton starts busting up laughing & there is JJ standing on a big rock. He had been hiding in a bush the whole time! What dummies. It was pretty funny though, not gonna lie. Haha.
Thursday! Thanksgiving! I went over to my grandma Funk's house. I love that little old lady. She's probably the favorite grandma in this house hold. Shhh! Dont tell! Anyways, we had a delicious thanksgiving. The wheather was FABULOUS! Towards the evening, it started becoming a little overcast, but it was beautiful. That night, I called Brittlyn. She was staying with us for the rest of break because her parents were both out of town. Colt & JJ called us, asked to hangout. We did. Watched a movie then went on a bike ride. Went to the park. As we were chilling at the park, we felt a few drops every little while. Then within 10 minutes of the very few drops, it just started POURING! It was so so so much fun! We all played in it for like 10 minutes then we decided to run home back to my house. So we're running home in rain where its pouring so hard we can't even see in front of us! THEN IT STARTS HAILING! It was the coldest rain of my life but I loved it! Arizona hadn't rained this hard in forever!
So while Im running, Colton asks if I want to ride his bike home so I can get warmer quicker, because Brittlyn & I walked. We didnt wanna ride bikes to the park. Then JJ offered his to Brittlyn. Brittlyn got on JJ's bike & I just kept running. I guess Colton dropped his phone on the road, so everyone stopped. You see, when its hailing super hard & your running AGAINST the rain, you gotta close your eyes, otherwise, BAM your eyes are out! So I didnt know & ran STRAIGHT into Brittlyn. Flipped completely over her bike & was dying laughing in the street in the middle of a hailing rain storm. Probably the funniest thing of the weekend! I peed my pants, but you couldn't tell because of the rain. We were SOAKED!
Once we got to my house, we danced in the rain for a little while longer, & then Colton & JJ said we should go into the backyard. When we were back there, Brittlyn tried taking off her jacket she had on over her clothes. If you've ever tried taking of a wet sweatshirt, you know its hard because its SUPER heavy. So while she was entertained with that, Colton & Jaren were talking to me. Then they both grabbed me & ran & pushed all three of us into the ICE COLD POOL! Most freezing night of my life, but it was totally worth it.
Friday night, Brittlyn & I had a girls night. Whenever we have those, we make funny videos! So I'll try to fix it up then post it soon. We're so random & funny when we're together! I love my best friend! (:
Saturday Brooklyn took Brittlyn & I to see Twilight which I LOVED! Im reading the book because everyone says that the book is even better! Yeah, really excited about that! After Twilight, we went to In-N-Out and got delicious burgers, milkshakes, & fries. YUM! Gotta love In-N-Out!
Saturday night, Colton called AGAIN & asked if Brittlyn & I wanted to hang out. We said sure, but they couldn't hang out till 9 so we walked over to our friend Bryan's house for a little. He had the coolest game room I've ever see! It had like game machines like in an arcade. LOVED IT! We left Bryan's then Colton called again & asked what Brooklyn was doing. I was like, uhh what the heck? My sister is 17 & is totally out of your league. Hahah. Then he told me how Jaren had an older brother who was 17 & a senior! I was like, oh well, if JJ's hot, then his brother must be! So Brooklyn, Brittlyn, & I, got on facebook to check out this brother. YEP, smokin'! Brooklyn told him to come over so all of the boys came over & watched Hot Rod with us. If you haven't seen that movie, I suggest you do. There is alot of bad language, but its probably the most funny thing EVER! Its like a Napolean Dynamite.
My break doesn't sound that great, but I hung out with the most fun people ever! And having my bestfriend stay with us all weekend long was awesome! I couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving Break.
Now for Christmas break, Brooklyn & I are gonna visit Jaren & Dallin (his brother) while we're in Utah! Hanging out with two cute boys should be a pretty fun vacation if your asking me! We're gonna ski with them & its going to be so great! Woo! Im excited. I just want next break to come already! GEEZ!
I LOVED THANKSGIVING BREAK! Best Thanksgiving ever!
love love,

*the first picture is of Jaren & Colton. Jaren is in the orangish shirt, & Colt is in the white. Those boys are my new bestfriends! (:
*the bottom picture is of Dallin, the boy who is Brooky's age. He's SO CUTE! That's his aunt, Coltons mama. AH! All the boys are so dang cute!