Wednesday, June 30, 2010


few things:
1) went & saw eclipse last night at midnight. props to them--my heart skipped beats numerous times.
2) i went on a date this week, with taylor barney. we tubed down the salt river then had a bbq afterwards. it was fun! really, i love the river. does that qualify me as a redneck?3) tomorrow i leave to california. coronado to be exact. HALLELUJAH! i am so freakin' excited!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


i'm just going to stick to happy posts for a little while. i'm in need of avoiding some displeasing facts.
did any of that make sense? hmm. whatev.
so, i'm going to copy my dear friend emily sue & post about my celebrity crushes. i tend to steal a lot of ms.em's ideas for blog posts, but it's cool. hopefully. i'm pretty sure i have more than emily, but we'll deal.
let's begin!

1) i used to not be a huge fan of him..but recently, he's making me weak in the knees. oh, zac efron. you are so good-looking with the best style. not to mention, your bod is absolutely ROCKIN'. i cannot wait for that new movie he's in to come out. something charley?

2) along with emily, i think you are drop dead sexy. he, honestly girls, is one of the only actors, boys for that matter, that can pull off a buzz. he is totally delish. not to mention his voice? sorry, i think JT is talented & i'm not gonna deny it. i totally was obsessed with nysnc when i was younger. maybe i still am slightly?

3) this cutie pie here might just be a soccer player who's an underwear model on the side, but to me, he's too good looking for his own good! i mean, look at him. he leaves me speechless. i think he has an accent, but i'm not sure. if he did, that'd just make him a little hotter. mmmm, david beckham, call me anytime you wanna play some soccer.

4) hottest old guy? i don't even know if you could qualify him as old, but he's the closest i'll get. bradley cooper. your smile is breathtaking. surprisingly, he can also pull off facial hair. i only like that on a few people. i'm definitely not one of those girls who is bothered by facial hair, as long as i'm not kissing you. ew--no kissy on facial hair. but really, look at those eyes!

5) ultimate crush--JUDE LAW. wow. seriously, i can't even put it into words how beautiful i think he is. ah! i just want to be his age & marry him. mmmm. his face is not symmetrical whatsoever (i know, i'm weird for noticing that) but somehow, it's perfect. he is literally the definition of sexy.

things i've got going on this week: aubree's birthday tomorrow! eclipse midnight showing with ally, aubree, & michaela. working. coronado on thursday! YES. cannot wait to get out of mesa.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


in other words--everything is sucking right about now.
i don't want to go to mountain view one bit next year.
red mountain, or mesa high?
i'd like your comments, please.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

is it not the best thing ever invented? i'm sorry, but i think i love skype more than i like talking on the phone, or texting all together.
it's seriously genius. you just have to create an account & then you can literally video chat anyone in the whole world. it is pure awesomeness.
seriously, i love skype. i want my own laptop just so i can skype my friends during all hours of the day.
talking to jaren, face to face, again, made my day turn totally around. he makes me so happy, that kid.
coronado is coming up, then utah. dang, i'm STOKED. summer is going absolutely fantastic!

Monday, June 21, 2010


i know yesterday was father's day, but to be honest, i didn't spend nearly as much time on the computer as i usually do. i tried to spend the majority of the day with my family. that involves, waking up extra early to eat breakfast, driving to church in the same car, going to grandparents, cleaning the kitchen, watching youtube videos, & playing just dance on the wii.
i don't really think i have a picture of just my dad & i, but i know i do, somewhere..obviously..i mean, he's my dad. anywho; i just wanted to dedicate this post to my dad. he does so much. he's a super hard worker, even though he acts like he does the bare minimum. he's always walking around the house making sure everything is in order or spraying the backyard patio down, or taking my truck to the shop to get an oil change, or paying for my gas to drive me to work. not only gas, but my dad basically pays for everything. i think we kind of forget, or choose to forget, that money is a big part of this world. having someone pay for you that frequently is kind of a big deal. i mean, i don't mind paying for my friends every now & then when they're short a
couple dollars, but if i'm ever with my dad, he'll always pay for me. since i have a job now, money has just become a lot more important. i finally understand why my dad doesn't just like to spend it all..he's a smartie. my dad is the most thought out person i can think of. not to mention, the biggest saver. he saved every penny he earned during high school & i don't think he has any idea how much i respect him for that.
my dad is always looking out for my best interest. when i do something wrong, he'll always try to help me fix my mistake. he'll always be on my side, but he'll always encourage the right thing. he never lets me fall short. he wants all of his kids to be the best at everything, which is a huge motivator because you never wanna let your dad down. he's my cheerleader. if he wasn't at a cross country meet, he'd be the first person to ask me how i did. or he'd be the last person to give me encouragement right before the race. usually the last person to say something, sticks a little bit better in your mind. lemme just tell you, his words of encouragement get me more pumped than anyone elses. he is so supportive of everyone in our family & i just think that reflects a lot of his personality.
my dad is never looking for the easy way out. he doesn't cheat or slack off, he's willing do something the right way all the time. even if it means it's harder.
my dad is always willing to help whenever i need it. if that means help washing the dishes, or doing some math problems, or changing a flat tire, he's always there along side. not only does he always help, but he teaches. even though his teaching methods annoy the crap out of me some times, he only does it because he loves me.
bottom line: i love my dad. i think i have the best dad in the whole entire world. i can tell him absolutely anything & know i won't be judged. he's one of my very best friends & i wouldn't rather have any other man in my life as my dad. i hope my future companion is a lot like him, because he is perfect & outstanding in every way.
i love my grandpa tucker more than words can express. he's so funny, he seriously makes me laugh all.the.time.
to my grandpa funk: i think about him everyday. i don't feel like i exceeded his expectations of what i could've been & what i've could've done. that's why i do all i can right now. i miss you so much & i know my mom does. i know everyone does. but most importantly, thank you for always letting me know i can get through things.
happy late fathers day, i hope it was fantastic.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i just read my good friend, rylee shai's post. i basically wanted to cry..even though it wasn't even that big of a deal, whatsoever. she just kind of reminded me of a lot of change that's going to occur.
example--my friend cole went to utah on sunday for school. i didn't really realize how close i was with him, until the last weekend before he left. he was on cross country with me, so i spent tons of time with him. more time that i thought. anyways, i'm just really sad that a lot of my friends are leaving me for college & missions.
ramsey goes up to byu tomorrow & i'm so sad i won't get to see him before he leaves.
tanner's at orientation this week & it's just becoming real that my best friend is moving away from me.
tucker leaves for college in a few months & i'm just hoping to get to spend as much time with him as possible. ah, i'm really going to miss my friends.
this is all just really bittersweet. i am one who embraces change, so don't think i'm not happy for my friends..i'm so happy they can go out & experience new things, but i'm really going to miss them. a lot. a whole, freakin' lot.
next year, i really don't have any idea what i'm going to do with myself. all my girlfriends are going to be seniors. ugh. this means they'll only be at school a few hours of the day & they won't be there during lunch. holy crap, this is going to suck big time. i really have no idea how i'm going to survive without them. all this emotional stress just seems to be heaping on me, right this second.
i just need to breathe.
i can do this. i'm abby tucker. i can do this. i can't do this..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear Bloggle,

yes, that's what i call my blog--bloggle.
sorry i have neglected you for such a long time. i'm just trying to have a memorable summer & i realize if i don't document any of it, i won't remember i should probably get back into the habit of writing on you.

well..i really don't have a whole lot to say except a few little bits & pieces of random. ha, i always do this.
1) i miss brittlyn.
2) i love my job.
3) glee is one of the most classic, fantastic shows to ever hit television.
4) i won't be surprised if i have skin cancer by the end of summer: i lay out way too much.
5) mika, your voice is my medicine.
6) camelback mountain, i will dominate you this tuesday.
7) i must buy hemp & nail polish.
8) anthropologie is the best store. EVER.
9) my mom kicked butt at her marathon.
10) i cannot wait for coronado.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


i get hurt WAY too often. not kidding. i've probably broken more bones in my body than the number of letters a missionary writes. no joke. i have something disasterous happen every single year. usually twice. i try to stay pretty safe during the summer, but nope..didn't work out.
i went to cross country practice on thursday & during my run, my arch in my left foot started to hurt more & more as i kept running. at the end of my run, i was basically hobling. i looked retarded to say the least. anyways, so i finished my run & asked a girl on my team what the deal was, considering she'd had the same problem previous seasons. she looks at me, with this super serious face, & says, "you'll probably be out for the whole season. that's exactly what happened to me & i ended up with a stress fracture. i'm sooo sorry!"
no exaggeration, i wanted to ball my eyes out right then. yeah my foot hurt, but this was the worst news i'd ever heard. honestly, i think it might be a simple sore foot, well..i lied..that's what i'm hoping it is. it was a pain i've never had though, so we'll see what the doctor says on tuesday. CROSS YOUR FINGERS!
disater numero dos. i went long boarding last night with some of my friends, & i thought i could handle more than i could. so i said, "i'm ready for the big hill!" we get to the top & i look down absolutely stoked to bomb down it. of course, all the boys try to freak me out & say that no girl has gotten down without totally killing herself..which kind of made me nervous, but i just thought i could prove them wrong. anywho, so i go down the hill fine & my friend, carson, yells out the car window that the steepest part is about to come. the hill levels out so, you kind of have a break. but as i see the steep part, i'm just like, "psh, no big deal.." then i notice how it REALLY gets steep. super duper steep. like, i dunno how to stop on something this steep. i got going so fast & as i was getting closer & closer to the bottom, i notice it pulled out into a busy road. so unless i wanted to get hit by a car, i had to get off before the end. so being stupid me, i didn't hear what carson said & just thought i could basically jump off. NOT A GOOD CALL. i barrell rolled about 20 feet. my bored went flying out from under me. i stood up immediately which was dumb, because i can tell that it made me more hurt, now. anyways, i looked at my knee first. my favorite pair of true religions were ripped wide open at the knee. my cords too! i was so sad..then i looked at my fingers & hands which were probably the worst. my pointer finger on my right hand is totally sliced open. legitimentally, sliced open. it was gushing everywhere! looked at my left arm, had some gnarley roadrash on my elbow, then kind of felt a burning feeling on my shoulder. tried moving my shirt & sure enough, my shoulder has some nasty, gushing roadrash--by the way, i can barely move my shoulder. it kills!
word from the wise: don't do more than you can handle.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


a lot, i mean A LOT has been going on these past few days. i'm not even sure what to do with everything that's happening..i'm going to try to figure out my life, so this post is just short & sweet.
here's a kick off to summer! my best friend graduated. i know i look like a creep, but oh well. i'm pretty sure i was more happy for him than he was..cross practice started & this means my mother goes & buys me some new shoes. i was going to get these lime green & purple brooks, but then my mom sent me a picture of these babies. newtons get cuter & cuter every single model. i love these guys! so stinkin' cute. not to mention, glittery.

everyday i don't have work, i do a whole lot of THIS. swimming in my beautiful pool that is toasty warm & fantastic. i kind of lost my tan for a little while, but it's slowly & surely coming back. speaking of which, i am doing some serious laying out today!

well, my life is kind of taking a hard hit right now..i'm totally physically & emotionally drained. just talked to a girl on my team, i might need to wear a boot. as in, one of those big, clonky black things for when you get injured. a lot of things are testing my strength, physically & emotionally, but i'll make it through, eventually.
stay sweet, az.