Sunday, October 31, 2010


here it dream of a camera..
(EOS Rebel XS 18-55IS Kit EOS Digital SLR Cameras)seriously, i would literally fall over and die if i got this for christmas. it's definitely the "biggest" present i'm asking for.
pretty, pretty please santa!?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday Girl!

today is my beloved mum's birthday! she turned 44! i hope she doesn't get mad i revealed her age via blog. oh well! in my opinion, she looks absolutely FANTASTIC for being 44! don't you agree?!
alright, here are 44 reasons why i love my mum.

1) she's always tells me when i'm doing something right.
2) she loves me unconditionally.
3) people say that we're twins and it makes me very happy.
4) she loves running as much as i do.
5) when she doesn't know the lyrics to songs, she mumbles weird noises.
6) her dance moves are to die for!
7) her facial expressions will make you crack up.
8) she likes to take time to help me out with writing assignments.
9) she always tries to bring the spirit into our home.
10) she sets an amazing example for me.
11) she buys everything fat-free, sugar-free, or baked..keeping our family healthy.
12) she is determined.
13) she's not a flakey person, she'll do whatever she says she will.
14) she's an ironman! (woman)
15) even though she doesn't agree, she's totally stylish.
16) she packs me lunches in the morning.
17) she appreciates the little things.
18) we share a lot of the same interests.
19) her laugh is contagious.
20) she's the definition of a natural beauty.
21) she wears toms!
22) i inherited my curly hair from her.
23) she can literally do anything she sets her mind to.
24) she could beat any one you in a swim race.
25) she could be any of you in an ironman.
26) she's not a liar, although she fibs some times ;)
27) she's my biggest support group.
28) she lives on for my grandpa, her dad.
29) she doesn't stay mad at me for very long.
30) she's super organized.
31) she thinks she doesn't have the creative gene, but she really does.
32) whenever she thinks her hair looks "scarey," she puts a hat on.
33) i think she's read more books than days in her lifetime.
34) she graduate college!
35) all of my friends love her.
36) she'd do anything for me.
37) she absolutely hates in when people take pictures doing the kissy face, so don't be that guy.
38) she does my laundry.
39) we both wear newtons.
40) her and i will do the amazing race when i'm 18.
41) she appreciates the outdoors.
42) she knows how to cook some delicious meals!
43) she's one of the smartest women i've ever met.
44) she loves her family.

need less to say, i really love my mom. that list seriously took no time to make up! i could just go on and on. there are so many things my mom does for me, i couldn't write them all down. what i'm trying to summarize is, i really look up to my mom. she's an amazing role model, i couldn't ask for a better one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


this last weekend, i hung out with some of my friends and one of them did this psychological test on me. after it was over and he explained everything to me, it made me realize a lot of things.
i need to figure out my priorities and i need to be a lot less stressed out about things. i tend to over think some times. so this post, i'm not going to do anything..i'm just going to say 3 little words.
Life Is Beautiful.
also, i really wouldn't mind if someone bought me flowers...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


is it bad that when i see stuff like this i want to get engaged?
*yes, i know i have a long, long wait ahead of me..
give me a break, i'm a girl.
i simply love love.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Someone That Pesters My Mind,

i'm going to be honest here, i'm not really sure there's anyone that pesters my mind that i'd like to share via blog. i mean, i could definitely think of someone who pesters my mind in a good way and blog about him, but he's getting kind of bored of it ;)
but then i could choose to blog about those few people i just don't seem to understand. let's talk about that for a minute.
have you ever met someone and you're just like, in a nice way of course, what is their deal?! i'm not trying to be mean, at all! there's just a few people out there where i just want to know what goes through their heads. for instance, when people walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands. i just want to know what makes that person feel clean when they walk out of there! you know? like, what on earth could make you think that your hands are clean after leaving a public restroom, at a gas station! seriously..some times, some times i just wish i could read minds.
that's it! that's what i need to look into. i need to find someone or something that can teach me the art of mind reading! or even people-reading. like poker players do, you know? it'd make my life so much easier and understandable. but i guess we can't get everything we want, right?
i've got too many quesitons..sorry.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Break, Anyone?

not going to lie, this break started off pretty dang sweet. until we had to come home. sad face.
my whole family went to california from friday night till tuesday afternoon. yes, even brooklyn came this time!
we went with a couple families in our ward, which was pretty fun. but some of the families didn't like disneyland as much as our family, so it wasn't as fun for them as it was for us.
we went to disneyland on monday. to our disappointment, it was EXTREMELY crowded..unlike last year when we went around this time. it was fine, we got to go on all the rides we wanted to, minus space mountain. my family watched captain eo instead, hahhahha. ask them all about it!
here's some pictures for your enjoyment.
the girls in my family? babe machines.
haunted mansion.
my sister is hot.
the magical world of COLOR!
balboa island with the family.
cutest flower stand, ever.
beach with the wardies.

the morning after i came home, i got to get my wisdom teeth out. yaaaay. NOT. freakin' sucks. this picture doesn't even give it justice.

someone bring me jello :(

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Someone I Wish I Was,

truthfully, i'm pretty happy with myself. content would be a better word. but there is a few things i wish i had every once in awhile.

for instance, emma watson's hair cut? oh my goodness, i'm dying. i'm seriously considering doing a pixie cut my senior year. don't judge me.
other times, i wish i had jessica alba's smile. wow.
but then i look at katy perry. her eyes are big and beautiful. i purposely chose the black and white picture because her eyes could be any color and still be stunning. they are ENORMOUS and breathtaking.
there is one thing i could definitely do without, on myself..and that's my nose. lauren conrad's nose is absolute perfection. do you disagree? i mean, look at it. small and cute. jealous.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dear Someone from my Childhood,

oh 'fin..where do i begin? we've seriously had a whole life together. apart and close, i'll always be your friend. even those these past years haven't been ideal for our friendship, i'll never forget how it was when we were youngins. you and i have a life supply of memories that will never be forgotten.
we've both made changes that will effect our lives forever. it's pretty obvious to say we both went opposite directions..but that's not meant to be negative in anyway. both of us have changed and moved on, grown up..i guess, but we'll always be friends. i think you think i don't want to be your friend, but i do. you will always be such a huge part of my life.
i hope you realize i care about you and love you more than you could ever imagine. one day i hope you'll break away from the path you've chosen to go down, but for now..i'll just wait. i'll always be here when you're ready to change.
try to remember how your life used to be. let that be your motivation for starting a new one. i love you, 'fin. please don't forget about me and our friendship, because i know i never will. you're still always in my prayers, just for the record.