Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Official.

i am a bielieber!
i am in love with justin bieber and i don't care who knows it!

Friday, February 25, 2011


i've been featured on a few blogs recently, by other people. i get kind of excited about it: guilty. it makes me feel like i'm 'with it.' or something like that. the first blog i was posted on was this one my sister's friends, brady, has created.
ally and i were featured as being fashionable and it made me feel REALLY good. considering people at my school some times criticize me for my clothing choices. ps-ally, i never got a chance to ask you where you got everything, but if i remember right, i think that my estimates are pretty accurate.
the second blog i was featured on was the famous beauty mark!
i got extremely excited about this one. i mean, basically every girl in mesa, or even arizona, reads it! c & h should be my sisters. we already act like it anyways. c lives down the street from me and makes me look top-notch for all my dances. h is my hair stylist who blessed with me with my beautiful pixie-do. which, btw, i am in love with.........STILL.
anyways, sorry to gloat or brag or whatever negative thing people are considering this post as. i was just sort of happy about it and thought you'd guys might be interested in reading these two fantastic blogs.
love you long time,

ps-i'm in utah. i am so happy. i really cannot even begin to tell you how much i love this place! its snowing huge, fat flakes and it's making me super happy. i've got a date tonight with shammy; one i've been looking forward to for weeks. i am a happy girl!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Celebrate.

in honor of presidents day, a few of my friends and i went and took some pictures in fun shops down main street. it seriously was one of the funniest experiences i've ever had! literally, laughing the whole entire time; my abs were killing me!
personally, i think they turned out stinkin' adorable..but that's probably just me.
here's a few!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Popular Vote.

so recently, everyone has been saying how summer-hungry they are. truthfully, i am loving this 'winter' arizona is having. it's been absolutely beautiful here! i'm falling into a deep, deep love with this 70 degree weather. don't get me wrong, i am so excited to swim and tan every single day this coming summer, but arizona is way too good to take for granted right now!
oh, just so everyone is aware..the best time to get your swim suits for summer is right now. get them now and you usually won't see 5 other girls within your community with the exact same one on. trust me, i've had experience in this.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Word Up.

i know, i can't even keep something up for 14 days. sorry kids, i tried.
since i haven't blogged in a little while, i'll update you on my life and how's it's been going currently.
well for those of you who didn't know, my birthday was last thursday. it was seriously one of the greatest days thus far in my year. for once, everything just went right. i wasn't sick and no body got the chance to ruin my day! i was just happy. oh, probably because my dad spoiled me and got me the iphone 4. WHAT UP! i used to think it was little bit of an exaggeration when people would say the iphone changed your life, but now that i have one, i completely agree. seriously, life changing. you literally have the whole world at your fingertips. and as brooklyn once described it, you live a more spontaneous lifestyle. it makes me so happy, that iphone.
this week, i've gone running every single day and it makes me so happy. i'm finally getting back into my groove and it's going so extremely well. i wear my vibrams every single time i run. i've never felt better. that is no exaggeration! they seriously are magical. i love them.
next weekend, i'm going up to utah to watch my sister compete in her gymnastics me. i've been checking park city's weather report and they are supposed to get TONS of snow this week! it seriously makes me so happy, you have no idea. i love it when i see clouds filled with snowflakes on my iphone's weather update. oh and mesa's weather? oh my goodness. talk about UH-MAZ-ING. loving every second of it! supposed to get some rain this weekend too. love me some rain.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i'm sorry, i've fallen behind in my blogging.
anyways, you know those little things that really bother you and just make you extremely angry? yeah, well i had my fair share of that recently. the only thing that's getting me through it is this:
oh & my two favorites. that'd be kid cudi and the black keys.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day #9.

today, i am in love with youtube. yes, i know, strange..but i do really love it! i spend way too much of my time looking up stuff for others, or myself on here. it's definitely one of my weak points, but oh well, right? it's so easy and accessible. i probably look up music on here more than anything. music is the best when it's on youtube, usually.
anyways, i am happy tonight. i'm sitting here with my sister dancing in our office and just being kind of, sort of......well.......CRAZY! i wish my sissy, btuck, was here.
tomorrow is my birthday! bye.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i'm aware i've fallen behind on my annual love of the day, but i'm going to catch up. 3 days all in one!

on the 6th, i have to say that i love naps.
being in high school, i feel like i'm always a little bit sleep deprived, but maybe that's just me. i don't usually do the whole napping on sundays thing, because then i have a hard time falling asleep at night..but i tried it out this last weekend and lemme tell you, i slept like a baby. i haven't had a nice nap like that in so long! i was bathing in it's beauty. mmmm, take me away sleeping angel.

on the 7th, i have to say i am grateful for skype. i skyped with a few of my friends from utah and even one who's currently in hawaii. it made me really happy, getting to see their faces and all. whoever thought of skype is seriously brilliant. i'm seriously not even joking when i say it's one of my favorite past-times. i'll skype anyone any time. even if they're 2 houses down from me.

today i love my grandma. i don't give this amazing women enough credit. she's one of the easiest people to talk to! literally, i can talk to her about anything and she'll just give me advice. she's one of those people who won't ever make you feel stupid, but make you feel loved and that makes me love her even more. she helped me make my sadies costume today, which i'm so excited about! i love my grandmare, i really do.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day #5.

today i love missionaries.
last night, i had the opportunity to go watch the one and only tanner tod thornton open his mission call! my parents came with me and it was really exciting, the anticipation an all.
anyways, he got called to serve in the el salvador east mission! he reports may 18th, which is 5 days after he gets out of school, haha. i am seriously so excited for him! when he opened it and was reading it, i was surprised he didn't start crying, to be honest. i was surprised i didn't cry! ok, maybe i did on the drive home, but that doesn't count.

this is to tanner.
dear tantor, or should i say elder thornton from now on?
i can't even tell you how excited i am for you to go serve the lord all the way down in central america. you're going to be one heck of an amazing missionary! you have so much potential. i know those people in el salvador have been praying for someone like you to come into their lives.
you are an amazing young man. you're going to do great things with your life from here on out; this is only the beginning. i am so proud to say i was your girlfriend, because you are seriously one of the best kids i've ever met.
you're going to experience so much happiness on your mission! i know that i'm going to miss you a lot, but my happiness is overtaking that by a long shot. you're going to be a missionary! a missionary! for the church of jesus christ of later day saints! this is all happening! i'm so glad i got to be with you for so much of the way. i'll never forget you and all of the great times we had together.
you're still my best friend, so don't forget it, k? i am so happy for you. i love you with all my heart!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Last Night.

i really couldn't sleep. i got up way too early this morning. i have way too much time to myself this morning and i'm not exactly sure how to use it. if it wasn't dark outside at 6 am, i would've gone running. but that and the fact that it's like 28 degrees outside is just not fun.
i think tomorrow, some time in the morningish-time, after the sun is up and is at a comfortable warmth, i'm going to go on a really long run. probably papago, or somo. would anyone care to join me? haha.

so i kind of want to steal an idea from the beautifully, talented, emma barton. she's basically doing the 12 days of christmas, but instead, the 14 days of valentines. so each day she posts about something she loves, up until valentine's day. so i'm going to get caught up real quick and do 4 posts in one, k? bare with me.

{day 1} i love my stained glass class. just the act of completing a stained glass project, by itself, is so addicting. i was going to do intermediate next year, but i'm just going to not have a first hour instead. haha! but really though, stained glass is so much fun. even though my star kind of sucked, my other project is coming along pretty nicely. *knock on wood!* plus+ my class has so many freaking fun people! i have mccall, marni, brynn, mckay, chris, hb, drew, and johnny. just a buncha cool kids.

{day 2} today i love oranges. i seriously eat anywhere from 5-8 a day. this is easily the best part about arizona's 'winter'. the oranges come in season and my backyard has a plethora of them! they are basically like candy! i love it when oranges and peaches come in season. peaches from utah. MMMMMMM. gimme more!

{day 3} today i love boys. the only boys i actually seem to talk to live so far away from me. just to name a few of my friends, they would be: tanner, preston, sam, jaren, and nate. they either live in flagstaff, california, or utah. it sucks, because i really just miss them all so much. i skype jaren, slamma, and nate about once a week. preston and tanner both are coming down this weekend and i cannot even contain my excitement!

{DAY 4} this is actually on time, so here. today i love my short hair. you wanna know why? because i haven't washed it since wednesday morning and i'm not going to wash it till tomorrow morning. guess what girls? short hair don't get greasy! so convert. chop all of yours off. it's the best thing ever. HA, don't do that..really, don't. i was kidding! but seriously, i love it. i'm not even embarrassed to say i haven't washed my hair, because if i didn't tell you, none of you would even know it! so ha, there!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


next week is my birthday, one week from today. i'm not coming onto my blog to tell you all this, but i am going to tell you what i got because i'm really excited about it.
i've been reading this book called, 'born to run' and it's really good. if you're even midly interested in running when your older or even now, i suggest you read it. if this book doesn't get you motivated to run marathon after marathon, i don't know what will.
it's about this tribe in mexico who are ultrarunners: people who run 100mile+ marathons. they set world records and are all vegetarian. they mostly live on pinole beer, beans, and pita bread.
the best part about them? they run these marathons, BAREFOOT. yeah, you read that right..without shoes! i've done my fair share of running barefoot and i love it, but this just gave me the extra reassurance on what i needed to do with my birthday gift. so i asked for some vibrum fivefingers. for those of you who don't know what they are, they're a running shoes. they basically look like "your foot was dipped in ink". they fit every one of your toes and are snug to your top and arch in your foot. they're meant for you to run like you're barefoot.
the human race was meant to run barefoot. a lot of people disagree, but i do not. i'm going to do myself a favor and stop tearing up my body and start running with these vibrums all.the.time. i'm really excited about!