Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Its That Time Again

So today Runner's Den came to Mountain View & sold us discounted running flats. Im so pumped for the season now! You have no idea. We're gonna do great I think. We've been training hard & long. I think our hard work will have a good outcome...Anyways! Back to the point, Runner's Den came into OUR 6th hour to sell us custom shoes! It was freakin' awesome. For how nice of shoes they are, we got an awesome discount.
love love,

Also, Mountain View Cross Country is having ECA donations brought in for our team. This money will pay for our equipment, uniforms, & meets. It costs anywhere between $300-600 for us just to go to races & invitationals. Any donation is awesome! If you'd like to support our team, feel free to comment on my page. All donations will be excepted by Monday, August 24th. We thank you so much!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

High School

I started high school last Wednesday at the big Moutain View! Honestly, I thought it would be alot better than everyone described it as. I hated the first girl friends decided to ignore me 100% that day, so I was stuck alone. Luckily, all my guy friends were there for me. I love them. They made the first day a little better for me. It was just totally different. It was huge! The teachers were even more crazy. There was so many kids my age all in one place that I didnt even know they exsisted...
The 2nd day was definitely better because I just stayed with my boys the whole day. I didn't even waste my time trying to hang out with the girls. I know that sounds bad, but what could I do?! I didn't want to be alone.
First hour, I have science. My teacher in there seems pretty relaxed. His name is Mr. Tofft. He's a short guy. I like him so far! Second hour, I have math with my good friend, Jeff Castillo. He's the only person I know in that class, which really stinks...but I love that kiddo! Third hour, Im taking photography. I don't think I'll be in that class much longer because Im going to try & do student council. And they take away your elective; which for me would be photo. But if I dont make student council, I can tell that class will be super easy & enjoyable. Lunch on the first day totally sucked. I was completely ditched by the girls & had to eat alone. But I told you earlier, the boys came & had my back. I love them. I take those boys for granted...Im sorry guys. For fourth hour I had my other great friend, Hunter in my class. Seriously-our teacher is a drill sargent. He's short, bald, strict, & mean. His name is Mr. Bonjour. Im so nervous for his class! He said he is a really hard grader & catches every mistake. Im totally gonna rely on my mom for this class. Im lucky I got a mom who majored in English, haha. Fifth hour I have seminary. I was so happy because my long-life friend, Emily Clifford was in that class! I seriously love her. We used to be the best of friends. I can tell I will become super close with her this year. Yay! Sixth hour is cross country. I about DIED yesterday! I've been super sick this week. So sick, that when we were running before school on Wednesday, I passed out on the canal. I probably shouldnt be running with a sore throat & fever though. So my fault. Yesterday was my first day back since passing out. Im not 100% better, but I thought I should see how I would do. We did sprint workouts on the track called circuits. I totally died. I felt so sick! It was way too hard. So I didnt attend this morning's practice. Its a good thing I have an awesome coach who understands. I love Coach Alexander. He's a good coach, yet totally chill. He understands is a better way to say it...
The third day of high school was by far the best. Although practice made me feel so sick, I had a great day. I recieved a little homework, which didn't surprise me...but that's ok! I got the weekend.
My sister said the first week of high school is when you try to figure out who you're friends are going to be. I think I know now. Its been a challenge for me knowing who I should be friends with--but I think I have a pretty good idea of who I want to hang out with every weekend & tell everything to. Its helpful going to the same school as all my older friends. They got my back.

WELL, Brooklyn leaves for college in a week. On Sunday. Im actually getting really sad about it...I hope she misses me.
love love,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abby is Legally Permitted

WOW. Im already allowed to get my permit. This is crazy! I'll be 16 in 6 months...
I went with my dad to get my permit yesterday & forgot to bring the 2nd form of ID, so they wouldn't let me take it. Today, 30 minutes after cross country practice, my dad takes me to go get it & I pass with 'flying colors' says the man at the counter. Even though I missed 5 & you're only allowed to miss 6. Yeah, so scarey.
Basically, my permit is the most ugly thing I've ever seen. I just got out of practice...ew. I don't really care though. I can basically drive--legally. Awesome.
love love,

Here comes Abby, Mountain View...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


This week, my friends & I went out a little ways into the desert & decided to do a little fashion shoot. Im sure most of you have already seen the whole thing on my facebook, but here are some of my favorites!
I love Natalie Fielding & Christy Weed. Great girls, even better friends.