Monday, November 21, 2011

No Title.

truthfully, i don't know why anyone cares to read my blog at all. lately, my posts have been everything but entertaining. i guess you could say i've lost my passion for writing over the past couple weeks.

but i'll think of something...

i know. i'll say what i'm thankful for. i'm so cliche.
anyways, lets get to it.
i'm thankful for so many things, but one main one is education. in my religion, we're taught that the only thing we're able to take to heaven it the knowledge we acquire on this earth. and you better believe i'm taking all that i can. i spend more hours at the school than i do at home. and i spend more hour doing things that involve school than just about anything. i've been applying to colleges like a mad man recently. i seriously cannot stress to you how excited/nervous/anxious/and scared i am. i cannot wait to further my education away from home. yes, it's going to be difficult, but i'm so excited! let's hope i can even get away from in get accepted. crossing my fingers!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Check This.

i've had a mica watch for
almost a year now.
and i love it.
everyone needs one.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Video Post.

seriously this gives me the chills.
she is stunning.
his voice is the most dreamy thing i've ever heard.
her teeth are perfect.
he has the best smile.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Big C.

you guessed it. college.
i've been applying to schools on a regular basis lately. seriously it's nuts how long the process takes for some of these schools. don't get me wrong, it's going to be totally worth it...but right now it's just sort of draining.
i've applied to byu provo & hawaii. i've applied to lds business college in salt lake. i've applied to utah valley university in provo. and i'm currently in the process of applying to fidm: fashion institute of design merchandising. i doubt i'll get in, and i doubt i'll even end up in california, but just even applying is getting me excited. wish me luck!
oh and here's something i thought was beautiful. enjoy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011


yes, i've been extremely mia these past few weeks and i'd like to apologize for that.
currently, my life has been crazy.
a couple of things have come to an end. for instance, cross country is over for me. forever.
and i can't help but to say how relieved, happy, sad, and empty i feel without it.
honestly, i loved that sport. i really did. and still do. i loved getting up in the morning before the sun was out to work until i couldn't go anymore. i loved seeing my coach every single day. i loved seeing my teammates, the only people who couldn't make me anything but happy. i loved not having to worry about what i looked like or what i smelt like.
it's going to a long process to get over that sport, but don't worry...i'm still going to run my heart out because i honestly don't know what it feels like to not go more than 2 weeks without running. i'm actually signing up for a half marathon with my sister brooklyn, that we'll being doing together in march. she's already done one, so she's going to stay with me the whole time because she'll probably kick my butt.
another thing that's beginning to end for me is high school. literally, graduation is 6 months away and it couldn't possibly becoming faster. i spend hours applying to colleges every single day. i really couldn't even begin to explain how much is stresses me out. i am so not impressive. no schools are going to want me.
well, this blog post was uneventful for my readers, but till next time!