Saturday, July 25, 2009

Girls Camp

4th year girls camp in AZ is the 'high-adventure year' as my dad would like to say it...I was so excited for this year! This is the year everyone looks forward too. We would get to be away from the rest of the stake & were basically in our own world.This year, we went repelling & canoeing. We got to participate in archery & gun shooting. Also, we gotta spend a WHOLE day at the prettiest resivour I've ever seend. Blue Ridge, you should definitely hit that place up. Seriously, so cool. My dad made my 'family' pitch their own tent. It was a little challenging, because some of my friends aren't the sharpest tools in the shed ;) haha! They know I love them though. We just get distracted really easily. And with bugs around us...this challenge of pitching a tent would be alot harder than it needed to be.

In my tent, I had all of my friends. There was Alex, Madi, Emily, Kami, America, Adrianne, & Savannah. My tent was the clowns of the stake for sure! Good thing my parents were in charge of our group...otherwise we'd have a serious delema!
I had so much fun at Girls Camp. Along with my EFY company, I got super close with these girls. They are now my bestfriends. I spend every weekend with them. We had a girls night last night & I had realized I had never laughed that hard in my whole entire life. It was seriously CRAZY FUN!
love love,

Lemme just tell you...girls nights get crazy.

Especially For Youth

My EFY expeirence was definitely different this year...I had signed up rooming with my sister, Rachel. This meant, I was planning on her being my roommate. Well, apparently I was 16 this year, so I ended up being in the older group. Ages 16 to 18.

Even though Im the least shy one in my family, it was extremley hard going to EFY with knowing absolutely NO ONE! I seriously was so nervous to meet my company & not have anyone to sit by, but luckily, my friend Jeff Chapman, was in my company! I knew him & no one else. He went to my junior high for 7th & 8th grade, so I was definitely lucky. He now goes to Highland High, in Gilbert which is about 20 minutes away from Mountain View. So Im happy I gotta get caught up with him.

I thought this year wasn't going to be fun at all not knowing anyone, but I was totally wrong. The year I don't know anyone, ends up being the best year for me! I was extremley shy at first, but then I got to my normal, crazy, humerous self...everybody loved me for me. EFY seriously brings out the best in everyone. I love it there.
I had a great session director. Although he wasn't my absolute favorite, I still loved him. His name was Brother Toma. Not only did he do an excellant job at directing the session, but he had an amazing voice! He was the best singer I heard that whole week, not kidding.
I love going to classes, because I was with my whole entire company every minute. This was the first year I didn'tbreak off from my company during classes time. We all were together constantly...except for one girl. Her boyfriend came the same week as her, so she chose him over us. It was a little bit of a let down, but what can you do? haha.
My company & I became so close this year. There were 19 girls & 10 boys. 8 of those boys live in AZ. 2 of them go to Mountain View, my school. The other 6 go to Highland, which, as I said earlier, is about 20 minutes away. So, in other words, I get to keep in touch with my EFY friends for the first time EVER! I seriously got so lucky. I am the only girl from AZ in my company, except one other who lives in all the girls in my company were jealous that I had all the boys to myself.
I had the most inspiring counsler yet. Her name was Steph. She recently converted to the church 2 years ago. Her story of conversion was amazing to listen. She taught me how important it is to be an example because everyone around you is watching. She was the best example of a believer that week. She changed my life.

Overall, I had the best EFY expeirence this year & I wouldn't have traded it for the whole world. I loved my company! I strongly encourage you to go without knowing anyone & it literally makes your EFY expeirence so much better. It made me stronger, 'nuff said. I have the strongest testimony of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & I can never picture my life without it.
I loved EFY & everyone I met there. Thank you for the best week of my life everyone! Also, I loved learning sign language. The ASL (American Sign Language) week is by far the best week to go to.
love love,

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We drove up to Utah Friday morning with the whole family, minus Brooklyn. The drive went fast-sleeping the whole way makes everything a whole lot quicker.
When I come up here, the weather is ALWAYS beautiful! It seriously is amazing up in Park City. 75degrees, mmmmm.
Brooklyn's friend, Jake Collins, has been hanging out with us this passed weekend. He's super nice, always willing to help! He turns in his papers next Friday! How exciting. He's like our brother. I love him.
Well, tomorrow, my crazy summer begins!
I go to EFY tomorrow, at BYU, in Provo, with Rachey. I am seriously so excited! This year will be ultra fantastic since I'll be with my sister.

So this week, EFY. July 13-18.
Get on a plane the 18th & head back to AZ.
From the 20-23, I am at 4th level girls camp.
The day I get BACK from girls camp, I fly back up to Utah.
We drive home from Utah the 1st.
I need to be back to AZ by the 2nd so I can head up to Cross Country camp in Seattle.
Im there till the 6th.
Then we have one weekend & school starts the 10th!
Busy-Busy summer ahead of me.

ALSO-here are some of the family pictures we take every year in Coronado. They seriously turned out GREAT! Best pictures yet.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Basically, I love spending my 4th of July at the Del. I call that place 'heaven' to my friends. Its perfect there.
You don't have to get ready. You get so incredibley tan. You don't do anything except for lay on the glittery, sandy beach. You enjoy pina coladas as often as you'd like. Mootime is eaten every night. You're family is your only friends there. You can prune up your skin as much as you want as you sit in the hot tub for hours on end. You take cute family pictured that always turn out marvelous. You get even cuter shirts that are ALWAYS extremley comfortable. You watch fireworks on the golf course above the bay.
It honestly can't get better.
It bums me out that I only get to go once a year...but it makes it that much better to look forward too.
I had a great time this year. It went by WAY to fast. Thank you Mom, Dad, & the Norbergs for making this all possible for yet, another year. What does this make...15? And still going.
I love everyone who went & was pleased to have the company of the Demkes.
I cannot wait to go back next year.
Yet another perfect 4th of July!