Saturday, November 29, 2008

In the Good Days

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When the bad times can be taken out with a dance.
I love you bestfriend.

love love,

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Here is a few things I am ESPECIALLY greatful for:
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Boys
4) Computers
5) Books
6) Teachers
7) Grandparents
8) Rain
9) Diego!
10) Music
11) Gospel
12) Prophets
13) Seminary
14) Medicine
15) Trees
16) Sight
17) Hear
18) Smell
19) Touch
20) Being Healthy
21) Food
22) Scriptures
23) Movies
24) Classic moments that can never be replaced
25) Arizona
26) Wealth
27) Homes
28) Volunteers
29) Wind
30) Skiing
31) The ability to run
32) Laugh
33) Smiling
34) Hugs
35) Kisses ;)
36) Sisters
37) Brothers
38) Rules & guidlines
39) Cell phones
40) Shoes
41) Choice
42) Democracy
43) GOD head
44) Bicycles
45) Plan of Salvation
46) Bodies
47) Cameras
48) Sports
49) Special relationships
50) Love

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Its kind of a big deal to us people in Arizona.
We never get it. When we do, it lasts for aproximatley 5 minutes, then it wont happen for the rest of the day.
Today has been overcast ALL day & I'm lovin' it! And! Its rained more than once! Constant light mist throughout the day with burts of pourage. Haha.

I love rainy days!

& Finally my bestfriend decided to come over, to come home & we played in the rain(:
I love the rain!
love love,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ironman Mama!

Currently it is 10:33.
This morning I woke up at 6. Mom & Dad are already gone for the race. Amy Demke (moms bff) comes & picks up & takes us to Tempe Town Lake. We get there, meet up with my dad. Team Tucker had arrived! Waiting anxiously, we see the Pro's start off on their swim. As the 'average joes' (I like to call them) get into the water, I spot my mom RIGHT UNDER THE BRIDGE! We screamed & tried to get her attention, but it didn't happen. Haha. She looked so cute in her pink cap!
As we wait for the pro's to get a little bit farther ahead & for the average joes to start, the annoucncer came over the speakers. He tried to get the spectators pumped up by saying things & playing songs. And after he got the spectators pumped, he turned to the racers. This was truly inspirational. He yells into the microphone, "Who's ready to have a day of dreams?!" And as soon as those words flew out of his mouth, all the small swimmers under the bridge yell! It was the most awesome thing EVER. It was like they were going to war. Probably one of the coolest things in life I've yet do see/hear. I got a little teary-eyed. Super awesome experience!
After seeing my mom transition from the swim to the bike, we came home. As we were walking out, we looked into Tempe Town lake & they're were still HUNDREDS of people swimming. We look down & cheer them on for a minute & while we cheer them on, I just think...Wow, my mom is beating all these people! 1 hour & 12 minutes for her swim. SHE'S DOING AWESOME!

Currently it is 2:54. We just got back from seeing my mom for the second time on her bike. She has done 3 loops on her bike on the beeline. While we waited & watched, we saw an old man who looked identicial to Grandpa Funk. Amy & I got a little teary-eyed again. He topped the day off on awesomeness right there!
We watched her loop twice which was super cool. She had a smile on her face every time we saw her. She is so strong. She looked GREAT! She's on her last loop right now. After this, she will start her 26 mile run or marathon! mom rocks! She's gonna do awesome. Hopefully she drops a little time off of her PR (personal record.) 2.4 mile swim in a lake, 112 miles on the BeeLine. Dedication right there man.
The best thing about my mom is even if she goes slower than her Florida Ironman, she will be SO proud of herself. She always looks on the bright side of everything. She is super optimistic. Another reason I wanna be JUST LIKE HER! Awh, its going to be emotional as she crosses the finish line. I'll keep you posted.

OH! Almost forgot to tell you about our super ultra fabulous 'Team Tucker' shirts. These are temps. We're making the cute ones right this very minute actually! They're gonna turn out super cute. I'll definately capture that shot at the finish line. Right now its 72 degrees outside. Finish is gonna be pretty chilly. Amy says we're all required to wear jeans with our shirts. Its gonna be pretty dang cute! This is going to be an emotional night for me. I can already tell....Team Tucker will keep you posted on super hero Lorie Rosella Funk Tucker. We do love our IronMama!

JUST IN: Finished her 112 mile bike with a time of 6 hours & 32 minutes. Almost done Mom!

Currently it is 6:13 PM Monday night. My mom completed her ironman race last night. She swam 2.4 miles in the tempe town lake in an hour & 12 minutes. She rode 112 miles on her bike in 6 hours & 32 minutes. She ran a 26 mile marathon in 5 hours & 30 minutes. She went a little bit slower than her Ironman in Florida, but this course was alot harder. We're still SO amazed that she finished! That's awesome! Overall her time was 13 hours & 19 minutes of constant workout. Imagine that, NOT STOPPING FOR 13 HOURS?! Now that is awesome!
I am so lucky to have a mom who can do something she love, but still have time for her kids. She's so dedicated & determined with her training. She gets up at 4:30 every morning. Then around 12, she drives out to ASU & swims there. She sets the best example for us. She's awesome! Im so glad to have that cute little girl as my mom. She inspired me so so so much yesterday. As soon as im 18, Im doin' that thing. Its gonna be hard, but if my mom is right there with me, I can do it. All i need is her support & it will be GREAT!

Mom, your awesome! I loved watching you race. You did freakin' awesome! I had such an eventful day watching you & I loved it! Even though Scott gotta run across the finish line, I expect to nex Florida. Hah, Im coming with you! You are an inspiration to many. Congrats! "Lorie Tucker; A stay at home mom, A stay at home Ironman!"

I love you My Ironmama!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

High School Photos

So I was reading Shane's blog & I saw all his hilarious high school photos so I just HAD to try it out. Probably the most entertaining thing on the face of this earth! If you haven't tried it, you have too.
I totally recommend it if your looking for a good laugh!

Janice Hefler 1978^

Lorie Funk 1990^

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Waiting, Waiting, & More Waiting!

I can't even stand it!
Thanksgiving needs to happen already.
I want it to be time to get jackets & boots. I want it to start getting cold. I want to hear countless number of Christmas songs on the radio! I wanna cuddle in blankets. I want to say "Its too cold out there!" I want the holiday season to freakin' come already!
I wanna be in Utah with my family sitting by the sweet fire.
I want it so so so bad!
I want to start buying Christmas gifts for people! That's one of my favorite things. I love it even more than recieving gifts.

Who agrees Christmas needs to come sooner?
Enough with Gobble, Gobble, & hello to Ho, Ho, Ho!

I mean SERIOUSLY, come on people....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

20 Classics

1)What do ya say we try an Austrailan kiss? Its just like a french kiss, but down unda!
2)Did you know your eyes are blue? Like the ocean. Did you know Im lost at sea right now?!
3)I lost my number. Can I have yours?
4)If you were a booger, I'd totally pick you first.
5)If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd so put U & I together.
6)"Would you happen to have a bandaid?"
"No, sorry."
"Oh dang, I just scrapped my knee fallin' for you."
7)Are you Jamaican? Oh! Thats why your Ja-Makin' me crazy!
8)I think I've seen your picture before. Oh yeah, it was in the dictionary, right next to the word 'kabam'!
9)Baby, I know your feet must be tired because you've been runnin' through my mind ALL day!
10)If I have a soccer ball, will you come kick it with me?
11)Ow my tooth hurts. Cause your so sweet.
12)I have an owie on my lips. Can you kiss it better?
13)Wow, you look so fimiliar. You look like my next girlfriend.
14)Our love is like dividing by zero. It cannot be defined.
15)Your like a pinkberry yogurt. Sweet & no fat.
16)Your so hot, your the cause of global warmin'.
17)My love for you is like diarhea. I just can't hold it in.
18)I must be a snowflake because I've fallen for you.
19)Im so enchanted by your beauty, I ran into a wall. I'll need your name & number.....for insurance purposes.
20)I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day Off!

Every day Brooklyn & I create a new dance move of some sort.
Today we had the day off, and you can only IMAGINE how much time we had to dance!
Here is a hilarious video of one of the new weirdo dances I created.
The new cool thing.

love love,

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Who watches Grey's Anatomy?
Well, if you watched last Thursdays, you saw the elderly couple.
When this woman came into the hospital to fill out her papers, she didn't want any life support treatment if was to ever be needed. In other words, she told the doctors, she didn't want to be hooked up to machines to be living.
When Dr. Bailey came in to tell the old woman she was going to be getting prepared for surgery, she leaned over to her husband & gave him a kiss. They stared into each others eyes for a little, then said, "Goodbye. I love you."
As the old woman pulled away in the gurney, the old man said, "We do it every time she goes into surgery. So every time she gets out, we say 'hello'."
During surgery, the old woman didn't have things go as planned.
While sitting in her room after her surgery, she started to crash. Her monitors were going off & the old man was sitting by her side yelling. He didn't understand why anyone wasn't helping her. Doctor Bailey came in & told the old man the condition & said how she signed her life away. Immediately after saying that, her monitor stopped. The old man came to his wife & started giving CPR.
At that moment, I thought about my grandma & grandpa.
While watching this old man do anything to keep his wife alive, I thought about my grandpa who had passed away last April. I started thinking about what I would do if I was the nurse who was there to hear my grandpa's last breath.
Little things like that are the things that really get to me.
Some days I really miss him. But there isn't one day I don't think about him.
Even though I wasn't super close with my grandpa, I feel like now that he's gone, I'll have such a better understanding of him. Every time someone talks about him, friends/family/etc. they say he was the best man who ever lived. He was always serving others & he never complained. He was always happy & helpful. Everyone says that family was his number one priority, except for serving his lord. My grandpa was & is still an amazing man. I think about him everyday & I want to be just like him.
That is why he is my number one hero along with my mother, his oldest daughter.
I love you Grandpa.
And Grandma, if your reading this, know I love you too. Just as much. You better not be planning on leaving me any time soon.
love love,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paige's Party!

I told you I would update you on this fabulous party I would be attending, so now, I WILL!
Probably one of the funnest things I have done with my friends in a long long long time! Mesa hasn't had a party that fun, in forever!
She hired a DJ & had some seriously awesome strobe lights goin' on!
When I got there with my friends Alex & Makayla, NO ONE was dancing. Seriously? Come on people! This invitation had dance party written allllll over it. But, if you know me, I changed the 'no dancing' mood fast! Alex & I started dancing, then more of our friends came & danced with us & before we knew it everyone was dancing. And EVERYONE is alot of kids! Somewhere between 60-100 kids were there. It was insane fun! I love my friends! They made my night!
love love,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its been awhile.

Obviously nothing to great has happened recently, otherwise you would see more posts.
Anyways, I guess I'll just talk about my week.
Its pretty good. We have a new president! Everyone says we will be needing alot of blessing with this new guy Obama as president. That doesn't make getting a new president sound too great.
Besides getting a new president of the US nothing is really new.
Tomorrow night I will be going to my friend Paige's birthday party! Its going to be huuuuuge! She hired a DJ & kids in high school are coming! Whoa, crazy! I'll tell you how that goes later,. But anyways, Halloween & October are over! So dang speedy! This means Thanksgiving and everyone's favorite CHRISTMAS! I already know what I want Santa to bring me. The sweetest tricycle ever. It has a basket & everything. The seat is bigger than my head. Its seriously just ment for a comfortable sweet ride! Perfect for me! Better have 'Santa' claim it before any other kid in Mesa does ;)
Well, lately I've just been super happy. My friends are great! I actually just went to an abandoned house with a couple of my friends today & watched them BMX bike in the empty pool. So legit, they couldn't quite. The house has like zebra walls! Its awesome. Brittlyn & I are gonna get it all fixed up then move there! hahah, just kidding. To scarey!
Anyways, nothings really new with me, but I hope everyone is having a good November! Today is was 52 degrees! Super chilly for us Arizona kids. Cannot WAIT to go to Utah! Christmas up there, but we're renting it out for New Years. Serious bummer. First New Years in AZ in a loooooong time. Definately gonna be different.
love love,

Saturday, November 1, 2008


At the bottom of my page, is a video of me & my friend, bestfriend, Brittlyn Clairene Smith doing what we do at 2 in the morning on Halloween!
I love you Brittlyn!
Best Friends Forever!

Comment me & tell me which person I am!


This year, Halloween was on a Friday, if you didn't know. Anyways, it helped alot because usually, its during the week which means a candy hang over for the next day at school. LUCKILY, it wasn't!
If you can probably guess, I spent Halloween with my bestfriend! Brittlyn! She came over & we rode our bikes to sonic. Everyone who works there was dressed in costumes. Weird! Anyways, after Sonic, we came home and got ready. Then we hung out with our friends Sky & Cole. Super fun! After driving/trick-or-treating, we came home. Once we got home, we invited our other friends over. Colton, Connor, Abel, Bart, Josh, & Conner. We all watched 2 scarey movies, which was fun! Loved Prom Night! Super Scarey!
Overall, I had a good Halloween! Here's some pictures of Brittlyn & I in our costumes. The Two Amigos! Haha! Te llamo 'Paco!' AMIGAS FOREVER!