Saturday, February 27, 2010


went on a super fun date & i come home to the words,
noooooooooooooooo! ugh.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Feel Bad...

a while back i had this rant of a post about how mean I thought the cheerleaders at our school were...yes, that's who i was talking about if you didn't know already.
anyways, i just have felt really bad about that really bad. because i don't dislike all of the cheerleaders. in fact, i don't dislike any of them. even though the majority of them dislike me & i'm unsure why (except for that rant post) they do. I don't ever recall doing anything to them, but if i ever did, could you tell them i'm sorry?
I'm doing this new thing where I try to be nice & patient with everyone. is it hard? Yes. especially my patience. i'm not a very patient person & i'm not afraid to admit it. there's this boy in my culinary class who purposely rocks his desk back & forth so it makes this "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck" noise. yes, you read that correctly. not "EEEEEK," ECCCCCCCK. but he totally does this on purpose just to see how long it takes me & the rest of the class to turn around & yell at him. totally obnoxious.
...i just really wanted to clear the air with all the people i've ever been mean too. I don't think people ever deserved to be yelled at. i really don't. i don't think people should start rumors about other people either. it hurts them WAAAAY more than you think & i can promise you that. My philosophy? even if the rumor is true & you have proof about it, pretend like you know it's not. even if you look dumb because people know it's true, just pretend like you don't know what other people are talking about. look for the better in people. I think that's just the nicer way to go.
Also, make sure you don't judge people as harshly as you might do. It's human nature to judge, but try to be as open minded as possible. just because someone messed up or did something bad doesn't mean they're a bad person. I promise. And even if they are a bad person, give them a chance to be better. because everyone has some good in them...
Sorry for a random rant. I just want people to be more happy, because i know i'm happy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

THEE grueling workout.

today i had the hardest workout i've had all season. not only did i pass out, but my eyes rolled back & my lips turned purple. goose bumps covered my whole entire body & i couldn't feel my legs.
Maybe i'm just a sissy, or maybe i just had a very off day, i don't know...but we had to run five 800m sprints under a 3:20 pace. if that doesn't sound fast, i want you to try & do it. After those, we had two 400m sprints at 100% effort. these had to be between 60 seconds to 75 seconds. absolutely insane after you've ran all those 800.
on the last straight of my whole workout, my knees gave out. it was raining so hard & beyond freezing. the wind was blowing so hard, i couldn't see in front of me. it was so i just laid there for a second or 2, got up & went inside the locker room. before i made it there, my pal Blake saw me & told me my lips were purple & gave me his jacket to wear before we ended practice. I had to sit down in the middle of the hallway because i couldn't make it to the locker room with my knees giving out again.
We ended practice, I gave blake his jacket back & slowly made my way to monson's car so i could get a ride home. then monson saw me, once again, almost fall to the ground, so he carried me to the car on his back. I got home soaking wet, ice cold, & feeling sick to my stomach. i could barely keep my eyes open, so i got in the bath.
now i am happy to say i am feeling a lot better, although i feel totally naucious but that's not even a big deal compared to how i WAS feeling. i officially have the feeling back in my legs & can walk without falling to the floor. also, i am ALMOST completely thawed out.
thank you warm water. however, arizona, you need to stop being so bipolar & pick how your weather's going to be so i can be prepared next time.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Thoughts.

i'm assuming more than 50% of the people who read my blog are girls. so we're gonna talk about something only girls like today. The television show, the bachelor.
Wanna know what i think about this show? well i'm going to tell you.
first of all: I think this is the worst show that could ever be made on the face of this earth. How in the heck can you sign up for a reality show that's supposed to make you fall in love?
that's insane right there if you ask me. like legit-insanity. I can't help but to think how ridiculous they portray love in this show. Not that i know what love really is yet, but that's definitely not how i'd pictured it.
Another thing i hate about this show is that every season, everyone ends up hurt...especially the people who don't deserve too. Like a few seasons back when Jason chose Melissa & then decided that he was really meant to be with the other girl within the next month. like, no. that's not okay!
Last thing. My mom & i both think it's absolutely disgusting how he invites each of them into the fantasy suite literally one night after another. I'm surprised no one's reported an STD...

Enough of what i hate, let's talk about the likes. First of all-it makes totally great tv! Jake is the biggest cheese ball ever. he says & does the most weirdest things. he cries like every episode & it just makes me laugh out loud! He thinks he's fallen in love with these women he doesn't even know whatsoever & it just baffles me that he can't see their true colors. whatev, his loss.
Also, i love love love love watching the cat fights. Does that make me sound like a drama queen? in the beginning of the season, they're always the best. when there's a bunch of them talking or trying to prove that he likes them more than the other. plllllllease ladies, he doesn't like any of you!
for real, this is the last thing. I love how desperate it makes everyone look when they go on. if you're willing to sign up for a reality show that is determined to get you to 'fall in love', you must really want love from just about anyone because i don't know how ANYONE could fall in love with Jake. i'm serious.
alright, that's my thoughts on the Bachelor...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


everything was going so happy & good.......
up until now. just great!
my coach keeps getting mad at the distance crew because we, apparently, "don't do anything right." hmph. "We slack off, eat bad, & are always dehydrated." gayness. "We're way worse then last year. We haven't buckled down & we aren't taking anything seriously..."
i'm so over trying to please him. We work hard, legitmentally. we stay there till 5-5:30. practice starts at 2.
also, My little sissy got hurt. again. at gym. she has to get emergency surgery tomorrow because she kind of hyperextended her elbow. i'm not exactly sure what is really happening to be honest. She can't move it. her elbow armpit (if that's really even what it's called) is swollen the size of a magic 8 ball. HUGE in other words.
she gets surgery & then will be out for 3 months. this basically means her gymnastic season is over...ugh. She was doing so good too!
Basically, those 2 things are stressing me terribly.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


i just happened to see the most beautiful boy walmart, ps. i didn't know who he was or his name for even that matter. but he was with some trampy looking girl. they didn't show affection, so i'm pretty sure they were just friends. Sorry girly, that was a little uncalled for. but seriously, he was gorgeous. he looked like jesse metcalfe only younger & less muscular. for those of you who don't know jesse metcalfe:
this is him. isn't he just a total babe machine? awh. HE IS GORGEOUS! and that's what the boy i saw looked like. only he was my age. are you picturing someone beautiful? because you better be!

On another note: i finally caved.
i bought some of those fabulous shoes everyone at my school raves about. TOMS. they're simply amazing. i feel like i'm walking on pillows, not kidding. They are so incredibley comfortable. i NEVER want to take them off!

also, did you know every time you buy a pair, they send a pair to a child in need? Usually africa or uganda. but they have this new, super cool thing, where you can choose what country you want to send your pair too! isn't that just the absolute cooliest? I sure think so! so i highly encourage everyone to buy some. They totally rock.
One more thing before i go...track has officially started when the shoe guy comes. he came today from Running Den. they give us killer deals! totally love them for
that. but yes, i bought, yet another pair, of running spikes. these aren't flats like cross because they DO have spikes that are able to be screwed in! same idea though...super light. fit like a glove type thing. But aren't they just beautiful!?
now this is MY idea of fashion. something plain. i'm not a super cutsie dresser & i recently discovered that when i went into forever21 the other day & i didn't own one thing in the whole entire store. my sister rachel & I came to the conclusion that we just like tshirts & jeans with a nice pair of vans. We are most definitely NOT complicated, in style, cute dressers. Just plain & comfortable.
Yet classy ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


"bedtime story. a girl and a boy are best friends. they would do anything for each other. they even would just into the colder than ___ water together. the boy loved the girl cuz he could see her for the beautiful funny awesome amazing girl she was and could never not be happy when he was with her. one night they decided it was gonna a night to remember so they went to this really nice resturant (burger king) and after they went to bass pro and played with everything they had till the boy accidently shot himself with an arrow so they got kicked out. then a crazy old lady started chasing them on a scooter. after the old lady fell asleep from chasing them for 5 seconds they went to a suns game. they got the perfect seats and even won some balls. then they went home and made home made cookies and milk (they just milked the cow). then they watched their favorite movie and peed their pants from laughing so they had to go take a bath. then it was time for bed and to have sweet dreams. they loved each other forever and ever. the end."

it's valentine's day & i do have a valentine. my best friend. he asked if i would be his valentine last night & i said, "yeah, i guess so." Monson is the best friend in the whole entire world. he writes me stories like this when i get really sad about things. or he comes over & sits on me. that's always nice...but he's just really awesome. I'm super happy i have him in my life, because he's always there. Even though i annoy him sometimes, he puts up with me. Him & Mindy are the absolute cutest :) my bffs like each other & it couldn't be better!
Valentine's Day is a super tacky holiday, even though it's technically not one. but I guess i don't mind it because you spend it with the people you love & care about...but it for sure doesn't make me sad that i don't have that someone! I like being single...i think?

Anyways, i went on a date last night...
was it perfect? obviously not.
but did i love it? yes! yes! yes!
Jeff lives in gilbert, so i saved him an hour of driving & drove out there. got to his house, got the other couples, went & got ice cream, then went to val vista lakes clubhouse. We ate ice cream in the hot tub. definitely a great idea. you get the feeling of something cold sliding down your throat, which lately has felt good because i have zero voice-still, while sitting in something so warm. Awh, i loved it. We talked about the most random stuff & laughed at just about everything that was said. it was fantastic!
He took me back to his house to get my truck, then i left. It was shortish, but i liked it. driving took up a lot of time, but it wasn't a big deal. i think we want to go on another one some time soon? Hopefully, because i want too.
for those of you who don't know who Jeff is: i've gone to school with him since 7th grade. then he decided to go move to highland after 9th grade. so we lost touch. but we were never super close to begin with. Went to efy the following summer & low & behold, he was in my group. i didn't know one single person in my group, so i stuck with him & his friends the whole time. Super great place to spend with a boy, I's efy, com'on. Ended up talking for a very long time after, all the way till now. Finally, turned it into a date. happiness. pure happiness. here's some pictures from efy. the one of just him had me in it, but i looked so gross-therefore i cropped. isn't he the cutest?!

Although my valentine isn't my crush, I wouldn't it rather be anyone else. Thanks mons for loving me. Thanks jeff for the date. and to everyone else, happy valentines day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

a REALLY good day in history:

yes, i'm talking about today. one of the numerous thursdays out of the year.
was it great? yes. was it different? absolutely. did i enjoy it? totally.
today is the day Abigail Tucker got her license. Yes, me. I passed. I really did. surprisngly, i didn't jump up & scream like i thought. instead i just smiled & walked a little taller. more controlled i guess...

this was probably because i woke up with absoutely zero voice. none. like whisper was all i got the whole day. that part of the day however, was not so cool or great. i usually like to sing really loud when i drive, but today i couldn't. just a simple hum was all i could manage.
but back to what i was was fantastic! i woke up this morning, didn't go to school btw, then got ready, went & took my driver's test. passed it! went to pick up Brittlyn from school...well, we actually took her out early, hehhe.

went to pei wei with my parents & britt for lunchy. 100% delicious. i love pei wei! then went & saw dear john with my mother & britt. afterwards, went & saw some of my old teachers. awh, loved that. Then came home & chilled for a little. went to walmart. took brittlyn home. then stopped by Monsoon's. Now about to go eat some din din my fabulous mom prepared.
GOOD DAY! i'm 16. i have my license. i can date. ps-i have a date on saturday! i have my dream car i share with my pops. good friends. no boyfriends. life is so g00d right now.

thanks for spending today with my Brittlyn. i loves you!

ps-also, my actual birthday was great. i got the watch i wanted & some friends surprised me & came over last night. i now have 2 full cakes, a tray of personalized brownies, a milkshake, & more candy that i can eat. PLEASE come get some treats!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i decided this just now & no one can say anything that can change my mind about it alright? so if your comments are mean, please keep them to yourself.
tomorrow, it's my day.
am i gonna be crazy & out of control hyper all day long? heck yes i am.
am i gonna rock the heck out of our 600m time trial? of course.
am i gonna do whatever i please? DUH!
am i gonna remind everyone that it's my birthday? fosho.
am i gonna tackle Mindy to the floor because it's her birthday too? TOTALLLLLLLLLY!
do i really care if you think i'm overreacting? no. because truthfully, i do not think i am one bit. believe it or not, i've changed a ton, a ton. my family probably hasn't noticed any changes, but at school, i think about what i say before i say it. i try to please others before myself...even if that means giving up something i absolutely love. my friends come first. always. even when they shouldn't, they do. they don't know it, but i love them more than anything in this whole entire world. ps-fam is included in all of this. my friends could ask me to jump off a bridge if their favorite necklace fell into the lake at the bottom, & guess what? i probably would jump off that bridge & get it...okay, slight exaggeration, but you get my point. i would do anything for any single one of my friends. it's just how i am.
but tomorrow, that's going to be different. unless your name is mindy marsh, because she's still coming before everyone tomorrow. anyways, my point. tomorrow is about ME! it's my birthday. i want everyone to know it because guess what, I CAN DATE! TELL EVVVVVVERYONE BECAUSE I'M GONNA BE A DATING MACHINE! woooot woooot! i am beyond pumped & i dgaf if you think i'm bein' selfish because guess what? i wanna be! HA! boooooooyah!
pretty much, i have the best birthday of the year. February 10th. wanna know some really cool people who share this special date with me? alright, i'll tell ya. first of all: my best friend evvvvva, MINDY MARSH! before we knew each other, everyone said we looked alike. i didn't see it. either did she. but we call each other twins. and we're twins especially because we have the same birthday. HA! check it.
next: madison shannon whitegirl (whiteman). she is super fly & it ain't no lie. also, her mom, Holly, has the same birthday as us too! CRAZY RIGHT?! right.
also: Morgan Davis. she's in my sadies group. basically a goddess, not kiddin'. gorg. i love her. she's crack-a-lackin' hilarious.
randomness: Jaren Sweeney. On our school's varsity basketball team. might i mention he's extremley good lookin'? oh shoot. people read this...uhhh, what?
But anywho...tomorrow
ATuck is finally 16! AHHHHHHH!
this is big time.

ps-did i tell you my new cousin has almost the same birthday as me?! andy & lisa had their baby TODAY! yaaaaaaay! congrats!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday.

Guess how i spent it? Sick. i didn't get up for church & i was laying in my bed, on my back until 12 this afternoon. I've felt like crap all day & i hate it. my ears are still plugged so i can barely hear anything, thus me whispering everything i've said today...
Anyways, i'm sure all of you are just dying to know how my date went. well truthfully, I felt super bad the whole time. i felt bad i wasn't being my normal, fun self, because i just felt terrible the whole dang time. I do feel somewhat better than i did yesterday, but that might just be because i was running around all day. i went to castles & coasters with my group for about 4 hours ish? then we went to in-n-out for din din. Super yummy! but we got stuck in a butt load of traffic on the way took us an hour to go 2 miles. yes, i'm serious...that bad! i hate hate hate waiting in traffic might i add. After in-n-out, we went to my chica friend Brimley's for games. I really wasn't in the mood when i arrived at her house to keep jumping around & playing all these crazy games, but i'm so glad i did! literally laughed my face off. i lovvvvvvve the category game. Seriously, crazy.
Besides being sick, i had a super good time. I'm glad i took tyler because he's just chill. He understood why i wanted to leave early because i was sick & i was totally worried about that. I was hoping it wouldn't make him feel bad...& it didn't, so yay!

Well anyways, I ended up heading over to my grandma's for the game & it was alright. just chill. sat around, enjoyed each other's company. Then Logan & I played on the mac. Ha! wow, i love 5 year old boys. they are the absolute cutest. Not kidding. I love love love love spending time with my cousin, Logan. he's the most entertaining little kid i've ever met. Some times a little sassy, but it's also hilarious sass. He'd never played on a mac laptop before so he was just amazed about what you could do with the little web cam. Seriously, i die laughing every time i watch this.
I hope your super bowl sunday was better than my sick one!

ps-3 days!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just Great...

i go on my first date today & guess what happens over night,
I GET SICK! grrrr.
this would happen to me.
my throat hurts, my nose is constantly running, & i have very little voice. good thing i'm going to spend my whole day killing the little voice i have screaming on roller coasters. Darnet.
But anyways, I am super excited! it's my sadies day activity. My first dance. This is epic! Even though my couple & i have to drive with another couple because i don't have my license, embarrassing, it's going to be so much fun! we're going to castles & coasters all day then heading back to my friend Brimley's house for games & dinner I believe.
Ohhhhh & guess what, he answered me! He got a bucket filled with sand & a little shovel inside that said, "I can dig it! CHYEAH!" it was pretty cutie pie, not going to lie...
But i am off now to go get ready for my first date with one of the greatest guy friends i have, Tyler Johnson!

ps-4 days!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


abigail tucker will be turning 16 in exactly one week!
and lemme just tell ya, she is SO stoked about it! as if you didn't already know...
personally, dating could be the last thing i need right now, but i am beyonnnnnnd pumped to drive!
7 days people! 7 days!
so besides all this birthday business...
a lot has been happenin'. track has officially pushed me to my limit. i have shin splints. these puppies are the worst. like i'm not sure if i can run tomorrow. shin splints are when the muscle in your shin (obviously) is tearing away from your bone. if it doesn't sound painful, it is. like ridiculously painful! but enough of me being a baby...I just talked to my friend Clave on the phone last night for about 25 minutes & let's just say i loved every single minute of it. he's come so far & he said it was all because of me. awh...that seriously makes me melt when people tell me i've changed them for the better. Like Too bad this boy lives in california, hundreds of miles away from me, because if he didn't i would just give him the biggest hug ever.
Hmmm. wanna hear something absolutely crazy? Alright. here i go. I have never worn or even bought, for that matter, a pair of heels. Ever. I just think: I'm, tall already. why need to be any taller right? well guess what...I got my first pair of heels. yes, me, abigail tucker, got her first pair of high heels. And yes, they are high. Wanna know something else? I love them. love love love love them. who cares that they're from payless right? exactly. i don't. they are sassy & cutie. i just fell in love. brooklyn would be proud. My mom is for sure.
Hmm. well, that's pretty much about it as of these past 2 days. Have a good day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

You know it's comin'...

9 days!
i don't care how darn, dumb i may look taking these pictures, but i am so excited! ps-no make up in this one. woops.
and truthfully, that was the only good part about my day. at least for today. drama.
oh, & i LOVE you ms. natasha bedingfield<3
you are my savior. awh.