Monday, April 27, 2009

Dirty Man 6 Mile Mud Run!

I love spending time with my mom. I have the best relationship with her now! I can tell her anything. I am so blessed to have such a good friend who is also my mom. She always helps me whenever I need it. Like this weekend, she walked with me during the race when I got tired.
Of course being the trainer she is, she could've done that race 30 minutes shorter than what we did it, but she stayed with me. We did the race out in Rawhide which was 6 miles. We got SO dirty!
First thing, we ran about 100 meters, than ran through a wall of water. Ran about a mile-then ran through a river. Ran another mile & went through a giant blown up obstacle course! With about 200 people on there at once, it got pretty hard to get through. Especially if you were small, you got like sucked in! So we went through that first obstacle course, then ran another mile & did another one. Ran another mile-slip & slide with a pool of muddy water at the end. Ran another 3/4 mile & completed another dirty slip & slide. Then finished off the last 25 or so meters crawling flat on our stomachs through rocky, thick, heavy, mud! WE HAD TO CRAWL UNDER FLAGS THAT WERE ABOUT 6 INCHES OFF THE MUD. It was so hard!
You were like already dead from running 6 miles, then you had to lay flat down & crawl under flags through the most rocky mud ever. After you ran through it all, you gotta get into a huge line & wait 10 minutes to shower. You kept your clothes on which was kinda hard because the mud was literally in every item of clothing. Then you gotta go change in tents but then you realized you were so muddy even when you thought you weren't.
I really enjoyed this race! I didn't do good at all with my time & stuff, but I got 2nd in my age group! There was about 100 kids in my age group, so yeah, that's exciting!

Im so happy I gotta do this race with my mom. She won't leave me even when I tell her she can. She stayed by my side the whole way & I loved it. We work hard together which makes us alot closer. She pushes me to my limit & then some. She knows what I can handle. She knows me so well. I am so blessed to have her as my mom. I love you by the way Mom.
love love,

Monday, April 20, 2009

In honor of...

My Grandpa, we let balloons off at his gravesite on Easter. Every grandkid was there! This rarely happens. I was so happy I got to be apart of that. I had the greatest Grandpa in the world & I will continue in his posterity. THANK YOU SO MUCH GRANDPA!
I also road with the Brumbys today for my first time. We got about 40 or so Brumbys out there & road around Red Mountain. It was such a fun experience & Im glad I got to go. I want to continue riding bikes with the help of my Grandpa & I hope I can! I'll have pictures of that later, but for's the Easter ones!
love love,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spirit Week!

As if you didn't already see my pictures on FB (facebook), Im gonna tell you ALL about spirit week!
Monday was Mega Spirit Monday. It just happened that last weekend, I went to Blossom to look for an Easter dress & I found some amazing mustard colored shorts! Gold & Maroon are our school colors but, we usually just wear maroon & yellowy. So here's a picture of my friend Paige Crandell & I on Mega Spirit Monday, along with Ally Taylor.

Tuesday was Tall-Tee day. Pretty much my most favorite spirit day of the whole year! I LOVED GOING TO SCHOOL DRESSED UP ALL G-STATUS. My new group took the most darling pictures ever. I made us all shirts & we looked super fly. Madi Whiteman, Emily Glauser, & Brittlyn Smith are such hotties. I love my bestfriends!

On Tuesday, we had our pep assembly which was ran by the 8th graders. Definitely NOT a good idea for the future...First of all, I had to run the music AGAIN! I mean, how hard is it to learn how to plug 2 huge speakers in the wall!? Its not even hard, so grow up. Two, every fuse by the football field was blown. None of the music would turn on & we didn't have ANY WAY to use a microphone. *Luckily our janitor came last minute & fixed everything. Three, they put tickets for free popcorn under 75 seats in the bleachers without telling us! WE DIDN'T HAVE ANY POPCORN MADE EVEN! It was totally not planned or desiginated well. Its okay though, I did my job...Ally Taylor & I just danced in the middle of the football field in our tall-tees the whole time. We looked SO fresh...

Wednesday was the one & only Workout day. I totally rocked it. Wore a sweet wife beat, sweat band, nike shorts, nike socks, & my Aesics. Definitley a good combo! Alex & I matched...ha, we planned it. It was like first grade all over again. When matching used to be cool...awh, I miss that. Im so glad Alex is in that group with us. She completes it! If any of those girls weren't there, it would feel incomplete. We complete each other & I need them more than they could ever know. I love you girls! REALLY!
Oh & Alex, thanks for being so crazy like me. Your like the one girl who can make me hyper ALL the time! We are so fun when we're together & I always have the BEST time. BFF!

Thursday was tie-dye day & unfortunately I didn't take a single picture! I know...I totally dropped the ball that day. Im sorry. I wasn't all-out though like I had been. I just wore a tie-dye shirt & jeans. Nothig fun. Not even my cool rainbow socks. No crazy hair or makeup. Nothing. Wow, I slacked. How embarrassing. After tie-dye Thursday, I bet NO ONE is gonna vote for me for most school spirit. Wow, bummer. WOW.

Friday was fancy Friday. Nor did I take pictures on this day. Im sorry, forgive me please! I just wore my new Easter skirt from Blossom with a little shrug & tank top. Nothing too great. I got alotta compliments on it though(:

Overall, I just LOVED spirit week! I've been nominated for most school spirit & I hope I get it. I hope that dumb cheerleader doesn't beat me out of it...which I think she might. Whatever though, I know I have the most school spirit any day!
love love,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


When I was in 8th grade at Stapley last year, all my friends were in 9th grade. Of course, they've all moved on to high school & now attend Mountain View. I cannot WAIT to go back to school with them.
Well my new blog title picture is of me & some of my BEST FRIENDS that are sophmores. L to R: Emily Clifford, Christy Weed, Me, Emma Horlacher.
This was taken during summer of '08. WOW! I miss them so bad...
Just wanting my sophomore friends to know that I still think about them everyday. I can't wait to go to school with you guys next year & become BFF again.
Your all so amazing & set the best examples for me. I LOVE YOU GUYS!
love love,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its been a WHOLE year...

I know its extremley late, but I just got finished hanging out with my friends a little while ago.
My friend asked me what time it was & as I looked down at my phone...I opened it & read the date.
One year ago, I called my mom telling her I'd gotten in a rhino accident when after I told her, she shared the news that my grandpa had gotten into a biking accident. I remember her saying 'He fell pretty hard & broke his helmet. But the doctors say it isn't look too serious right now & should get better soon.'
I didn't even worry at all afterwards. I prayed about it that night & felt total comfort so I wasn't worried.
A few short weeks later, my grandpa didn't get better. He passed away Sunday morning on the 20th.
Theres never a day that goes by that I don't think about him. I don't want to say that being sad is wrong, because once the 20th comes around, I know I'll be a mess. But I know my grandpa would want me to be happy right now.
So over this year, I've thought of some questions I'd want to ask him once I see him again...
1) What was your favorite food?
2) Whats the one thing you couldn't live without?
3) When you met Grandma, did you know she was the one?
4) How do you like your sandwhich?
5) Whats your most EMBARRASSING moment?
6) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
7) Who has impacted your life the most?
8) At what point did you know that the gospel was true?
9) Did you ever want to run away as a kid?
10) Whats your biggest accomplishment in life?
11) Are you happy with the legacy you've left behind?
12) If you could relive ONE moment in your life, which would it be?
13) Did having deaf parents come as a disadvantage or advantage?
14) Have you ever wanted to re-do something?
15) Where is the one place you can go & be your absolute self?
16) Who effected you the most while you were on your mission?
17) Out of both of your missions, which did you treasure more?
18) Would you ever serve a 3rd mission?
19) What was your favorite high school memory?
20) Did you feel like you 'went' at the right time?
21) Is there anything you'd want me to know about being a teenager?
22) Whats the one way I can show you I love you now?
23) After being the father of 6, did you ever want more kids?
24) Did you like being famous in the Valley of Mesa?
25) Whats one thing you ALWAYS wanted to do, but never got the chance?
26) Whats your favorite color?
27) Did you ever doubt the gospel once in your lifetime?
28) Who was your best friend throughout your whole middle school life?
29) Whats one thing you absolutely adore about me?
30) If you had to choose one item to bring on a deserted island, what would it be?
31) What was your absolute favorite book?
32) Were you as proud of your grandkids as you were your kids?
33) Do you have anyone in peticular you want me to serve for the rest of my life?
34) Before you went on your mission, did you know Grandma?
35) What's your favorite time of the year?
36) Whats the one thing you wish you could still do everyday?
37) Did you ever think about death?
38) Did you have any idea what your future had in store for you?
39) Was college important to you?
40) How old were you when you got in your first car accident?
41) If there was one animal in the whole world you'd want to get rid of, it' be...?
42) What were you most proud of about YOURSELF?
43) What's your biggest regret?
45) What the most thrilling thing that's ever happened to you?
46) When you were a kid, was general conference something you looked forward to, or no?
47) Do you know what kind of guy you'd be without the gospel?
48) Did you ever wish you could be a famous movie star?
49) What saying or quote did you live by?
50) How can I prove to you that you've made me a better person?

Sorry if you got bored.
That's only half of my list, I stopped because I'd figure certain people might get bored.
Well Grandpa, I miss you & I love you so much. I think about you everyday. I know your watching out for me, so thank you. I can't wait to see you! Save me a spot up there in heaven okay?
love love,

Friday, April 3, 2009


I've never been to physical therapy or anything like it. I've wanted to all the time! Everyone says it feels so good afterwards and it just sounds so appealing.
The 'Witch' Doctor isn't really physical therapy...he's better!
So the first thing he had me do when I got there was describe how I hurt my quad and how much it was exactly hurting and all that good stuff. I felt like a totally retard because my story of how it happened is pretty embarrassing! Yeah, he laughed...
After we chat for a little, he has his little assistant come in & take me into a new room. I was about to get 'stem' on my muscle. Its like these little sticky pad circle things they stick on you. They have wires coming off of them. The nurse turns it on & she tells me I'll be able to feel an electric current going through my leg. At first, I was totally freaking out thinking it was gonna hurt...but of course, it didn't! It felt SO weird. My leg had a current pulsing through it. I could totally feel the electricty! IT WAS CRAZY! My foot started to fall asleep and my leg was completely relaxed. She said that was normal.
After 10 minutes of that, I went back into the room and he put this little rolling massaging thing on my quad. It tickled ALOT! And it even hurt it a little too. He said that this was what would make me sore the next day probably...
Then he had me lay on my side & popped my whole back by like just pushing on it really hard on my hip. Then he popped my hip kinda which felt SUPER good! He has my turn over & he massages my lower back down into my hip then down into my quad. He said my left leg might feel shorter because of the pulling I've done. Which my mom said you could see a significant difference when I was laying down...
He then made me resist pressure in a few spots. It was kinda hard! He put ALOT of weight on me.
Then he did the COOLEST PART! THE LASER! It wasn't hot or anything. It just looked like the ones you would use at self checkout. Just a little red line of light! After he did that, he made me resist pressure again & I could TOTALLY DO IT! My leg felt great!
I told he I had kept off it alot & been icing like crazy which was VERY good & smart he said. He said because I did that, I'd be healed faster. YES! HERE I COME TRACK!
Im going back next week & hopefully I can run in my meet on Thursday. Watching girls run my race was NOT fun...made my quite angry!
Alright, well, if you live in the Valley & would like to try the 'Witch Doctor' I totally suggest it. He's great! And I can't WAIT to go back!
love love,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Life

Even though its April Fools, I'm seriously not kidding when I say that this is a totally normal day for me. Spending time with my bestfriends is my FAVORITE thing in the world!
love love,