Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011


for those of you who don't know what this acronym stands for, it stands for the infamous film directed by julie taymor, across the universe.
before i tell you what mainly gets me in this movie, i just need to tell you that i absolutely love it. some people may find it totally strange, but i can't help it when i say i love it. it seriously is amazing.
but what really gets me? the soundtrack. holy cow, the beatles? uh-maz-ing. their music literally makes me cry. i mean, what? for those of you who haven't seen this amazing movie, i suggest you run over to your nearest hollywood video and rent it. or buy it. immediately.
i can't find our copy and its making me really, really sad.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

To the ManHaters,

there is this blog surfacing around mountain view. it's about girls in our high school who have blogged about what happened when boys screwed them over and how badly it sucks, and how much they don't deserve to be treated like that, and how some of them are having their belief in love dwindle.
don't get me wrong, i think it's great that these girls are being brave enough to let others into their lives, so they can avoid the things they missed. i also think this blog is extremely entertaining and i laugh every time i read it, because 99% of the things said are totally true.
BUT, there's always a but..i don't think they're giving boys enough credit. sure they are immature, and low, but everyone makes mistakes. {don't forget girls, you aren't perfect either}. most of the time, guys don't even realize what they say and how girls take it and interpret it into 500 different things. girls, the trick is: think like a guy would. when you're about to put yourself in a very vulnerable position, stop and think about what might be going through their head, so you don't end up 'used and abused.'
themanhaters blog clearly shows the world that girls aren't given enough respect. i mean, heavenly father even refers to us as his most sacred creation..shouldn't we be more than a rail and bail? that's what we think, but 50% of the time we aren't. and that sucks.
BUT there's also that other 50% of the time where we are. i don't want you girls at themanhaters to think that there is no hope for you, because the one guy you thought would-be screwed you over. don't let boys consume your life. the more you let them walk all over you, the greater getting your heart broken is going to hurt, so do yourself a favor and don't get so attached. spend your time with the boys that actually matter, not the one who want you for how you look, but the ones who think you're funny and smart. there are decent guys out there, i know there is because i've got to date a few. but if you don't find one right now, it's really not all that big of a deal. we're in high school. you focus should be on your girlfriends anyways; not saying rude things about the guy who totally bailed out on you.
be the bigger person, because we all know girls are.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Samwise.

he's become pretty important to me.
even though he's so far away from me physically, i'm still really close to him emotionally.
sam's one of those people you can call when you're having the worst day. usually, he'll talk about whatever wrong is going on, then he'll make you laugh until your abs are sore.
truly the best combination you could ask for.
sad part about our friendship? he lives in utah. so i don't get to be around him as much as i want to. good thing there's that beautiful thing we have called skype. this thing does me wonders.
anyways, i figured it was time that my blog stalkers finally had a face with the name. here he is. he's golden, right? i think i have pretty good taste.
hey sam, stop reading my blog.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011

this year, i got to drive up to utah, in rene {the beautiful mini van my father rented}, with 5 of my girl friends. i cannot begin to tell you how much fun this trip was! there was no drama and everyone got along with each other. everyone put up with me, luckily, and helped me out around the house. our days consisted of going to the gym and sauna for about 2 hours, then making some sort of random concoction for lunch, and same goes for dinner. then we'd watch a scary, suspenseful movie, and finish the night off with a chick flick. we'd stay up real late, dancing, telling jokes, and talking about boys. you know, being girls. it worked out perfectly. not to mention, we hung out with some serious cuties on thursday and friday. needless to say, my girl friends know how to make boys want them. i raised them well, wink.
this trip was filled with 100% positivity. everyone was either crying from laughing so hard, or peeing their pants from laughing so hard. trip, successful.
here's some pictures of the fantastic vacation!
i feel a tradition coming on..what do you girls think?

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Day in the Life

none of this was planned, it just happened to turn out this way. don't judge us.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


this tuesday, i, abby tucker, am heading down to utah with 5 beautiful women. (actually, 4. katie's meeting us there.)
i am so excited to say that we're going to have the most relaxing, girlish weekend of our lives.
the lucky ladies would be: cami shreeve, cassidy brown, emmy wright, savannah nance, and katie clark.
i can't even tell you girls how excited i am! we're going to have so much fun, it's insane. oh & you know what also rocks?! the fact that we're going to see samwise, jj, greyson, aj, and nateface.
i can't contain my excitement anymore,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here's the DL.

i got a job.
i'm going to start nannying for a family in my ward 3 days a week for 2-3 hours a day. i'm really excited about it, because it's going to be completely different than working at pita jungle, which is nice to have a change.
the family i'm nannying for is one of my family's good family-friends, so i think it'll be a really good, fun, and teachable experience for me. however, i'm nervous because if i'm not good at this, how can i be good at being a mom? oh wait, i can't! this is make it or break it people.
so today is my first day. i start at 4. so i really should get going. wish me luck!

Monday, March 7, 2011


remember how a few posts ago i just expressed my love for the amazingly talented jb? well guess what...i think it got overruled by the bossy diva, willow smith. she seriously is the coolest little girl i've ever laid my eyes on. if i could meet her, i'd roll over and die. the good thing is, i don't think i'm crazy because one of my super good friends, allysun, is also obsessed.
i'm sorry, but if you don't think willow smith is the sassiest thing since britney spears, you're a freaking idiot. just watch her swag, it's PHENOMENAL.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i am not a photographer. i am an not an aspiring one either. i just simply like taking pictures. i may have a nice camera, but i am not claiming my name to these like i'm sort of professional.
it kind of bugs me how if someone has a nice camera, they consider themselves a photographer. guess what people? you're mocking all of those who really are professionals. most of them having training behind what they do..not all of them were just wanna-be amateurs. so, do yourself and them a favor. show them respect and don't claim you're a professional when you really have no idea what aperture, iso, and shutter speed even means.

alright, that was my vent for the day.

i went to utah last weekend to watch my little sister compete in her gymnastics meet. lemme just tell you, tuck {that's what the team calls her} is somethin' else. she scored 2nd overall and placed 1st in floor and beam! seriously, she's amazing. oh and did i mention her team took first overall? they beat everyone easy..seriously.