Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As everyone knows, this year school year is almost at it's end. which means we need to start preparing for next year. this also means that we need to take tests to see where we should be placed next year.
well about that 't' word, testing, i'm not very good at it. i get my test placed in front of me & everything i've studied goes out of my head. i'm horrible at taking tests. it's unusual for me to get anything above a 'c' on a test & i really dislike that. I always get really nervous & impatient. so then i rush through it.
Anywho, I took a test today. A hard one. To get into an accelerated class for next year. What was i thinking?
I took the test for HONORS algebra two. i know what you're thinking, not a big deal...but guess what, it kind of is. only the top 120 people with the highest scores get in. Wanna know how many tested? around 330. My competition is tough & i don't have a very strong feeling i did well.
They said usually 150-200 people test, but this year was the most they've ever gotten. when he said those words, all that seemed to happen was the lump got bigger in my throat.
I got my test & just stared at it. I looked at it like i was looking through a pool of water...blankly. I didn't know what to do, or how to start. i looked over at the girl next to me, & she had a very confused look as well. I shrugged my shoulders trying to play it cool, when i really had no idea what i was doing. It was horrible. i had to guess for the first problem. that tells ya right there I had no idea what i was doing. However, it go progressively easier as it went on, but then it got hard again.
I don't know what to say other than i'm a horrible test taker. i always reread emily's post about how she's going to kill the test & the pages will be burning because she's on fire...but guess what? The test has always killed me. Ah, i hate tests.
enough of this rant...prom is 5ish weeks away & i cannot wait! I've been borrowing & looking at numerous dresses from friends that are way too cute for me...I don't know how i can pull them off. but my 'stylist' aka courtney rogers, thinks I can do it with her help.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Weekly Recap.

Monday: longest day of school ever. coming back after spring break was the absolute worst. i truly love going to school, but i hate having to do work. i know, i sound like a total lazy butt. oh well...i'll learn to love hard work someday. as of right now? i don't. speaking of hard work, we had a killer workout that day. legitimentally, so hard. track is kicking my butt. apparently, i'm improving a lot which is a plus. One day, one day i'll go to an invitational. it'll happen..just you watch.
tuesday: went by pretty fast. i got to miss 4th hour for a toro link meeting. yes, i am applying to be a toro link. guilty. I'm actually starting to convince my brain that it sounds fun. i know, weird right? But really..it'll look good on my college resume' & that's really the only reason why i'm doing it. Also, i answered tanner back! it was pretty darn cute. super original might I add. my mom gave me the idea & told me i should stick within the candy theme of him asking me, so this is what the end result was. I got a huge bag of candy that had the words "Select brands" on it & wrote, "Thanks for SELECTING me! I candy-magine (can't imagine) going with anyone else but you! my answer is: YES!"

Wednesday: we had our track meet. ugh, horrible. i did so bad..i added about 10 seconds on my time from last week & some girl who doesn't even run my event beat me. by a lot of time. i was so freakin' mad. my mom said I looked pretty strong the whole way through, but obviously i wasn't strong enough. I ALWAYS get boxed in! someone is always running right in front of me or right next to me & they're running right where it'd be too much of an effort to push them out of the way...so i just let myself suffer the consequences & get a sucky time. i guess it's my fault...
Thursday: tanner came over! he did some more piano playing for me. oh how i love the piano. makes me melt. & it helps a little having that realllllllly amazing boy playing it to me. I'm the luckiest girl in the whole entire world. well, at least i think so.
Friday: school went by so incredibley slow again...like the longest day ever. & it didn't help that track practice freakin' sucked. some stupid girl i had to work with told the coach something i didn't even say...ugh. i was so pissed off. which made me run pretty fast, but seriously...it was so flippin' annoying! i love being yelled at by my coach in front of the whole team. pysch. luckily, i came home to spinatos. aka-best pizza EVER! ps-that is NO exaggeration! so darn delicious, i think i could eat it forever. i love spinatos. their sauce? to die for. i'm going to find out their recipe before i die. i am determinded.
After having dinner & stuff, tanner came over. Now, you have to believe me when i say this...tanner DOES NOT dance. ever. the closest thing he gets to it, is hitting his steering wheel. but everyone does that, so no. that does NOT qualify as dancing. ps-Julie, i know what you're thinking, how could i possibly friends with someone who doesn't have the crazy passion to dance like me. the answer: I don't know! anyways, so he came over & ate spinatos with my family & i. but then guess what we got him to do? Wii Just Dance! yes, i got tanner thornton to move in a dancing fashion. it was a big deal. he was definitely out of his comfort zone & i didn't care one bit because i know he secretly loved it (; Not only did he love it, but he won! his first time playing. i think it's pretty clear tanner is meant to dance.
That night, brittlyn finally came to mesa town! YAY! i haven't seen her in forever. so she came over with her friend ryan.
saturday: she slept over, then we went to her aunt's house to look for prom dresses & came out unsuccessful. i was SO bummed! anyways, prom dresses...so i found this PERFECT dress. i love it. it's online from vera wang. oh, i know what you're thinking, crazy exspensive. guess what, WRONG! it was a decent price & it was stunning. absolutely perfect in my eyes. well guess what...that dress takes 9 weeks to get here. basically, i wanna cry. I wanted that dress so darn badly. it would've looked SO good! ah. sad day. so if anyone knows where i can find a prom dress, PLEASE tell me!
saturday night came along & brittlyn was back in gilbert. tanner hadn't called me. monson & mindy were at their track meet. i was bored & a little bummed. so i decided to call up some old girly friends that had been dying to hang out with me. I called up kami, madi, & emsilly. we had fun i guess! we went to chick-fil-a with tj for dinner. even though i didn't get anything. then tj took us back to emily's. just dropped us off. so we just jammed out in emily's park with my music from my car. Seriously, i love it when i can just go out & dance anywhere with people like that. i LOVE to dance. probably a million times more than you...anyways, so we basically just danced the night away & it was pretty fabulous.
my weekend was half super good & half alright. friday being super good, saturday being alright. but now my foot has no feeling in it & it's frozen. that doesn't make me feel too good. so i'm going to go eat something, then watch the blindside with my family.

ps-you should call me daffy chap. i'm worried you're mad or something. & i miss you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

i got asked to prom. by an 'anonymous' person...it was last friday night around 11:30 pm. i heard my doorbell ring, & i walked outside to see a bag with a hamburger in it. from qt.
with a 'lil chub' on the side. freakin' disgusting!
after realizing that someone was only being funny, i immediately decided to call some really cool cats. aka-monson, ashlyn, max, & mindy. Guess what? they asked me. it was SO cool! wait, not. i was totally freaking out thinking some weirdo had asked me...

But then this really cool thing happened 2 days later. Sunday night around 8, my doorbell rings, so i let my siblings answer it. Then they come running in my room saying it's for me. So i walk outside my front door & find this cute little display.
I had to look through EVERY piece of candy with scott to find one that said, "T.T.T" i basically screamed when scott opened. alright, i legitimentally screamed. i was SO dang excited! for those of you who don't know who "T.T.T" is, his name is Tanner Tod Thornton. probably the cutest senior to walk the earth. And guess who's going to prom with him? ME! soooooooooo excited. it's going to be e-p-i-c! cannot wait :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


i'm pretty sure everyone can say music has affected them one way or another. It most certainly has for me..but it's become a huge part of my personality recently. i'm going through a lot of spiritual changes, but i don't think my blog is the place to talk about them. However, i'm now realizing what my leaders in church were saying about how music totally effects you. It does. it really, really does.
Just last night, i was with a bunch of people i don't usually hang out with & they were the type of people who listen to rap. I apologize if you actually like the crap that comes out of those distraught people's mouthes. because guess what it is? crap. rap is crap. i have never heard an uplifting rap song come on in my whole life time & i don't expect to.
Those songs usually consist of something having to do with drugs, drinking, & sex...I'm not for any of those, so how is this song benifiting me? oh yeah, it's not.
So back to what i was saying about these people i never hang out with...they were looking through my iPod to see if i had any "Lil' Wayne" so they could listen to it..guess what, i didn't have one single song by him on my iPod. He's one of the most popular rap artists in the whole country & i didn't own one song by him. That made me feel really, really good.

Tanner introduced me to a new love...the piano. I wish i didn't quit taking lessons so long ago. i want to be as good as him. he's so amazing at it. Not kidding. he comes over to my house & just sits & plays. it makes him so happy! Wanna know what? i think it makes me a million more times happy. I lovvvvvve listening to the piano. I don't need lyrics or any other instrument. the piano, by itself, is one of the most beautiful things that God has ever given us.
I've come to have a whole new appreciation for people who play the hyms in church. They go up there every week & play 3-4 amazing pieces out of our Hymn book. It sounds absolutely beautiful! Also, the organ. although i'm not totally in love with it, YET, i think i'm getting there. tanner said he has the up most respect for people who can play the organ. "it's like playing the piano, only 3 times as hard." hmm, obviously it's a big deal to know how to play the organ.
Really though, i love music & it affects me & my moods all the time. I listen to certain music before i run. I listen to certain music to wake me up. I listen to certain music when i'm sad. i listen to certain music to calm me down. I listen to certain music to get me excited. i listen to certain music on sundays. Every song on my iPod has it's place. I'm so glad i listen to good music, because i kind of feel like it's making me a better person. I'm so glad i have Tanner to just play the piano for me whenever i'd like him too. One of these days, i'm going to record it & put it on here for everyone to listen to. Truly amazing. Not an understatment.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Successful.

spring break 2010 was a huge success. although i didn't get to go to Mexico with the rest of mountain view, i sure had an amazing break!
saturday: drove there. there, as in park city, utah. i slept most of the way, but once i was awake i had the actual privilege of driving for about an hour ish. Picked up paul & brooky in provo.
Sunday: didn't go to church. woopsys? went on a run on the dreadful treadmill for about 4 miles. watched movies with the love birds all day.
monday: mom got there. norberg's got there. everyone skiied...in sweatshirts! HOLLA. it was roasty toasty. perfect weather for skiing although the snow conditions weren't too great. met up with the cowley's & skiied all day. Ate it hard on Stein's Way with mons. I'm talkin' big time crash. i totally messed up my ankle & it's still sooo sore. basically, i can't walk without a limp..mons fell over too which was pretty funny, sorry mons. His ski came off & he slid down half of the hill. I was laughing soooooo hard! he could've had the perfect view of my big crash because he was behind me, but he said he couldn't see any of it because he was "literally eating snow." hahahahaah!
that night, we met up with everyone at flippin' burgers for dinner. you could say we took over the whole resturant...really though. there was...6 families there? yep. sounds about right. Super delicious wings, mmmm.
tuesday: skiied. again. all day long. at this point, i could barely stand. my ankle was dying & i wanted to scream my head off. no big deal though, right? i'm just a
baby...went & played frisbee dodgeball at the church with all 6 families +some. it was waaaaay more fun than expected! even though my dad gave me a bloody nose because he pegged me so hard in the face, & mons totally nailed me right in my chest to the point of
where it knocked the wind out of me, it was great! when i was actually trying, i was in the ZONE. i owned at that game! seriously, just ask greg scoresby...
Wednesday: found a completed igloo right outside my house.
skiied with jeff & madi for a few hours. lemme tell you, skiing with them is always the funniest thing in the whole entire world.
frolo & emily, you guys missed out big time. Also, it was st. patrick's day. wanna know what this meant? swim suit skiing. after lunch, nug, scott, & i all went out in our swim suits for a few runs. Definitely an attention causer. anywho, it was a little bit nippy when you were flying down the run. or when someone would purposely splash you with snow. hmmm, jim! definitely not cool.
went to wasatch brew & pub for dinner. my ribs had some WEIRD sauce on them...not sure i liked it. however, my mashed potatoes were AWESOME!
thursday: best day of the week for numerous reasons. 1-the best my ankle had felt all week. 2-slept the best the night before. up there, that's a huge deal for me. i always have a horrible sleep up in Utah & i'm still totally unsure why. i will figure it out!..one day. 3-skiied with tanner! even though i didn't wanna do anything crazy hard, aka moguls, i still skiied for multiple hours. i got there around 12:30 ish. we skiied all.day.long. NO STOPPING. till 4:30ish? saying it was super duper fun would be an understatement. I LOVED IT! tanner makes me really, really happy. i'm so lucky i have him as such a good friend. i couldn't ask for anything else from him...he rocks my world.
so that long day of skiing totally wore me out. i didn't get ready that night whatsoever once i got home. i just drove down to kimball junction to cafe rio with nug, megan, & sami. delicious sweet pork tacos are my fav<3
watched g.i.joe that night with the norberg's & my family. honestly, not a good movie. i thought the effects looked horrible & weren't realistic whatsoever. the acting was extremely cheesey. however, they had some freakin' sweet sound effects!
friday: woke up at the crack of dawn & made our way home back to the AZ. went on a long run that was very up tempo. so proud of myself. got home & did nothing on my friday night. i love it when my friends ditch me. *insert sarcasm here*.
saturday: is today. i'm going to get stuff done. i am DETERMINED! i'm going to get my run in, then finish the few loads of laundry i started, then head to the verizon store to get a new phone charger, then do something other than look at prom dresses. something productive!

Monday, March 15, 2010


i watch a lot of movies. i never listen to what people say about them either because no one ever seems to have the same opinion about them as me...so i always just go out & see them for myself. even if people say it's the worst thing they've ever seen. also, the critics never know what a good movie is. i'm serious. they always do the exact opposite of what i think..anyways, here's a few movies i REALLY enjoy watching! no matter how many times...
1) action packed?
transformers. for sure. i love both of them...not kidding. i watch one of them about once a week. i know, a little obsessive, but whatever. ps-i know every line...
2) animation?
UP. without a doubt. it's the sweetest movie i've ever watched. It made my grandma cry she loved it so much. also, it's tanner's favorite.
3) love story?
so there's 2. the classic-Notebook. i don't know one girl in the world who doesn't love this movie. it's just simple. makes me real giddy.
the 2nd-Dear John. this movie is so amazing. wow. i LOVED it. i could watch it over & over again & not feel any less mushy gushy. I'm serious. i probably like it so much because i read the book also. which rocked btw.
4) inspirational?
My sisters keeper. watching this little girls situation makes me feel so selfish. it makes me feel like i take everything for granted. i actually cried in this, too. that means it's really emotional because i've never cried during a movie...
5) animal lovers?
marley & me. SO darn precious. i totally got attached to marley..legit. i'm a dog person & always have been, so that's probably why. people don't understand this movie unless they're dog people..
6) last but not least-comedy.
I know this movie is a little bit immature, but it makes me laugh out loud every time i watch it...Hot Rod. kind of ridiculous, i know, but i just cannot help my love for it. i'm assuming a lot of people think it's annoying, but i don't. it never gets old!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break 2010.

i'm here. here-as in-Utah! the one & only.
it's a lot warmer than christmas break, but it still doesn't classify as WARM for utah. at least, not to me.
although my family had to cram in the Audi for the 12hour long drive, it went pretty fast. i even drove some of the way. i know-big deal...but we stopped at our usual stops. McDonalds in page. Subway in fillmore. it wasn't the same without you mum. For those of you who don't know, my dad ALWAYS stops in the same places for gas & food on our way to utah. we always stop at mcdonalds so he can have his favorite pancakes for breakfast. then we try & get him to stop somewhere other than subway for lunch, but he never changes it. we always just, somehow magically appear, at subway. EVERY.TIME.
i am super excited to be in actual COLD weather. even though arizona has recently been having perfect weather, i really love it here. i went on a run today for recovery on the treadmile. i hate treadmiles. that's the only downfall up here is i have to run on the treadmile...but tomorrow i am skiing all day long! i think? i always say that but then i usually go out for half the day.
my family is definitely spoiled with the convience we have of being right on the run. love it. never take it for granted.
I love spring break! we go back to mesa on thursday. hopefully, it will be warm enough for us to go skiing in our swim suits like we do every spring break. super stoked for it! cannot wait for my mom to get up here. i miss her...haven't seen her since wednesday :(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everything is going MY way.

lately, my life has just taken this amazing turn & everything seems to be going right. not kidding.
I've ran varsity in both of the meets i've ran in which is kind of a really big deal to me...even though they're just silly dual meets. Not to mention, i dropped a lot of time this week in the open 800m. SO HAPPY!
If you're wondering about track, it's going great. with the wheater being on our side, it's a lot easier to want to run than to be forced too. even though we've worked out harder this week than any other week this season, i can say i enjoy it. I love running & i know i'm just going to keep getting better if i keep trying. most of the girls from cross that are on track think i'll get most improved runner for track. Hmm. i'm not sure how i'm supposed to take this? But they all say that i've just showed a lot of hard work & effort & it's definitely paying off. Finally, someone notices, ha.
My family is just super awesome lately. They are the absolute best. i cannot wait to see Brooklyn this weekend! Seriously, it's going to be the best spring break ever. I should probably tell my parents how much i love them & how awesome they are before my report card comes back...woopsy.
Rachel is healing very well, if any one was wondering. although she'll have to go to physical therapy, she's getting along a lot better than they expected. typical rach...being the toughest one in the family...
School is the only thing that doesn't seem to be on my side recently. I have to get tutored some times...i'm really horrible at math. Legitimentally, horrible. I get pathetic test scores & i even go in for help & STILL don't understand it. I'll get through it though...because all my other classes are a piece of cake. Taking culinary was the biggest joke ever. my teacher is such a push over, which means we can always get her to make us do nothing. i'm rereading that, & it doesn't exactly make sense. hmm. Besides that, i should really get to work on my pi project, considering it's due tomorrow. Ahh.
Friends are pretty darn good right now. I have this really good friend, tanner, who is super awesome. He tutored me in math for approximately 2 hours...yeah...i know, he thinks i'm stupid probably. but anyways, he's just a really sweet guy & i am so stoked he'll be up in Utah for spring break! That's where i'll be. Also, monson is coming up too & guess what? He's gonna ski with me one day at deer valley! WOOT! finally met someone who skis other than the Zaharis's. speaking of the zaharis's, frolo is going to be up there & we decided we're gonna party so hard. Also, jeff kerr & his family are staying with the z's. Pretty much all my skiing buddies are finally going to reunite! it's been a few years...One more family friend that is going up is the glauser's. Booyah! Although emily's family will be a little farther than lauren's & monson's, i will probably end up seeing her. hopefully.
Oh, did i mention all this goodness takes place in like.........
2 DAYS! yesssssss!
spring break 2010.
livin' this one up!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sadies on Safari 2010.

here you have it folks...Mountain View's Sadies dance-2010

i accidentally left my camera in the car...so all i have are these pictures that other people took. i know, i'm so spacey. but on the bright side, i had so much dang fun! i want mine & tyler's pictures to come soon because they were freakin' hilar (hilarious)!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And it all comes down to THIS.

Today, I, Abigail Tucker, am going to mountain view's sadie hawkins dance.
Yes, i know what you're all thinking...how did she do it?! well...i'll tell you....
hahhahhaa, only joking.

But i wasn't lying. i am going to sadies tonight & i'd like everyone to know i am so incredibley excited. it's going to be so much fun! I'm going with an awesome boy named Tyler. He's super crazy & fun to be around! my group has had absolutely zero drama, which i am so incredibley thankful for. *knock on wood*

Also, the theme is super exciting..i think. Sadies on Safari. Yes, clever. anyways...tyler & i are dressing up as tigers. tails & all! in honor of brooklyn's sexy kitty halloween costume, hahaha!
I will take tons of pictures ps.

Well...i just thought i'd update everyone on this big night in my life. my first dance. booyah!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


so i know you're all dying to wonder why i'm grounded for life, but i decided to not focus on that. even though i do have an enormously long draft that could be posted any time i want on what i think about this whole 'grounding' thing, but i won't go there.

annnnnyways! like i was about to say...have you ever met someone who absolutely loves a certain type of pen? well guess what...I certainly have.
i was talking to my bff mindy one day about how bummed i was about using a regular pencil & how lame it was because it always gives me hand cramps. but then i said how much i hate asking people for lead when i run out...i feel slightly embarrassed. almost like i didn't come prepared for this moment in time. the worst? the worst is when you're taking a test & you realize your lead just, officially ran out. then what do you do? you can't ask some kid around you, because the teacher will think you're cheating & you don't have any extra lead. so you end up pulling out the traditional pencil that just HAPPENS to be totally dull. then you have to get up in the middle of the class when it's DEAD silent & use the obnoxiously loud pencil sharpener...
it's so incredibley embarrassing to me. i don't know why either...i'm SO good at not getting embarrassed.
ok, ok, ok. back to what i was saying...while i was talking to mindy about my pencil dilema, she asked if i had ever met someone who was obsessed with their pen. i was like, "what are you talking about? weirdo." and she said, "if you meet someone who likes their pen, they don't just like it...they LOVE it. i swear. my sister? yeah...she's in love with this certain pen." when she told me this, i was only thinking NERDS. nerdy. nerdness. but then, i went to my friend monson's house a few days later & was talking to him & some people about pens. WHAT THE HECK!? i'm seriously spending my weekends talking about pens. yes. but monson & tanner were telling me how great they thought this certain pen was & i just kind of letting it go in one ear & out the other.
but the other day, i was getting tutored. & guess what i finally decided to do. compare my pens with some of the 'greatest' out there. lemme just tell you, i absolutely LOVE my pen. it rocks. ummm, yes. it's gel. duh. i get mine from staples. & you wanna know what? it comes in a 3 pack. red, blue, & black. all the essential colors you need for penmanship. it doesn't smear. it has a gel grip. & the retractable part...yeah...it makes the most addicting sound in the world. sorry i'm so odd. but...after realizing how much i THOUGHT i loved my pen, i noticed there was a pen i hadn't tried. you wanna know what it's called? the zebra f351. beautiful name, right? yes. indeed.
now this very pen is the pen that tanner & monson could just simpley not shut up about. & i have to say...i officially own one thanks to tanner.
do i love my pen? yes. do i think that's weird? not one bit.