Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today my school, Stapley, played against our rival school, Poston, in a basketball game that will NEVER be forgotten!
About 2 weeks ago, we played Poston for the first time. We played at their gym & they ended up beating us pretty bad. Our team has been undefeated the whole year so we we're PRETTY discouraged. Today though, that all changed...
We played Poston in our gym today and boy was it an intense game! The stands we're 100% packed. So packed, people had to sit on the stairs walking up to the stands. Everyone stood up most of the time trying to cheer out the other school. Poston was in the lead for the 1st quater by 5. We weren't worried. By 2nd quater, we were down by 3 points. All of 3rd & 4th quarter we we're either winning by 1 or 2, or loosing by 1 or 2. SUPER close throughout the whole entire 2nd half! Winning this game determined who won City Champs so you can imagine how thrilling it was to be sitting up in the stands!
After the wrestlers of Stapley got done with practice, they joined us in the crowds & made us 1000 times louder than we already were. The ONLY time it was quiet was during the national anthem. During free throws, the opposing team would stomp their feet & yell all sorts of things. Most of the time, it did work!
4th quarter comes & we're in the lead. 41-39. There was about 3 minutes left & this game had been close so we were VERY nervous. Poston kept fauling us so somehow they could get a turn-over. Never worked!
The final score ended being 44-41. WE HAD WON CITY! After the buzzer finally went off, everyone on the stands (supporting Stapley) ran down & jumped around. I mean...EVERYONE! There was no a single person or parent left in the stands. We all screamed & chanted 'City Champs!' for about 5 minutes! It was definitely the most fun game I've ever watched in my whole entire life. Yes, it beat the Suns game by far...
Just letting all my boys on the team that I am SO proud of them for battling the odds & beating Poston. Congrats & good job! YOU EARNED THIS! I love you all.
love love,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or gazelle - when the sun comes up, you'd better be running." -UnknownWhether I feel like pushing myself or not this day, I will get up running. I love running & I am so excited to join my schools track team! Track starts the 9th of February & I am SUPER excited. In PE we have been practicing some of the events. Monday we did the 100 Meter & I got 3rd overall the girls in my class. Now, I know what your thinking....Abby, its just PE. Well most of the girls running in my class are the fastest at our school. Most of them ran cross country with me & almost ALL of them will be on track with me! I am so excited. On Wednesday we ran the 400 & I got first in that. That's the event I was planning on running for track. My time for that was a minute & 17 seconds (1:17). I need to have it under 1:10 to be good enough for this year. I had one of the fastest times out of everyone throughout the day. Today we ran the 800 M. That's two laps! That's alot of sprint. I ended up running it in 3 minutes and 12 seconds (3:12). I got first. Haha! I was definitely a happy girl this week!
All the girls said that running is the worst thing ever & I just laughed because I think the exact opposite. I love running more than any sport I've ever done. I love pounding my feet against the hard pavement & getting that HUGE adrenaline rush before I hear the gun go off. I love it so so much & it is definitely the sport I consider MINE! I will work as hard as I can at track this year. I am looking forward to cross country & track more than ANYTHING next year! I am so excited to become Toro Tough.
love love,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mama & The Girls

Yesterday, my mom told my dad that him & my younger brother Scott could head up to Utah to have a ski weekend. Apparently, they had been getting alot of snow, so Todd Tucker would definitely be hittin' that up! My dad loves skiing more than anything! Its definitely his favorite thing in the whole world.
With all the boys in the house bein' gone, my mom decided to take us to the mall! I don't even remember the last time I went to the mall with all my sisters & my mom. Seriously, it feels like years. I think it might be! Anyways, we went to Nordstrom & all got a new pair of jeans except Rachey. She got an Ed Hardy shirt which I found for her. I think I might be stealing that some time soon ;) Just kiddin' Rach! Really though, its so cute. We found Brooklyn shoes for Winter Formal. I think she's gonna be lookin' the cutest personally. Im in LOVE with her dress! The dance is this weekend! I really wish I was 16....! My mom got some super cute Hudsons! When we were driving there, she's said "I know what I want and that's jeans! I used to not shop on the sale racks & now I do. I should be rewarded with a new pair of jeans!" Hahah I love my mom. She's so great! Usually, when we go to the mall, my mom won't buy us anything unless we can pay for half of it. She took us yesterday & basically bought us whatever we asked for! Those trips DO NOT happen often.
I didn't find anything in Nordstrom. The only thing I wanted was white, skinny pants. I knew they had some at Pac Sun so we went over there. They had some of course & I love them more than anything! I have wanted white pants for so so long. I love em'! They we're having a sale, so I got white & grey pants for 55$! How cheap huh!? I am a lucky girl. I got 2 pairs of pants while everyone else only got one. Haha!
I love spending time with my mom & sisters. We hadn't in a long, long time & I am so happy I got too this weekend. I had such a fun time! I think I have the best family in the whole entire world. I am so grateful for them & how awesome each of them are. I love you guys!(:
love love,

16 days baby!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Good Stuff

Recently, nothing super, fantastic has happened. I'll just talk about some random good stuff just because I needa post something. Its been 2 days!
Okay, first things first. My birthday is in 18 days! Im seriously counting down. I dont know why I am so excited to be 15; nothing great happens, just another year. I asked for a new phone, an outift & highlights. I dont think I'll get the last one. My mom is always pushing me into NOT changing my hair color. Part of the reason I think is because, once you do it once, you gotta keep going back! Im asking for the LG Dare. Its basically Verizon's iPhone. Super cooly & all touch!
On Monday, I signed up for EFY. Im going with my little sister Rachey. Super excited!I really hope we get in. EFY is my favorite camp in the whole world & if I dont get in, I might cry my eyes out.
I've been working really hard in school this semester & my grades are lookin' pretty good! I am happy about that. Whenever our grades our good, it basically determines how the relationship between our parents is. If you had bad grades, our parents will be on your back about EVERYTHING! If you have good grades, they let you stay out a little later & they let you do more fun things & trust you a little good grades are definitely encouraged in the Tucker home.
Well that's about it. My life isn't super fantastic lately, sorry!
love love,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reunited with Leslie!

Yesterday I tried to keep my post about the inaguration, but yesterday was a super, fabulous day!
After about 3 months, I finally got to go driving with Leslie again! She picked me up in her little white, chevy & we drove to Starbucks. Got some fraps, & then talked about our lives. Awh, I love talking with her! She is so helpful & always knows how to help me. She supports me no matter what. She isn't afraid to tell me Im wrong because she always wants me going in the right direction.
After we went to Starbucks, we drove around town just BLARING music & dancing like there was no tomorrow. I can home that night exhausted; that's how crazy we were. When we were driving, we kinda blew one of her speakers. Haha! Leslie & I like it loud. After driving for like half an hour, we decide to go write all over her boyfriend's car while he's at work. On our way over there, we see Ally Taylor at the stop light. When I came to school today, she told me she had never seen anyone be so crazy in their car. It was so great!
We get to Buffalo Wild Wings & try to sneak up to his (her boyfriends) car. She's done it before, so he called me & said "You better back away from my car or your dead!" He was being sarcastic considering they were car markers that just wash off with water(: We wrote all over the windows & it was just so entertaining! We got caught by him the first time, so we tried zooming away in Leslie's car which actually worked! We hid for about 5 minutes, then came back & wrote even more! Him being the host at his work made it really easy & fun considering he could see us the whole time. Hahaha!
Writing on cars is DEFINITELY one of my new favorite hobbies! I totally loved it. I loved trying to be sneaky. I will definitely be doing that again & soon! I love spending time with Leslie. She's one my bestfriends in this whole world & I only have 3! She's amazing & I love her so so much!
love love,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama

Whether we wanted it to happen or not,
he is no & officiallly our president for the next 4 years.
In 4 years, I will be eligible to vote & I am so excited I can make a difference!

Here's to our new president who promises to bring change!
Im totally looking forward to it.
Barack Obama; 2009-For Change!

love love,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Music Resolution

One of my New Years Resolutions was to find music on my own & to not just go with what is popular.
Last night, I hung out with a few really good kids. All in high school & super nice. All LDS! We drove to Sonic & blasted the 'Sons of Provo!' My new current favorite band. The lyrics to their songs are probably the funniest things ever!
Im so glad that there really is a thing as uplifting music. Stuff like these guys brings you closer to the gospel & I totally love it.
Its on my playlist, so totally listen to them! My favorite song is 'Love Me, But Dont Show Me.' There is a small snippet of it on my playlist, but its not the whole song. It wasn't on the website. So if you can, look up the lyrics to some of those songs & you will just die laughing!
love love,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tribute to Leslie

You know those friends who you don't really need to talk to 24/7 but you both know your bestfriends? Well, Leslie's kind of like that girl for me. I met her 2 years ago in Stapley Student council as a young, little 7th grader. She was in 9th grade.
Leslie is seriously one of the most amazing girls I know in this whole world. She has done everything for me! Her & I have never gotten in a fight, not even one. Every time I say that about my friends, I end up getting in a fight with them but I know it wont jinx me if I say it about this girl.
She is a dedicated swimmer & yearbook editor at her school, Mountain View. She enjoys driving in her little chevy truck with me & blasting music. We have some pretty amazing dance moves, and I mean AMAZING! She is currently 17 and has dated many fabulous boys! I am so jealous of her. All the boys want her & she's a total babe machine. She's always been super confident about herself and that is one quality I absolutely love. She's been one of the biggest role models for me in life!
Leslie has taught me not to stress about little things, & has showed me the bigger picture. She's always looking for ways to improve her life & always has a smile on her face! She is so beautiful. She's super athletic & is a state champion swimmer.
I know what I've been saying is just baby things, but I dont really think she knows how much she means to me. She's stuck by my side through everything! She knows me better than so many people in this world. Even though we don't talk every day like we used too, I know her & I will be best friends forever! She means more than me than she'll ever know. She is amazing & I am so blessed to have her in my life showing me how to do things. She is such a Christ-Like girl and that is so amazing. She is my best friend & I love her with all my heart.
Pick me up soon Leslie? We needa drive!
love love,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

To the New Year!

Every year some time in early January, I take a few minutes to think about the past year & what I learned from it. I also take a few minutes to write my newest goals down, type em' up, print them out & then hang them up on my bulletin board. This way, every morning I wake up & see what I need to do that day to get a little closer to reaching my goals. I keep them in the upper left corner of my bulletin board so I never miss em'.

-Short cuts only cut you short
-To get good at something, you have to practice it -Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent
-Love exsists
-Look to the positive constantly
-You have to reach out to people, so they reach back

-Wear rubberbands constantly! (time to get these braces off!)
-Think before you say
-Good Grades!
-Be who you are, not what other people want you to be
-Serve, Serve, Serve
-Personal prayer every night
-Find music through your own personal research; Not what's popular

I've set alot of expectations for myself. If you ever see me struggle, remind me about them. I really need to reach these goals! It will help me be closer to my Heavenly Father. I want to make my grandpa proud of me again.
love love,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So every year each kid in the family gets to choose one summer camp they get to go to. Each camp is usually between 1-2 weeks. I ALWAYS choose to go to EFY above everything else. I love EFY. Its seriously the best camp I've ever been to in my whole dang life!
I love reading scriptures in the morning & going to the morningsides. I love being on the beautiful BYU campus. AH! I love that campus so much. The food at the Cannon Center is always delicious & I always have loved the generic cereals(surprise!). Marshmellow Mateys is my all time fav at that place! I love being around kids who don't swear, unlike school. Everyone swears there! I hate it! I love EFY all together. You have NO idea how much I do!
When I had just turned 13 in February 2 years ago, I said I was 14 just so I could go with my 8th grade friend. Her name was Emily Clifford. I know that lying to a church camp is the last thing you should do, but I totally loved it! I love Emz Cliff. She's so awesome & now she's a sophy & I hardly ever see her. All my friends were SO jealous of me! Haha it was nice. Then in 8th grade, I went with another girl who was older than me & her name was Natalie Feilding. She was a Freshman & she wanted to go with me! It was super fun, duh! Loved going with that girl. Probably one of the sweetest girls I know.
I just told my mom tonight that EFY sign-ups were in about 1-2 weeks. I was so excited to go with my friend Alex, but then NOPE! She's now going with her cousin. So I turned to my bestfriend expecting to easily be able to go with her & NOPE! She's going with her close friend from Utah. Seriously, I'd never thought I'd be put in this situation! I really have no clue who to go with. Then I texted my other good friend Makayla Clouse. She hadn't been asked to go with anyone, so Im planning on going with her! It will be great fun. She's so short & cute that Makayla! Haha.
But, the reason why this blog is titled Devistation is because I told my mom I didn't have anyone to go with a few minutes after I told her about the sign-ups. And she said, "Well, we have to talk to dad. I dont even know if we can afford it this year..." SHE SAID IT! SHE TOLD ME I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO GO! Seriously I am crushed! I HAVE TO GO TO EFY! I love that place more than life! AAAAAAAAH! I think this is my worst nightmare coming to life! If we talk to my dad & he says I can't go, Im going to cry my livin' eyeballs out. I HAVE to go to EFY! ):
love love,

p.s. Emily is in the first picture. That's us on pizza night in our dorm room. You gotta go CRAZY on pizza night! The second piture is Natalie & our little across the hall buddies Jamie & Missy. Natalie is the brunette on the far right. She's totally smokin'! Isn't that picture of us 4 darling? We were standing on a big, metal blower. It was just in the grass. Blowin' away! It was a little bit warm air, but not too bad. It was seriously blowing SO hard though that my dress flew up in the back when I tried walking off! Luckily, no one was behind us...Love both of those chicks. I hope I getta go this year. REALLY BADLY!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Talmage Dennis Barney

You resembled my 3rd grandfather.
You took care of me so well whenever I was with you.
I loved being able to stay with you at your cabin with Britt & the family. I will always remember getting my nickname 'CRASH Tucker.'
I'll miss giving you hugs & feeling like Im squeezing a marshmellow!
You we definitely loved by me & many others.
You were awesome!I hope you & my grandpa Herm are happy together again! Brittlyn & I wanna be bestfriends forever like you guys. Your our inspiration that its possible. We love both of you with all our hearts! Rest in paradise guys.
love love,

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Dream Lifestyle

My dream lifestyle is currently in the possesion of my Uncle Andy & his wife Lisa. Seriously, they do everything! They travel to new places & experience new things like every other week it seems like. I am so jealous of them! I want college to be over so I can live everyday unplanned. Their lives are so adventurous!
love love,

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photoshoot for Amateurs

Yesterday, my mom took me & a few of my girlfriends down to Main Street. She dropped us off around 5 & we stayed till about 7 just taking cute pictures! It was seriously so much fun. We all decided we're doing it again earlier in the day, so its not dark. It got dark SO fast! We had flash & stuff but the pictures became real grainy, so we just decided to save it for another day. We all had white v-necks & jeans on! SO PRESH! Loved it.
We were really supposed to take pictures with the statues all up & down Main, but before we could even get half way down Main, we ran into the Mesa Arts Center & decided to just take them all there. It was definitely a good move. All the pictures I posted are from Mesa Arts Center, well outside it, & they for sure took the cutest award.
Ally Taylor, Paige Crandell, Lexi Poulson, Rylie Adcox, Sam Oslund, Paige Tingey, & Elle Snedigar. Thank you so much for doing this with me girlies. I had so much fun & I cannot wait to do it next weekend! LOVE YOU!

A Great Start

This New Years Eve was probably one of the best spent.
I slept over at one of my bestfriends house, Alex Tanner. Her mom rented out the whole ice rink at Polar Ice in Gilbert. Hundreds of people came! Mainly families in their ward, but it was so much fun! I ate so much! Let me just tell you, the Estate Groves women know how to cook. It was SO dang good! I loved playing broom hockey with all the boys & ice skating with Christa. Hah her dance moves were even crazier than mine if you can imagine. Broom hockey kinda made everyone sore after, but it was totally worth it! Falling flat on your back KINDA kills! But I laughed so hard throughout the whole game. The goofy helments they made us wear, which messed up my hair! Alex, Kenzi, & I all wore tie-dye & wore sweet hot pink eyeshadow. Oh, I can't forget our silver glidder eyeliner! Everyone got a kick outta that! It was fun getting ready. They did their hair in high ponies, & I did mine in SWEET SPIKES!
Overall, easily the best New Years Eve I have ever expeirenced in my life. Thank you Tanners for allowing me to sleep over & thank you mother for letting me do it all.
love love,