Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today my school, Stapley, played against our rival school, Poston, in a basketball game that will NEVER be forgotten!
About 2 weeks ago, we played Poston for the first time. We played at their gym & they ended up beating us pretty bad. Our team has been undefeated the whole year so we we're PRETTY discouraged. Today though, that all changed...
We played Poston in our gym today and boy was it an intense game! The stands we're 100% packed. So packed, people had to sit on the stairs walking up to the stands. Everyone stood up most of the time trying to cheer out the other school. Poston was in the lead for the 1st quater by 5. We weren't worried. By 2nd quater, we were down by 3 points. All of 3rd & 4th quarter we we're either winning by 1 or 2, or loosing by 1 or 2. SUPER close throughout the whole entire 2nd half! Winning this game determined who won City Champs so you can imagine how thrilling it was to be sitting up in the stands!
After the wrestlers of Stapley got done with practice, they joined us in the crowds & made us 1000 times louder than we already were. The ONLY time it was quiet was during the national anthem. During free throws, the opposing team would stomp their feet & yell all sorts of things. Most of the time, it did work!
4th quarter comes & we're in the lead. 41-39. There was about 3 minutes left & this game had been close so we were VERY nervous. Poston kept fauling us so somehow they could get a turn-over. Never worked!
The final score ended being 44-41. WE HAD WON CITY! After the buzzer finally went off, everyone on the stands (supporting Stapley) ran down & jumped around. I mean...EVERYONE! There was no a single person or parent left in the stands. We all screamed & chanted 'City Champs!' for about 5 minutes! It was definitely the most fun game I've ever watched in my whole entire life. Yes, it beat the Suns game by far...
Just letting all my boys on the team that I am SO proud of them for battling the odds & beating Poston. Congrats & good job! YOU EARNED THIS! I love you all.
love love,

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