Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So every year each kid in the family gets to choose one summer camp they get to go to. Each camp is usually between 1-2 weeks. I ALWAYS choose to go to EFY above everything else. I love EFY. Its seriously the best camp I've ever been to in my whole dang life!
I love reading scriptures in the morning & going to the morningsides. I love being on the beautiful BYU campus. AH! I love that campus so much. The food at the Cannon Center is always delicious & I always have loved the generic cereals(surprise!). Marshmellow Mateys is my all time fav at that place! I love being around kids who don't swear, unlike school. Everyone swears there! I hate it! I love EFY all together. You have NO idea how much I do!
When I had just turned 13 in February 2 years ago, I said I was 14 just so I could go with my 8th grade friend. Her name was Emily Clifford. I know that lying to a church camp is the last thing you should do, but I totally loved it! I love Emz Cliff. She's so awesome & now she's a sophy & I hardly ever see her. All my friends were SO jealous of me! Haha it was nice. Then in 8th grade, I went with another girl who was older than me & her name was Natalie Feilding. She was a Freshman & she wanted to go with me! It was super fun, duh! Loved going with that girl. Probably one of the sweetest girls I know.
I just told my mom tonight that EFY sign-ups were in about 1-2 weeks. I was so excited to go with my friend Alex, but then NOPE! She's now going with her cousin. So I turned to my bestfriend expecting to easily be able to go with her & NOPE! She's going with her close friend from Utah. Seriously, I'd never thought I'd be put in this situation! I really have no clue who to go with. Then I texted my other good friend Makayla Clouse. She hadn't been asked to go with anyone, so Im planning on going with her! It will be great fun. She's so short & cute that Makayla! Haha.
But, the reason why this blog is titled Devistation is because I told my mom I didn't have anyone to go with a few minutes after I told her about the sign-ups. And she said, "Well, we have to talk to dad. I dont even know if we can afford it this year..." SHE SAID IT! SHE TOLD ME I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO GO! Seriously I am crushed! I HAVE TO GO TO EFY! I love that place more than life! AAAAAAAAH! I think this is my worst nightmare coming to life! If we talk to my dad & he says I can't go, Im going to cry my livin' eyeballs out. I HAVE to go to EFY! ):
love love,

p.s. Emily is in the first picture. That's us on pizza night in our dorm room. You gotta go CRAZY on pizza night! The second piture is Natalie & our little across the hall buddies Jamie & Missy. Natalie is the brunette on the far right. She's totally smokin'! Isn't that picture of us 4 darling? We were standing on a big, metal blower. It was just in the grass. Blowin' away! It was a little bit warm air, but not too bad. It was seriously blowing SO hard though that my dress flew up in the back when I tried walking off! Luckily, no one was behind us...Love both of those chicks. I hope I getta go this year. REALLY BADLY!


Ally said...

that is devestation! i hope you can go! i think i have to earn my own money to go hahahaha! twins again. love you tuck

SweetSassyCassie said...

Need donations? I would hate to see you so sad!!!!!!!!