Saturday, January 30, 2010

Being 3rd Wheel.

I'm not entirely sure that everyone knows what being the 3rd wheel means, so i'll just clarify it for ya. Being 3rd wheel is hanging out with a bunch of couples, then being the only one there who doesn't have a someone. example-Someone says, "come over to watch a movie tonight!" and you say, "OKAY!" then you go over & everyone is cuddling with someone, minus you.
It's really awesome. wait, joke. I hate it. It's not like i need someone to cuddle with, but being third wheel like that? that's been my life ever since christmas break ended. Just going from being this couples third wheel to another.
I guess i should look at it as a blessing because it's definitely keeping ME away from temptation, but some times it just gets old. The worst is watching people kiss. UGH! i cannot take it. I have to leave the room because i just get so grossed out. Sorry for people who think pda isn't their issue, but it almost always is. PDA=public display of affection.

back to the point...i think i should look at being 3rd wheel most as a blessing rather than a chore. i love my friends. i get most of them together i should just stop complaining.
there happy. i'm happy.
I love my friends. I just can't wait till i'm 16 so i don't have to be 3rd wheel anymore. YAAAAAY! 11 more days! life is good.

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