Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NO MORE. Puuuuuhlease!

I know Heavenly Father has blessed me with a body that is hard to get fat, but im getting taken over. I eat so unhealthy. im broken out. i feel sick. i get headaches. i dont get enough sleep. basically, i am stressed out beyond belief.
this may sound absolutely ridiculous, but i was so stressed, i didnt eat lunch yesterday. Why do some people have to be so much more awesome at you in everything?
I would pay people to just let me win some forreal. I am sick & tired of loosing. its stressing me out. when i get stressed out, it usually stresses my friends out. my feelings are contagious--sorry?
but really i need to stop eating so much junk. yeah, it was just halloween...but who cares? but think about it...halloween is basically the first holiday (even though its not technically a real holiday) to the holiday season. its only going to get worse from here! I mean, arent i supposed to be able to look & candy & say no? yeah right. i definitely cannot pass up a good reeses'.
The point is...i am stressed. my stress is taking over my life. someone please tell me desserts isnt the only answer to cure this. 'cause im dying here!



lorie said...

See Mom's Blog. Mom. out.

Brooklyn said...

we all have bad days...... it gets better!!! your blog music ROCKS MY LIFE!!! love you sistaaaaaaaa.