Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Sidebar Women'

i dont know if anyone has noticed, but my side bar has a few pictures of some very important women in my life. Alden is at the bottom of the side bar & he's obviously not a girl........but lets focus on the point right now.
The girls on the side bar are my best friends. Yes, i do have alot of people i call 'best friends' but these are the true ones. my home girls. my sisters seperated at birth. my go-tos. my chicks. whatever you call them, they got my back.
They aren't in any particular order, but they all do something different for me. overall--they're the best people i know!

First we have baby Brittlyn. She's been my best friend for about 3 years. she & i laugh about everything. literally. we've been through the good & the bad together. she likes me no matter what. Although it takes alot for her to stick up for herself, let alone others, she always manages to stick up for me! Always. she is so funny & cute. everyone loves her. its hard to not want to be around her because she's just an innocient lil' cutie. Brittlyn is a huge blessing in my life. I thank God for her everyday. She's my 'Papo!'

Now we have dearest Kami Johnson. yessss, she's the girl all the boys want. literally. She's a goddess at Mountain View & my parents love her so much, so do i. she is the sweetest ever. her & i have never faught. i can nevvvvvver stay mad at her. Even when she messes up, i still love her. She relates to me on alot of levels. now that is something you don't find very often. she understands where i come from alot of the time. and yes, i dig that. Some times we are complete opposites too, but that's ok. she brings me back into reality alot of the time! we call each other Sister sally. Kinda retarded, but what can i say? its too hard to say no to Kami J.

Wow. Where do i begin with this hoodlum? The next girl is Madison Shannon Whiteman. or whitegirl. I call her that alot. basically madi is the most bipolar person i know. Its fine...she knows it. she wants to do one thing this minute & the complete opposite the next. she never knows what she wants. so im always guessing with her. madi has an edge. I dig that too. She's clever & witty. hasn't kissed a boy. Beautiful beyond imagine. When she applies herself, she's so smart. Not kiddin'. besides that, she's good at everything! she does gymnastics which is probaly the most rad sport ever. She's a beast. so strong. so sexy. we have some pretty awesomely crazy times together. I mean...madi & i are CRRRRRAZY when we are together. love my superstarSWAGGER.

Dearest Emily...I know i've said everyone makes me laugh, but i literally roll on the floor laughing when i talk to this girl. She is so funny! When she's in a good mood, she goes to town. No one can be sad around her. she is stunning. 'nuff said. she makes me happy when i am sad. she knows how to make me hyper & fun. she laughs at my jokes all the time. She understands my sarcasm. Most of all, she knows how to be there for me. whenever Im sad, emily knows. Usually i just get random texts from her saying she loves me. somehow she knows when im having a bad day. its like she reads minds. its insane! She's the 'mom' of the group. Always watching out for us. so chill e-glaus. so chill!

last but certainly not least is the infamous Fergie. this is Alyssa Ferguson. We've had our ups & downs as friends, but ever since high school, we've been closer than ever. She means the world to me & im not sure she knows that. she is so funny! I mean so funny. her & her mom are probably some of the funniest people i've ever met. Anyone who walks into their house expects a good laugh & trust'll get it. Along with kami, alyssa understands me alot. she's been through alot which makes it easier for her to relate to alot of my 'problems.' You almost never see this little chicky without a smile. Even when she's totally breaking down inside, she'll do whatever it takes to make the other person happy. she is constantly putting others before herself. she is always on my side...even when Im wrong. I've prayed so hard & long to find someone like that. Now i have. she is amazing.

I just want you girls to know that you do mean the world & more to me. each of you set amazing examples for me all the time! not kidding. i look up to each & every one of you so super duper much. i dont know how i could ever repay you guys for the things you've done for me. but know that i am blessed to have you in my life. You are so awesome to me. I could never ask for a better crew. You guys are all BEAUTIFUL! i love each & everyone of you more than words can describe.

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Abby G. said...

abby! i found your blog and i love it! you are wayyy funny and so cute! i miss you at stapley! :( i hope high school is way fun though!
<3 abby giles :)