Saturday, November 7, 2009

Too cool for words

Wow, why the heck is my mom so dang awesome? She just did another ironman today. like she's seriously superwoman. Not only did she do it, but she pr'ed. BY 40 MINUTES! so steller mum--serious. Honestly, you have set an awesome example for me. I train because i want to be like you some day. you are my inspiration, thank you for that.
OH EM GEE! BROOKLYN CAME HOME TODAY! yes, i was frrrrrrrrrrreaking out before she got here & basically jumped on her once she walked in the door. She is so happy & so nice & so cute & i've missed her so dang much, geez. Although she has completely lost her tan, she's still a total babe machine. Poor baby has a suuuuuper congested head. her ears havent popped since she was in Utah & now she's in tonz of pain. major major sad face :(
Anywho! My parents fly home this evening, so we'll see them. it'll be happy for sure! I've missed them & i wanna hear all the deets about my mom's race.
something else that's so cool? My cousin Dallin Funk. I've been hanging out with him pretty much everyday this week. he is so awesome. i love him so much. we've become super close & i am definitely enjoying it! I mean...its not a bad thing his friends are cute right? ;)
my life is good right now. I really just need to relax. Im still stressed, but its slowly going away. I just need to take it easy for awhile.

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Julie said...

Hmmmm... wasn't there anyone else who you saw that made your weekend totally awesome?!? Just trying to think who else was in town.... hmmmm.... hahahahahaha!