Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh it is LOVE

there are very few times when i find a whole cd album that i absolutely love every songon it. i'm RARELY happens! Need less to say, the times it does happen make me very very happy.

i absolutely love the Black Eyed Peas-The E.N.D. album. So so so so good. Rachel, my mom, & I bought it on our way up to Cali in the summer time. on our way to the beach house. While we were there, micheal jackson we ended up listening to him on the way home. but the way there was totally occupied by BEP. LOVE THEM!
another? i absolutely envy my mom & Brooklyn for getting to go to their concert. They went to there concert i believe...a year ago? COLDPLAY! Ah! The viva la vida album=awesome. they are truly inspiring. they can totally change my mood. although the majority of their songs are slow or chill, i still manage to dance to them. i love to dance--its a big part of me. but serious, i love them. i want to meet Chris Martin. Then marry him.
Last, but definitely not least. They've become super popular recently, but XM radio top 20 on 20 wasn't who introduced me to them. It was my friend Jake Jarvis. he always listens to good music. usually alternative. he likes techno also. ps-techno is my lyfe. Anyways, its the band called Owl City. i am obsessed with their Ocean Eyes album. they are so awesome! forrealz. every time they're on, i recognize their voice & everrrrraythang. I look them up on youtube basically everyday. i listen over & over & over. No matter what: they put me in a good mood.

I love music. you rarely come into my house without playing. every time our family has dish night, which is usually Sunday, we just put on 20 & 20 & dance around the kitchen. seriously, one of our families bonding expeirences. Although my sister brooklyn has been up in Utah & i no longer get to have dp's (dance parties) in my bathroom with her, i still constantly dance around my bathroom with my friends. Its for sure not the same without my sister though...
But really, music is awesome. I love it. could never live without it.

ps: i dare you to listen to all 3 of these bands. you might fall in love. more than 90% chance you will...

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Emily Sue said...

umm i ADORE all those bands like i love them!! you just went up six points in my mind. i heart you. and i secretly want to be you. xoxoxo <33333