Monday, November 23, 2009


My sister surprised our family last night & came home from BYU! she was supposed to come home on wednesday, but she surprised us. it was awesome. Enogh said.
So last weekend I through one of my best friends a surprise party. Alyssa Andrews Ferguson. she didn't know a ton of the people there because she just switched schools this year & i dont know anyone who goes to her school, but she was happy. it was definitely a hit. Lots of people came. Chilled in the chilly az weather. it was great.
all i really have to say is that my life is going incredibley good right now. I can't think of one thing to complain about. except im getting taller & all of my jeans are becoming too short. it sucks that i grow this much, wah. I guess i should look at is at a blessing? hmm. i dunno.
cross is back for the winter. We started winter mileage today actually. I felt really sick halfway through. its finnnnnne, i just went through it. I took a break from cross & physical activity for a little while. then when I ran today, i realized i missed it a ton.
It felt good to move my legs like that. i hadn't in so long. I am so pumped for Footlocker invitational. Yes, I am going to california to run in nationals--thank you very much! pretty much stoked & that's the only word that can describe my feelings about it. We race on the 5th of december. in the morning. After our meet, we spend the day at knott's berry farm which i have never been too! That should be good. everyone loves that place. literally, I am so excited to just run away with my team. I am so close with these people, you have no idea.
anyways, my life is good. Thanksgiving this weekend! I cannot wait to stuff my face & then run it all off. it's gonna great absolutely awesome. Tucker family reunion all weekend. haven't seen that side of the family in awhile so I am looking forward to it.

oh yeeeeeeah, & im totally, 100% team Jacob<3


Emily Sue said...

umm hi saw new moon today. i may or may bot have cired.. i mean what? also, SO team jacob.

Rylee said...

hey abbbbss!!!! i am glad i found your blog honey:)